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Sunday, April 22, 2018


Yesterday was my very first "demo" of paper crafting.  I set up in our booth at Morgantown Market hoping to "entice" some new gals into taking our workshops.  Only a couple girls stood thru the demo - and I am not sure (although they signed email list) if they were excited or not.

I told myself it was a beautiful day to do something outside, and since most customers in the Market were couples,  it wasn't what I was offering.  (thinking positive)!

Still very excited to have our second "demo" this coming Sunday.  Taking some lessons from the day and figuring how to make it better.  What I pictured in my head and how it went was so totally different....(laughing)!!  I'm never too big for my britches and will rethink and rework for next Sunday's demo.  (April 29th, 12 pm to 3 pm)

When time allows, maybe some "impromptu" demos during the week would work.  I never tire of visiting the ever-changing atmosphere of Morgantown Market or sharing my craft. 

My belief is that making it yourself  (hands on creating) gives one a great feeling of accomplishment and the desire to do you do more, you want to do more, challenging yourself into becoming a Paper Artist!  There are no limits on what you can create once the intimidation is gone.  This may be a better direction to go.  

Keep watching for updates!!  

Fondly, Judy

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I keep getting asked "what are you going to do with all your free time" now that the store is closed? Huh???  I will be first to admit I do have free time - however, I use that "free time" to keep doing what I love to do.  I am certainly not bored....I just don't HAVE to be anywhere at certain times.  That is "freeing" in itself and I am making the best of every moment.

What I truly would love to do, is to get some workshops going at Morgantown Market.   So this coming Saturday (if I haven't stated it enough- smiling) I will be doing a demonstration of  "paper crafting".  A few quick and easy projects that are fun to do.  I will also be repeating this demo on Sunday, April 29.  Both demos are between 12 pm and 3 pm in our booth.  If I have peeked your interest - stop by for a little bit so I can get you "hooked"!!

In our classes all the supplies are included in the price, and depending on the class, you have options to create your own colors and graphics.  The question I get asked most often is how to make rosettes.  (yes there are "machines" that do this - but not as nice (or satisfying) as handmade. Once  you have this down the creativity inside you flourishes. 

I am going to offer some "Beginner's Workshops".  I will do this a couple times a month and the price will be minimal for supplies.  (weekdays and weekends). What I found to be the best glue, scissors, tools will be covered in this class of "hands on" learning.

I do have to state this is "not" scrapbooking.  We make projects that are suitable for gift giving, seasonal decorating and just plain old fun.   Watch our Facebook page to see when they will be happening.

Help me keep my creativity flowing,
The Cinnamon Stick

Some past workshops...just a small sampling as there are  many ideas to create!
Workshop picture


Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hi Friends,

Honestly this weather is daunting to say the least.  Very hard to make plans (I like rain on a nice 70 degree day)!
I have been busy working on some paper crafts for a demonstration (or two) that will be happening real soon at Morgantown Market.  These will be fun, easy paper crafts that (hopefully) will entice you to try some of our workshops. 

Demo days are scheduled for - Saturday, April 21, 12 pm to 3 pm - and Sunday, April 29, 12 to 3 pm.  I will be continuously demonstrating a few quick, easy and fun projects that you can make as a neat gift.  Perfect for teachers, neighbors and friends.  

I enjoy getting together and "crafting with paper"!  This is not "rocket science" and does not have to be is "handmade by you"!  If you can use scissors and hold a pencil then you can make our paper crafts.  The best part  it is FUN! CREATIVE! and makes you surprisingly PROUD of your accomplishments!
Our workshops are one of the things I miss not having the store - our classes were usually full and I always looked forward to getting together.  (miss them)!

Morgantown Market has a great classroom and now I just have to get you to try one of our classes and you will be hooked!  All supplies are always included in the price (reasonable) and a light lunch is served.  

Grab a friend and stop in the Market and check out one of our demos....hope to see you there!

Come to our demo and see how these are made!