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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How embarrassing....

Truly heart felt apologies - that's all I have to say about my lack of posting...Today that ends.

We started our "Jolly Olde Christmas" November 7th and are having a wonderful time...  restocking everyday with replacements and "new" merchandise!  Christmas Carols are softly playing - hot cocoa is going round and round in our now "famous" hot cocoa machine...and Christmas cookies are being "munched" on!  (sadly they are store bought - but I must admit they are really, really good)!

I love love love this time of year.  Everything is sparkling ( and so are most customers when they leave)!! (big smile)  We have a great mixture of pretty, prim and sophisticated treasures - always something for everyone.  We expect more handmade goodies by Black Friday and hope you will put us on your shopping travels.

In the past two weeks we had open house, Tony's arm operation, surprise birthday party for daughter-in-law Wendy and other commitments to many to list!  But all is back to normal....ahhhh wait...Next week is Thanksgiving - and Black Friday and the following weekend is our Annual Sleigh Ride thru Zionsville and Hereford. ( no rest but I like it that way) (with our new hours, for the first time I have Tuesday and Wednesday off before Thanksgiving -woohoo!!)

We hope you will stop in and enjoy some of our Christmas Spirit...we have enough to share!!
Trying not to post any pictures of goodies we are sold out of.... :(
These pictures are so need to come see it all !!