We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Thursday, October 11, 2018


This year has gone by so fast and now it is almost the end of 2018.   It has certainly been "different"!  Feels odd not planning "open houses" and being able to do all the little extra things we did in the store. I must say,  if there is any place that I fit in, it is Morgantown Market.  Stacey (owner)  always has something special happening in the Market -(and she serves coffee and treats every day too)!

Christmas "Open House" at Morgantown Market officially begins Saturday, November 3 and continues thru-out the season.  They are open everyday 10 am to 5:30 pm.

We will start bringing Christmas into our booth very soon....we just need to "redo" the booth so we can showcase our Christmas goodies.  Follow us on Facebook to  see pictures of new items and of our booth.

As I sew, stuff, paint and create, getting ready for our the Christmas season, I am reminded of how blessed we are to have a such a great place to sell our "countrywares".

Stop in often....

Let the fun begin,
Judy and Tony

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Crow Convention con't from Facebook was an amazing weekend of chatter, fun and chaos!  They are "very" clever birds and although a bit messy at times, it was all worth it. Some of them had so much fun with our customers that they flew home with them.  It was one big party and I didn't want to close at night or end the weekend.  However - all good things must come to an end...!!
NOW - I just heard from a few who want to visit us in our new location...I am so anxious to see these guys and catch up.  I know if you visit you will want to meet them too. In fact - I am hoping to convince these friendly crows to come to Morgantown's Market "Murder of Crows" (that is what a group of crows is called - we are not going to murder any - honest)..October 6 - 8!  I think they would just love this event and YOU will too!  Lots going on this weekend with sales, discounts and more!!
Stop in soon to meet my friends - they just may want to go home with you!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

...the next season

We are only halfway thru July and I am getting very excited about the Fall/Halloween season.  It is a favorite time of the year for me.  Besides the color palate of rust, gold, orange and black, I am needing a change in decor.

While others are tending to their gardens, I am picking fabric to make pumpkins.  So goes the life of a shopkeeper (now known as a "boothkeeper").  Each year those orange orbs show up earlier in the department and craft stores, teasing us into forgetting about summer and to hop on the train of creativity.   I admit it is okay with me.

My living room right now is filled with bins of fall/Halloween goodies.  Some in the make-do stage and some ready to price and sell. (patience Judy)!   I will do the turnover in our booth starting in August - not too much right away, so not to offend the summer worshipers, working my way into changing our space for the next season.   The challenge is, I no longer have "permanent" display pieces (well one or two), so filling it the way I would the store is so completely different.  This has not been easy for me as I felt I was always pretty darn good at displaying our country wares (I am not fond of the word "staging" so you won't hear me use it) and some doubt has me trying to figure that out.  All those years of having wood beams, ladders hanging from the ceiling and those BIG display pieces spoiled me.

Meantime, I am working on Halloween Workshops for August and September.  No dates are set yet - as soon as they are I will post them on our Facebook Events Page.

Enjoy the rest of summer, 
Fondly, Judy

Friday, June 29, 2018


O MY GOODNESS what have I gotten myself into now!! Since the close of the store I have (honest) been trying to get myself the most unorganized manner you can think of. Flitting from one project to another...and not ever accomplishing much.

Yesterday I decided if I want to get organized I have to start with "ONE" thing and finish what do I start with??? All my fabric bins...sorting them and selling the pieces that I know I will not use, or only keep some for me and some for sale. I can "always" purchase more fabric - right!! It is truly the lack of space, in this little farmhouse, that has prompted this...especially since we closed the Hereford store.

I moved all the fabric bins to my craft room (a tiny bedroom that you can hardly walk in now). It is time to make this room functional - #1 on my list. But, oh what a project this is going to be. I am rolling pieces by the yard, fat quarter and tons of smaller pieces that are quite usuable. Many really cool fabrics that you can't find anymore. All high quality fabric and pricing it to sell. This is what 3 1/2 hours looks like - YIKES!!
These are variations of blacks....(there is more)!!
Thought I would start with the fall Halloween pieces in here. Great for quilting, pillows and things that go BOO in the night. Next will do the harvest colors of Autumn....and pumpkins.

These will arrive at the store very soon....and will be in the white wooden bins. I promise all the fabric is in (although uneven) great condition and ready to use. AND, very, very reasonable..especially with the price of fabric now. Stop in and check it out for all those little projects you want to do.

Happy July 4th !! Judy

Friday, May 25, 2018


I have a head full of new ideas for our booth and not quite sure how to proceed.  I was hoping our workshops would take off and I would be able to sell kits and accessories that you can't find in the local craft stores.  Distress ink pads  - are not always available in the stores, and of course there are Tony's special ink applicators!  The Tacky glue that is my staple isn't either.  We sold these items in the Hereford store along with all that wonderful ribbon and the best paper pads.  (again this brand not available in the local stores)!

Where do I start....should I try at all?....start small and let it grow???  So many questions and as yet no answers.  Although I have ordered glue, scissors (honestly the ones we use are the best), and I am packaging up some ribbon and putting some kits together - in anticipation of making this work.

Not sure why I am tiptoeing around with this...certainly not my nature  - hmmm - naming this space may make me go forward.   (after much thought and rejections (hours) I got it.....CRAFT CUPBOARD!!  Simple yet combines all the items I hope to sell there.   Now I just have to make up my mind to DO IT!!

You know I have always said  I have an antique store because I want to be an antique dealer...sell gifts cause I wanted to be a gift store owner, sold herbs and garden treasures cause I wanted to be a florist and of course I had the candy counter cause I wanted to be a candy store owner.  I have always been lucky that I was able to combine these "want to be" jobs  -  am I adding another "job" to the list?
Morgantown Market has allowed me to do all of these within the confines of a much smaller space...that makes me a Happy Storekeeper! (well except the candy store - so I really "need" to add being a craft store owner to the "wanna be list"...smiling)!!

Feedback is always welcomed - it keeps me on my toes!
ENJOY your day,

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Weather, The Cold, The Positive Thinking

Rain, Rain go away - enough said!!

Over one week with a chest cold....getting old and quite annoying to say the least.

Old Glory Banner workshop was fun.  Only two gals signed up but that didn't matter - I think of our classes as a group of friends getting together for lunch, creating something special and making new friends.  I am surprised though that more gals don't want to participate.  Not sure how to get the word out.

Our next class will be Saturday, June 16th and we will be making another Americana decoration.  Red, white and blue paper flowers to display in a favorite vase or box along with our version of the old time tin sparkler" !  Remember that tin toy that you pushed a spring with your thumb and it spun around and around? (Google spinning sparkler toy)  Well this one of course doesn't spin but it certainly does sparkle!!

Hopefully we can get some new gals to join us!  Samples will be in our booth shortly!

Today was the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan.....I did not get up "early" to watch it, but saw everyone arrive and oh my, those little ones were so special.   My blessings to this couple who will, I am sure, change many things in this world we live in.

The rain will stop and the sun will shine - my cold will go away -our workshops will be full to the brim - and the Royals will live happily ever after as they start their journey of changes.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Celebrate America Workshop

Saturday, June 16, 2018
11 am to 2 pm

COST: $12.00
All supplies included and light snack served.

WHERE:  Classroom in Morgantown Market
                                                2940 Main St
                                                Morgantown, Pennsylvania 19543

Join me in making this patriotic bouquet of paper flowers and our version of the old time "sparkler"!
Always fun to create with old friends and make new friends.

Sign up at -  or Morgantown Market.


Sunday, April 22, 2018


Yesterday was my very first "demo" of paper crafting.  I set up in our booth at Morgantown Market hoping to "entice" some new gals into taking our workshops.  Only a couple girls stood thru the demo - and I am not sure (although they signed email list) if they were excited or not.

I told myself it was a beautiful day to do something outside, and since most customers in the Market were couples,  it wasn't what I was offering.  (thinking positive)!

Still very excited to have our second "demo" this coming Sunday.  Taking some lessons from the day and figuring how to make it better.  What I pictured in my head and how it went was so totally different....(laughing)!!  I'm never too big for my britches and will rethink and rework for next Sunday's demo.  (April 29th, 12 pm to 3 pm)

When time allows, maybe some "impromptu" demos during the week would work.  I never tire of visiting the ever-changing atmosphere of Morgantown Market or sharing my craft. 

My belief is that making it yourself  (hands on creating) gives one a great feeling of accomplishment and the desire to do you do more, you want to do more, challenging yourself into becoming a Paper Artist!  There are no limits on what you can create once the intimidation is gone.  This may be a better direction to go.  

Keep watching for updates!!  

Fondly, Judy

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I keep getting asked "what are you going to do with all your free time" now that the store is closed? Huh???  I will be first to admit I do have free time - however, I use that "free time" to keep doing what I love to do.  I am certainly not bored....I just don't HAVE to be anywhere at certain times.  That is "freeing" in itself and I am making the best of every moment.

What I truly would love to do, is to get some workshops going at Morgantown Market.   So this coming Saturday (if I haven't stated it enough- smiling) I will be doing a demonstration of  "paper crafting".  A few quick and easy projects that are fun to do.  I will also be repeating this demo on Sunday, April 29.  Both demos are between 12 pm and 3 pm in our booth.  If I have peeked your interest - stop by for a little bit so I can get you "hooked"!!

In our classes all the supplies are included in the price, and depending on the class, you have options to create your own colors and graphics.  The question I get asked most often is how to make rosettes.  (yes there are "machines" that do this - but not as nice (or satisfying) as handmade. Once  you have this down the creativity inside you flourishes. 

I am going to offer some "Beginner's Workshops".  I will do this a couple times a month and the price will be minimal for supplies.  (weekdays and weekends). What I found to be the best glue, scissors, tools will be covered in this class of "hands on" learning.

I do have to state this is "not" scrapbooking.  We make projects that are suitable for gift giving, seasonal decorating and just plain old fun.   Watch our Facebook page to see when they will be happening.

Help me keep my creativity flowing,
The Cinnamon Stick

Some past workshops...just a small sampling as there are  many ideas to create!
Workshop picture


Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hi Friends,

Honestly this weather is daunting to say the least.  Very hard to make plans (I like rain on a nice 70 degree day)!
I have been busy working on some paper crafts for a demonstration (or two) that will be happening real soon at Morgantown Market.  These will be fun, easy paper crafts that (hopefully) will entice you to try some of our workshops. 

Demo days are scheduled for - Saturday, April 21, 12 pm to 3 pm - and Sunday, April 29, 12 to 3 pm.  I will be continuously demonstrating a few quick, easy and fun projects that you can make as a neat gift.  Perfect for teachers, neighbors and friends.  

I enjoy getting together and "crafting with paper"!  This is not "rocket science" and does not have to be is "handmade by you"!  If you can use scissors and hold a pencil then you can make our paper crafts.  The best part  it is FUN! CREATIVE! and makes you surprisingly PROUD of your accomplishments!
Our workshops are one of the things I miss not having the store - our classes were usually full and I always looked forward to getting together.  (miss them)!

Morgantown Market has a great classroom and now I just have to get you to try one of our classes and you will be hooked!  All supplies are always included in the price (reasonable) and a light lunch is served.  

Grab a friend and stop in the Market and check out one of our demos....hope to see you there!

Come to our demo and see how these are made!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


A new week and a weird feeling as I no longer have a store to go to - finally turned in the keys!  That does not make me sad, just feels different, as for so many years I planned my week as a storekeeper.  Now, I don't need to be anywhere except two mornings a month.  That is something I will have to get use to.  There is plenty to keep me busy in my free time.

Keeping our booth full and interesting in Morgantown is my priority. I am still trying to get a handle on what I am doing with our space.  I love this space - just don't feel I have it all together mentally yet!  (working on it)

Also, after a disappointing lack of sign ups for our Spring Banner Workshop - I need to figure how to get new people interested with the art of paper crafting.  It has been suggested (thank you Stacey) that we do a couple "demos" in our booth to show you how much fun and easy it is to create with paper, scissors and glue!   We have been giving workshops using paper for over 12 years and they are always so much fun.  Morgantown Market has a nice, private classroom where you can learn to create fun projects.  I love getting together to make things, and anyone can do will be surprised how "crafty" you really are!!

Watch for news of when the demos will take place on our Facebook page, here on our blog and the events page of Morgantown Market!!   These will be quick, fun projects, so I can entice you into signing up for our workshops!!

Wishing everyone a HAPPY EASTER.... Judy

Saturday, March 17, 2018


I am thinking it is time to start using our website to sell some of our wares.  There are "storekeeper items" that I will not need in our booth.  (my vintage metal price clips - and metal sign holders for instance)!  Everything in our booth must be priced individually with a code so the cashier knows what dealer had it for sale!  It would be silly not to sell these hard to find vintage wares.

I will let you know when this will start - I need to find a "clean" spot in my house to take decent pictures (not kidding)!!

The store is "almost" empty....just cleaning aids like the vacuum and all that kind of stuff.  I am hoping tomorrow (Sunday, March 18) will be the final day of are washed, cobwebs are down (oh my 18 years those shutter valances were up there and we NEVER took them down - I mean why would we)??  The fronts were "wand dusted" but oh my the backs...HA!!
And then it will just be the final touches in the powder room (can't take that curtain down quite yet) (smiling)!!

We are "loving" our booth in Morgantown - still not quite "cinnamony" enough for me, but most customers who visit recognize it right away.  Thanks for the compliments and emails girls.   I know it will always be a "work in progress" because I hope to never get satisfied trying to make it better!

Exhausted would be a good word to use for the end of every day (the days keep ending sooner too)!
It takes me forever to find whatever I might be looking for, even when it is right under my nose.  Once I get out - I will be on fire~~

Have a great week - and know that my Irish eyes are smiling today....HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


I am starting to realize I "DO NOT" have a job to go to these days.  I have everyday to do what I want without any kind of schedule ( so you can imagine I am very disorganized and certainly need some kind of order)!
After working on a schedule - a must if you want to be organized - I have NONE.  I get up the same time each day, but no longer have daily book work to do..that feels odd but I am getting use to it.  So instead I stuff eggs, rabbits and pillows.....IF I have them ready to stuff (which usually means a run to the sewing machine).  Or, I make my beloved paper treasures...cut - cut - cut - little snippets for price tags and more.
It has only been 9 days since I closed the store....and I am already in need of a schedule.  I work better that way - I make plans and try to follow through.   On a better note, I am ridiculously happy with our decision to close the store - no regrets - I just have to get use to a new way of life.

Starting with our first "workshop" at Morgantown Market.  I wasn't prepared to do an Easter workshop (but next year I have great ideas), and since SPRING will be here (any day now), I thought making a "Spring Banner" would be much needed.  (to let us know the promise of spring really is going to happen)!

Go to our site - for all the information on this will learn new techniques, the best glues to use, meet new friends and have a finished project to take home.

Join us at the Market for -

The Luck of the Irish Celebration 

Saturday, March 17 from 10 am to 5 pm

Always something "special" happening at Morgantown Market!

Friday, February 23, 2018


As we prepare to close the store...customers are visiting to say " Goodbye" - it is a bit emotional. 
A little story...many years ago when the store was in Morgantown (before Hereford), a regular customer just retired from teaching.  She was 69.  After congratulating her and (being stupid) I said now she could take it easy and relax.  She just looked at me and smiled.  About a month later she stopped at the store and told me she had just come back from putting a bid on a Bed and Breakfast.  Shocked I said you just retired why would you do that.  She put me straight and I have never, ever forgotten those words...  She quoted "I retired I am not dead" !!  I finally know what she was saying and feeling. 

The Cinnamon Stick is not dead - and (fingers crossed) will continue to grow for many years yet.  We are just in a new home , a bit smaller and surrounded by lots of wonderful vendors with awesome treasures.   If you miss us - (no I will not be there every day but will always post on Facebook when my work days are - and when I am taking goodies to our booth) you can visit 7 days a week 10 am to 5 pm!  There are usually some fun events going on - Stacey (owner) has lots of energy and likes to keep things happening.  If you have not visited Morgantown Market then you them on Facebook to keep up with the news, and visit often as new treasures come in daily with the 90+ vendors.  

I am excited to start this new journey - to have time to go searching for new/old treasures and get back to creating.  

So, we are NOT retiring....we are just going back to the beginning and doing it all over again.  
Hope to see you at Morgantown Market - downstairs in the corner!!

Have a great day - sending our gratefulness for the past 18 years in Hereford....!!
Judy and Tony..

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


 Things change constantly every day we are open in the store....The "Attic Studio" has one table left in it and a rug.  Oh yeah one trash can and a clock.  It sure looks different that it did a little bit ago.

Ironically this is what I was working on today....but not for a get my spring goodies ready for Morgantown Market.  I will miss these fun times and hope I can get my act together soon to have some workshops at Morgantown Market.  

Changes keep happening...the UPSTAIRS is now DOWNSTAIRS except for a few odds and ends...the second floor of The Cinnamon Stick is now closed.  There are candles I need to bring downstairs (and find a place to put them (smiling)...they are ALL 25% off.

We still have lots of good country wares for you to purchase and I am going to decorate with Easter items and new goodies that arrived last Thursday and some arriving this Friday. so when you visit there will be something new to see.  I am planning on closing the store February 25th....unless the weather gets crazy and we miss days open.  We are not officially out of Hereford until March 31st., so if weather puts a damper on February...we will stay open a bit longer. 

Morgantown Market is such a fun place to be....honestly, you will love shopping there.  Vendors are super nice, management is excellent and will help answer any questions you might have.   There is such an eclectic array of treasures to be found...and if you leave without a purchase then you just were not in the mood to buy anything that day !! 

Our booth is coming along nicely....I am finally getting the "feel" for it.   I hope you will stop by soon and check us out.  
The "Market" is having "CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAYS" February 9, 10, 11th - this is a fun event so mark you calendars....!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


UGH!  The weather is not very friendly this winter - trying to make plans is almost impossible.  Weather reports are "screwy"....can't go by them.  I just have to wake up and say is a good day to (blanky blank)!! (smiling)!
The booth in Morgantown seems to be taking a bit more shape.  I have display pieces yet to sell in the Hereford store, so till that is done (or not done), I have no idea what pieces are going to our booth for sale or just for display.  We did some damage last week so may be (weather again) can move some other things this week.  My goal was to close the upstairs the end of January....get it nice an clean and ready for a new tenant.  Store is still available for rent. 
Meanwhile I am working on Valentine treasures and "thinking" about "Rabbits and Spring". 
Oh yeah and then there is the "Internal Revenue Service" to take care of...I was a bit lackadaisical on some of my bookkeeping over the holidays so that has to be done. 
Lots happening - Although we have the store till March 31 - We plan on closing the store February 25. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


My Mom use to call me that....I think I just now - all these years later - figured out why.  I spend a lot of time in a "tizzy"...I suppose the Lizzy just rhymes.
These past couple weeks have certainly turned my life into a "tizzy" !!  I am usually pretty good at making decisions - certainly regarding business - and most especially figuring out displays.  I always just wing making sketches or purchasing something for a special display...nope, I just wing it.  Displays have always just come together for me.  But, not now.  I am struggling a bit (a lot) figuring our new booth in Morgantown Market.  I need to have all my wares in one place and then I can shove, move, dismantle, re-mantle, undo, redo etc. etc. etc. !  Since that is not going to happen I truly have to arrange it piece by piece.  That is disconcerting but I have some time to try it that way...wish me luck!
Another thing putting me in a "tizzy".... is the excitement I am feeling about starting this new adventure.  I know some people think I am going to be sad leaving the store....the only thing I will miss is YOU...the customers who have always treated me like a good friend.  I am someone who enjoys the interaction of others.  That may be harder than I realize - not having our one on one conversations and catching up with all your news.  (not gonna think about that now)!  I am very excited.
Tomorrow I am going to Morgantown to put up my Valentine Tree...if you are in the neighborhood stop in and see!
Fondly, Judy
This is our mantel in the Hereford store - I was going to sell it but thought it might just be a great display piece in Morgantown - hopefully tomorrow we can see how it looks there.  Sounds like the weather is going to cooperate.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


The Cinnamon Stick (now referred to TCS), first started in Morgantown in 1991 - after 7 years of being Doyle's Country Porch in our home.  This was a very scary adventure (thank you Bev Price for the push)!!  It was a 300 sq. foot store that I made the best I could of that space and we really did make a nice living there.  Ready made customers that visited The Mill Property kept us going...TCS was attached  to the Mill but a separate store.  We enjoyed 9 years at this location.  As we needed (two in college) to make more sales and grow we looked for a second store - it found us (thank you Gail)!!  It was the Hereford store....two floors, basement and finished attic. This was August, 1999! We signed a lease and drove away saying "what the **** did we just do.  We kept both stores opened for one year - until one day (while Tony was working the Hereford store - yeah he use to work it - smiling)  I was in Morgantown wanting to be in Hereford and then I was in Hereford wanting to be in Morgantown.  I had to give one up and it was the smaller Morgantown store.  I have never regretted it, but the fondness for Morgantown has never left me.
That brings us to 18 years later and 18 years "older", when we realized one day we were not going to keep this up forever.  We decided to open in a co-op, get established,  so we never ever had to stop doing what we loved, 
That brought us back to Morgantown to the Market - best decision we made.  We took a nice sized booth but soon found I couldn't do it justice, so we went to a smaller one (that round robin effect)!! I love it there. The owners are great and always looking out for you, the other vendors that I had the chance to meet are all eager and excited about their booths.  A place where everyone works together for the best shopping experience.  AND, my choice as we close the Hereford store the end of February and finish our shopkeeping journey back in Morgantown....yes you can go home again and it is welcoming!!  It isn't easy - change isn't always easy - but change is a new beginning - follow here to see how we are handling it!
This is what I accomplished today....LOL - okay I know not much, but all of this was in our little booth and decisions on what to bring here for displaying our wares, what we will sell here and what we will sell in Hereford are my new challenge....yep - I am UP for it...
You can find us downstairs, first room, surrounded by great vendors...