We are located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543 and
Zionsville Antique Mall, Rt. 100N., Zionsville, PA

Sunday, May 5, 2019


I know we NEED rain but I wish it would only rain when I am sleeping!  There is no fun not being able to enjoy all the "spring" that is happening outside.

May is a very busy month for us....besides opening a new booth in Zionsville Antique Mall and Morgantown Market's 5th Anniversary sale, it is a grandson's 16th birthday, Mother's Day, Patriotic Wreath class in Morgantown, a granddaughter and grandson's high school graduation and graduation party, I will be another year older (hmm)!! , Memorial Day celebrations and my work days in Morgantown Market!

Gardening, antiquing, and creating are "everyday" (my gardening is picking the herbs and flowers and making pretty bouquets - Tony does the hard work). 

I hope to get more pictures of what our booths have for
you - right now this will have to do.
 Herb Gardens outside at Morgantown Market (plus 2 more) - great Mother's Day gift!!
Our new booth at Zionsville Antique Mall...small but going to make it mighty!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


It is almost 3 years since we opened our booth in Morgantown Market (one year since we closed the Hereford store) - and are now ready to add to that adventure.
We will be opening a small booth in Zionsville Antique Mall, 7567 Chestnut Street, Route 100 South, Zionsville,  PA 18092.  (one mile North of the old Hereford store location).

The saying goes " you can't go home again", however we found that to be so untrue, as we have enjoyed every day being "home again"  in Morgantown.   We are pretty sure going "home again" to the Hereford area will be good also.

Follow us on Facebook (click the sidebar link) to see exactly when we will be opening the booth...hopefully the first week in May!

Morgantown Market will be our home base - I just need "more" to keep doing what I love to do.  Hoping you will visit us in both locations...I know it is going to double the fun! 

Friday, March 22, 2019


It has been a crazy month of March...especially the weather.  Most of us long for spring - a nice, long drawn out spring.   So we can get out in our gardens and clean up the debris winter has showered on us.  So many sticks and dead leaves  (when I am looking for snowmen arms I can never find any - savomg some this time)!  As I brush them away the herbs are trying to peek thru.  Daffodils are 6-7 inches above ground and I am looking forward to their bright yellow blooms.  I am seeing little patches of green in the woods across from our home - weeds I am sure, but weeds are pretty too.

With Easter being late this year we get to enjoy our Easter decorations for a longer time.   There are lots of Easter decorations in our booth at Morgantown Market - many handmade.  Vintage baskets, wire baskets and little paper baskets can be found (along with bunnies, prints, eggs, pillows and more,)  to fill those baskets.  All make a sweet hostess gift, thank you gift or just a nice thinking of you gift.  Stop in if you "need" (and I know you do) something unique to welcome spring and Easter.

Watch our "Events" page on Facebook as I am working on April workshops....!!

Fondly, Judy

Friday, January 25, 2019


I haven't posted here for quite a while and everything changes and it takes me 20 minutes to figure out how to post again.   AND, I constantly tell myself I am going to keep up with this and I here goes again....I WILL KEEP UP WITH MY BLOG!!

Now that is out of the way (smiling) -  This year is starting out very slowly business wise...not sure why - the economy, the political situation, the rise in interest rates ?? - no matter - it is hard to figure what to sell to bring the customers some joy when they visit Morgantown Market.  We changed around our booth,  had a Valentine workshop (what fun that was), and now working on spring, Easter and an Easter workshop. 

I've been making hard decisions on what to sell, when my friend Joan made a sign (Joan makes the handpainted signs at the Market - her booth is next to the cash counter)..well, Joan's sign said "THIS IS ME".  Those words spoke to me as I made the decision to "just be me".   I love to mix the prim with the vintage, the new with the old, something old into something useful,  and most of all the handmade paper and fabric goods.   The Market is an eclectic mix of unique items from over 80 vendors....two floors of treasures...we are on the lower level in the corner - stop in soon and often as it is constantly changing.