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Monday, January 26, 2015


I didn't open the store today and that makes me sad - I had a spring ribbon order arriving today and I really was anxious to open that box and "play" !  Now I won't see it till Thursday - and even though I only ordered it last week, I don't remember all the pretty ribbons I ordered....there was so much "eye candy" in that booth.
I have a special place in my heart for ribbons, bows, pieces of string LOL!!  I believe in "tying a ribbon on everything".  It is not an expensive "accessory" and you can do a lot with one yard of ribbon!
I do have a problem though....where/how am I going to display the new ribbons... I have this room we call the "Stationery Room"...that has all kinds of paper stuff in it - greeting cards - notepads - vintage papers for crafting, etc...and RIBBONS.  
You can "never" have enough ribbon.....(just like fabric)!!
Won't fit here...

...or here

..not enough room here

...a little could fit here

...ta-da....a small bit of wall space! (usually find seasonal goodies here)... I do have another ribbon holder in the basement...but am certain I will need more space...ah the challenge will be fun on Thursday.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

SNOWY DAYS ALWAYS MAKE ME (fill in the blank)!!

Well...not happy!  As I look out the window the trees are dusted with what looks like "powdered sugar"...the lawn shows footprints of tiny animals out searching for something green to fill their tummies.  It is beautiful.  It is also wet, cold and not fun when you are all grown up and want to do so many things!!  Shivering!!
Okay - got that out of my system...since there is nothing I can do about the weather I will just have to embrace it.  I know my "Grands" are going to have fun today!  I will see snowman in yards up and down my path to work! (that will make me smile) The road (Seisholztville in Hereford) will be heavily traveled as "skiers" make their way to Bear Creek Ski Resort.  (we are at the bottom of that mountain - they are at the top)!!  Maybe some "Moms" will stop in and say "hello" when they drop off their young ones to snowboard!  
Today though, I am going to think SPRING....and hope it comes soon!
...first buds of spring at The Cinnamon Stick

,,,burlap sack with "sprig and nest" ! thoughts to our Herb Faire!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trying something new...

Hmmm...not doing so good...LOL!!  Now that I just had to "play" with this blog...I lost most of my sidebar stuff....oh well...bear with me....

Store is filled with lots of LOVE  - just not loving Blogspot right now...  :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I have had a shop for many years....for 24 of those years I have been friends with many shopkeepers (met so many great store owners when we were in Morgantown) of them was Kris and Joe Reynolds from The Christmas Barn in Woodstock, CT.  I love Kris - her enthusiasm for country wares and her store was contagious.  She always shared new ideas and good advice.  It was she who gave us the "Hot Pocket" idea after it was so successful at their store. (and much more). Never did she fail to visit the store - Morgantown or Hereford - when they came to the trade shows or were just visiting Pennsylvania.  Always with a wonderful attitude and a real "jest" for life, for her store and her family.  She was not young, I don't know exactly how old Kris was - I do know they have been in business for years upon years and never wanted to stop.  I will miss her with all my heart.  Friends come and go....some are never truly friends at all...but Kris was different - she was an awesome friend.  I wish everyone had a chance to meet her - one day you all will.  Love you Kris...always in my thoughts!