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Monday, July 11, 2016


Ever since I can remember, I have filled our home with something to tickle our "noses" !  Candles and potpourri, simmering cinnamon sticks on our pot belly stove - dried herbs from the garden. Today we sell some of the best potpourri on the market - however we want to entice you to create your own signature scent with the unique oils we have for sale, along with all the goodies you will find in these drawers.  Add to your existing potpourri, freshen it up with new refresher oils and make lots to give as gifts.

You can make it pretty or primitive - flowery or spicy !  Every country lover I know has purchased cinnamon rosehips at one time or another.  By adding other drieds to them can change the whole effect.  Cinnamon pieces, oranges, apples, pods, all make unique additions.  Our refresher oils come as a spray and are of high quality.  No need to throw out that potpourri that no longer has a scent.

Many, (many) years ago, a friend took me to a country store where I found this wonderful potpourri - it was lavender, orange peel and cloves.  It was so perfect for my bathroom and I have made it ever since.  Needing more for myself I thought you might like to make your own too - so we have filled the drawers of our vintage "gift wrapping counter" (this piece came from a local pharmacy, was built in 1902) and have ordered lots of "refresher oils" for you to create your own signature scent!

Back of counter with 24 drawers

Oranges, apples, rosehips, berries and more

Tiny pumpkins (putka pods), bay leaves, berries and flower petals

Be sure to open the drawers and see all the goodies inside when you next visit.
                                                                         Happy summertime blessings,

1 comment:

ctlogcabin said...

Love All the Goodies !!
What a Neat way to Store them.
Wish I was there to make up a
Nice Potpourri. I could use
some Good New Smell here at Home.
Big Summer Hugs xox