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Friday, June 29, 2018


O MY GOODNESS what have I gotten myself into now!! Since the close of the store I have (honest) been trying to get myself the most unorganized manner you can think of. Flitting from one project to another...and not ever accomplishing much.

Yesterday I decided if I want to get organized I have to start with "ONE" thing and finish what do I start with??? All my fabric bins...sorting them and selling the pieces that I know I will not use, or only keep some for me and some for sale. I can "always" purchase more fabric - right!! It is truly the lack of space, in this little farmhouse, that has prompted this...especially since we closed the Hereford store.

I moved all the fabric bins to my craft room (a tiny bedroom that you can hardly walk in now). It is time to make this room functional - #1 on my list. But, oh what a project this is going to be. I am rolling pieces by the yard, fat quarter and tons of smaller pieces that are quite usuable. Many really cool fabrics that you can't find anymore. All high quality fabric and pricing it to sell. This is what 3 1/2 hours looks like - YIKES!!
These are variations of blacks....(there is more)!!
Thought I would start with the fall Halloween pieces in here. Great for quilting, pillows and things that go BOO in the night. Next will do the harvest colors of Autumn....and pumpkins.

These will arrive at the store very soon....and will be in the white wooden bins. I promise all the fabric is in (although uneven) great condition and ready to use. AND, very, very reasonable..especially with the price of fabric now. Stop in and check it out for all those little projects you want to do.

Happy July 4th !! Judy