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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


My Mom use to call me that....I think I just now - all these years later - figured out why.  I spend a lot of time in a "tizzy"...I suppose the Lizzy just rhymes.
These past couple weeks have certainly turned my life into a "tizzy" !!  I am usually pretty good at making decisions - certainly regarding business - and most especially figuring out displays.  I always just wing making sketches or purchasing something for a special display...nope, I just wing it.  Displays have always just come together for me.  But, not now.  I am struggling a bit (a lot) figuring our new booth in Morgantown Market.  I need to have all my wares in one place and then I can shove, move, dismantle, re-mantle, undo, redo etc. etc. etc. !  Since that is not going to happen I truly have to arrange it piece by piece.  That is disconcerting but I have some time to try it that way...wish me luck!
Another thing putting me in a "tizzy".... is the excitement I am feeling about starting this new adventure.  I know some people think I am going to be sad leaving the store....the only thing I will miss is YOU...the customers who have always treated me like a good friend.  I am someone who enjoys the interaction of others.  That may be harder than I realize - not having our one on one conversations and catching up with all your news.  (not gonna think about that now)!  I am very excited.
Tomorrow I am going to Morgantown to put up my Valentine Tree...if you are in the neighborhood stop in and see!
Fondly, Judy
This is our mantel in the Hereford store - I was going to sell it but thought it might just be a great display piece in Morgantown - hopefully tomorrow we can see how it looks there.  Sounds like the weather is going to cooperate.

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