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Sunday, October 12, 2014


The weather has turned to a true fall - chilly willy at night and early morning, then turning nice during the daytime hours...!!I MUST get out and harvest the herbs that certainly have given us a third cutting this season!

With Halloween fast approaching I see so many homes decorated - doesn't matter to me if they are the big inflated monsters and pumpkin houses, or the cornstalks attached to porch posts, mailboxes and lampposts....surrounded by lots of orange is ALL wonderfully beautiful !  October is going too fast for I have to think of the next holiday....yes, coming too fast.

I am working on more Thanksgiving pillows (the first batch sold quickly), as I don't want this holiday to go forgotten by us.  We have wax turkeys - they look great - and some Pilgrim Sitters are on their way from Helen Voytilla.

And, here is our Christmas Open House flyer.   (click on picture to read)
and....our turkeys and pillows !

We also have the coolest brown bags (see in background) with a "Turkey" printed on front - great to give a small gift to the your "Thanksgiving" hostess and nice enough to frame !

Stop in the store soon as new goodies arrive all the time!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I know I have been laxed in posting BUT - with the new computer everything went "haywire"....upgrades are NOT, in my opinion, worth the confusion.  Determination finally won and I can now log into my blog without changing the password every (yes every) single time!!
So by now all the "news" is old news so I might as well let you know what it happening now.  Our Halloween workshops are over and Christmas ones are in the planning stages....HOWEVER...we are so enjoying the fall and Halloween in the store.  We still have a nice display of fall and Halloween....adding some Thanksgiving as fast as we can!

Will post Christmas flyer as soon as it gets printed.  Stop in the store for the Cinnamon Thymes Christmas newsletter.  MY seasons are colliding but it is fun no matter which one I am working on.

Our last workshop was making "Afterlife Fairies" was fun and all are sold that were in the store....will work on more today and tomorrow !  Here's a peek at the workshop and fairies...
...a really fun group of gals.

Prudy and Michelle...

...Cyndi making an umbrella

Dana...hold the skewer in the glue puddle...

Kim...dressing her fairy !
...a happy dead fairy!!

Afterlife fairies dancing in the light!!