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Monday, April 18, 2016


Time has just flown by and here it is - our Garden Party weekend !  We have been hard at work trying to make this weekend as special as we can...the weather has not always been our friend.

I get so many "LAST MINUTE"  ideas with no time to make them ..  !!!  But hey - we have a whole spring and summer to make them happen!

Last Sunday was the first day of our local (and fun) flea market - I love trudging thru the un-level, dusty dirt and stones looking for treasures.  However, I certainly found out how a winter with no "trudging" left me "out of shape" !!  After working the store, making dinner and lounging for the rest of the evening - I could hardly walk when I tried to go upstairs.  I am always on the "go"...but that slow walking and bending (HA!) certainly did me in.

I hope you can join us for our GARDEN PARTY - the garden fairies will be serving refreshments - and I can't wait to try the Hibiscus Glow Tea we will be serving (on its way here from Crow's Nest Primitives in Massachusetts.

Have a great week....spring has sprung!!

Your Country Friend, Judy
Americana is starting to arrive....

Vintage seed packets....

Wool Applique by June Walker is gracing the store ...

Pretty dried flowers and petals - so many uses!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Wishy washy weather we are having this month ...I am so ready to get the gardens cleaned up and start the "garden season" here at the store.  Today it is 22 degrees ??  Patience is hard when we had some really nice days in February and March !  I love spring...the flowers, the budding trees - birds chirping...a happy time!

We are having a GARDEN PARTY April 22, 23, 24 where we will be selling our garden treasures for your home and garden.  The garden fairies will be serving some delicious goodies to munch on while you shop.

We will not be having our Herb Faire - this is bittersweet and a tough decision.  Our herb suppliers, Alta and Glen Houck, have retired and since we always felt they provided us with the very best herb plants, we didn't want to go with someone else. So 24 years of selling the very best  herbs has come to an end....and on to something new !

Your invitation -

Hope you will join us - we are looking forward to a fun time.

                                                                        Springthyme blessings,