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Thursday, May 28, 2015

NEWSY NOTES - EMAIL sent May 27th

Cinnamon Stick Banner 
Hi Country Friends, 

After a long winter and a brief spring, it seems like summer has arrived. The store is filled with "summerthyme"goodies to decorate inside and out.  Prints, vintage seed packets, bee goodies and lots more.

Our "Herb Faire" was a great success,  except I "over ordered" the herbs this year.  We have a good  selection left and decided to put them on sale....Buy One get One Free!  If you ever wanted to start an Herb Garden (or add to an existing one) this is a great time to visit!

Our Americana decorations are unique and handmade, perfect to decorate your home and fun hostess gifts....Think Fourth of July!!

Strawberry season is upon us...come check out our fun collection of berries in all shapes, sizes and uniqueness!  

RAELYN UPDATE...  SHE IS HOME!!  After 16 weeks in Children's Hospital...Wendy and Raelyn are home.  Happiness is an understatement when you see her "giggling" with her siblings...the biggest smiles ever on her face.  Our family cannot express our gratitude for all your prayers and hugs. June 17th Raelyn is scheduled for her "rod extension" surgery...please keep her in your prayers...XOXO !

                                                         Summerthyme blessings,
                                                                 Judy and Tony


Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Sometimes life just doesn't give me enough "thyme" to do all I want to do...then I get bummed and don't accomplish hardly anything...Gotta fix that in me!

The Herb Faire was great...lots of new faces, however we still have lots of herbs left and they are wonderful plants to add or start an herb garden...stop soon !!  Many can be planted in pots and brought indoors in the fall. A true delight to use fresh herbs in your cooking.

New goodies are in the store (almost every day new items arrive).  Candles are restocked, garden treasures, soaps and lotions, fun Americana wares - great for summertime decorating, and soon it will be Strawberry time in Pennsylvania.  Nothing better than a strawberry picked ripe from the fields.  We may plan a special event for June with strawberries...(mentally working on it)!

Raelyn is doing so well....still at Children's Hospital in Phila....15 weeks.  This has been a long and painful journey.  Wendy is still at her side and so ready to come home to her other children.  You do what you have to do in life for your kids...I am amazed at her strength and determination.  Still some hurdles to jump over but Raelyn is off the oxygen, wearing a Cpap only at night...weaning of meds is almost over (withdrawal has been a bit of a nightmare for her)...she plays, smiles and waves to everyone who passes by her.  She is out of the Pediatric Intensive Care and on the Pulmonary floor...hoping the hurdles get JUMPED and she is home soon.  Thanking everyone who has said prayers for her and our family.  Miracles happen and God listens to all of us.

We are taking orders for the Garden Gal.