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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

...the next season

We are only halfway thru July and I am getting very excited about the Fall/Halloween season.  It is a favorite time of the year for me.  Besides the color palate of rust, gold, orange and black, I am needing a change in decor.

While others are tending to their gardens, I am picking fabric to make pumpkins.  So goes the life of a shopkeeper (now known as a "boothkeeper").  Each year those orange orbs show up earlier in the department and craft stores, teasing us into forgetting about summer and to hop on the train of creativity.   I admit it is okay with me.

My living room right now is filled with bins of fall/Halloween goodies.  Some in the make-do stage and some ready to price and sell. (patience Judy)!   I will do the turnover in our booth starting in August - not too much right away, so not to offend the summer worshipers, working my way into changing our space for the next season.   The challenge is, I no longer have "permanent" display pieces (well one or two), so filling it the way I would the store is so completely different.  This has not been easy for me as I felt I was always pretty darn good at displaying our country wares (I am not fond of the word "staging" so you won't hear me use it) and some doubt has me trying to figure that out.  All those years of having wood beams, ladders hanging from the ceiling and those BIG display pieces spoiled me.

Meantime, I am working on Halloween Workshops for August and September.  No dates are set yet - as soon as they are I will post them on our Facebook Events Page.

Enjoy the rest of summer, 
Fondly, Judy