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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Just received a phone call from my daughter-in-law saying the surgery is being rescheduled as bloodwork taken yesterday did not have the results they wanted.  New tests must be taken before surgery can be rescheduled....

I am taking this as a sign all the stars are not lined up asking for more patience and faith.  Keep Raelyn in your prayers....


Sorry I have not kept up with my blog as of late...many challenges keep popping up.   I hope you will not desert me.

Tomorrow, Feb. 19th our littlest granddaughter - Raelyn - 11 months -  will enter Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to have two titanium rods "VEPTR's"  (vertical expandable titanium ribs) implanted. It will be the first day and surgery of a long journey....I will be staying at my son's home hoping to keep some sense of normalcy there.  Wendy (DIL) will stay at the hospital with Raelyn until she comes home...Pray she heals fast as I know she will be much happier home with her brothers and sisters. 

The days the store is open Liz our wonderful, loving Nanny of 11 years, who shares her love with both my daughter's boys and son's children, will be there, so the store will be open regular hours. 

Our faith is strong and we know God is good and has His own plans...but it never hurts to have as many angels, in heaven and earth, praying and rooting for our sweet little girl.  I will keep you updated on the happenings the best I can. 

I am really trying very hard to get into the SPRING and EASTER spirit....despite the winter that will not go away!  I think this is it though....the last 4 inches of snow arrived overnight and is now when you visit the store expect Spring to be in every nook and cranny!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So another snowstorm is on it's way....we just can't seem to get away from this winter!  The store will be open on Wednesday, February 12th to make up for some lost days.  I am sure Thursday we will be closed.  (sad face)!  I really NEED to spend some time in the store getting things done...

Orders placed at the trade shows are on their way but it seems like I am never there to get the boxes!  I have had a lot of time to sew some goodies though while I watch the snow pile up!

Next Wednesday, the 19th, Raelyn (11 months already) has her surgery - I will be staying at our son's house while DIL (Wendy) stays at the hospital with her.  The store will be open our regular hours - and will post on Facebook if something changes.  All your prayers and well wishes are welcome!

We are filling the store with SPRING and soon Easter goodies will pop up too!  It makes me smile to walk in the store and see the brightly colored sprigs of flowers!  We will not be having a Spring Open House but instead, as time lends itself, we will have some surprise special days/weekends to enjoy!  Keep watch...