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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not just words....

...sadly the people who need to read this the most won't get it!!
...cause they don't have any of the above.  Thank you Mom for teaching your children all of the above!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Made the decision to "embrace" winter and stop complaining about it!!  Yesterday as soon as the sun came out (and the sun always comes out - sometimes you just have to look harder) it melted the roads enough for "brave" me to go to the store and shovel.  Of course I am hurting today...that is just a reminder of how "out of shape" I am (or maybe hold old I am)!!

Today I have my happy face on and will start pricing the SPRING goodies that are arriving and start adding a sprinkle here and there as I go.  I need that if I am going to "embrace" winter. (big smile)~~

We have new little luxuries in the soaps, candle scents and soon some fresh herbs!

The Cinnamon Stick is my "sunshine" when skies are gray...

 ...and velvet violets!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It is snowing AGAIN...sorry to be such a downer...but missing days because of the weather just messes up my schedule...and I work much better on a schedule than I do helter skelter!  It seems things that I have to do from home I don't get in the "mood" to do when I am NOT suppose to be home.  Working on Income Taxes...(which I hate to do because the fourth quarter I just let everything pile up)..sighing!!

On a happy note....we have had a great Valentine season - never sold out so early and I need to fill the empty baskets with "hearts" again.  (working on it)!!

New goodies from the trade shows are popping in every day at the store...we have wonderful new soaps, tea towels, wire baskets...(on my the wire goodies are fabulous and for sure I am on a wire frenzy)!  The interesting part of wire goods is what some retail friends and I have discussed - "What goes around, comes around"...if you are in this business long enough (or collecting long enough) you know what we are saying. I have wire baskets that are antiques..but hard to find - and years ago I would purchase anything wire that I could find..olde or new.  Right now I am selling a little wire basket that everyone has complimented me for having in my home....that I purchased many years ago (new)!! 

New ribbons arrived - and do I dare start putting some spring flower pots on display???
Stop in soon and see,

 as I fill those empty shelves and display pieces....
  AND....yes! - the caramels are back in stock!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014


What a morning...!!  Store is closed for the time being but by the sounds of my friend's warning...the store is 16 miles from here to is still snowing and not looking good!!  I have lots to do at the store - a candle order came in yesterday and new tea towels - AND there's that space, where I eliminated the fabric, waiting to be "redone" !!  It would help if I knew what I was doing there - thinking COUNTRY KITCHEN !!  With antique, vintage and new wares...hmmmm - liking that idea but not sure about display pieces I have to use.  I think my most fun of the store (beside counting the money -{kidding} - well a little bit kidding) - is making displays!  You just need to have the right pieces - not sure I do!  I can always improvise until I find what works though! (my kitty cat is licking my wrist as I type..I think she is happy to have me home)!!

What I did do yesterday was take this down - and a new welcome sign is going up  - except, after cutting out all the letters I realized I forgot one of the "E's"...(typical)!!

SNOWFLAKES are coming down too!!  
Toodle-Loo !!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Yesterday Helen (my shopping buddy) and I went on our monthly road trip to Lancaster to the wholesale warehouses!  Love going as it is "instant" refill for the store (when we can find good stuff)...and that we did!
Going to the store early this morning to empty the van and get goodies priced and on display as quickly as I can!   Expecting deliveries this week too - looks like a busy week - just hope the weather gives us a break. 

I suppose for most people Thursday is more the end of the week and for me it is the beginning.  I really like being open on Monday and closed Tuesday and Wednesday - it is working good for us.

A Valentine workshop is set for Friday, January 17th...check out our website for more info and pictures...

Enjoy your day - and stay warm...!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WHAT A START... the New Year!  Snow days, frozen days - what next?  Truly "unique" weather we wake up to anymore!!  Yesterday started at 58 degrees and ended at 7 degrees!!

On a "warmer" note - today I will "mostly" stay inside doing paperwork - have to venture out for groceries and bank though !!

Tomorrow is ROAD TRIP day - Helen and I are headed to Lancaster to visit fabric stores and wholesale warehouses.  Hoping to find some "new" for the store. 
Sunday Tony and I went to the Philadelphia Gift Show and I ordered some new items which I am excited about and anxious to share them with you.  Hoping they ship fast. 

I am still working on figuring out what to do with the space where the fabric was - (upstairs is a little  "undone" at the moment).    I moved some cupboards around yesterday - making an area for some new items we ordered!!  Trying to keep that "small department store" frame of mind.  Still working on that,  I do think it is coming together...going back to what we did "all those year's ago" in Morgantown...time will tell how I pull it off!  Stop in and see how I am doing...all suggestions are welcomed!

You can make this BE MINE banner in our Keep Calm Workshop on Thursdays!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

TRYING TO STAY...."cheerful"!!

Okay...I can take a little snow but this is just not fun!  Having to close the store - when it is my happy place away from home - is not so much fun!  Shoveling snow is less fun!  Freezing my little (or big) buns off is even less fun! 

Enough complaining!  I have been busy trying to make a "hand" that looks like a hand for our next workshop...I think I have it...(not sure everyone would agree with me)!  Valentine's Day is a special holiday and I LOVE to decorate with lots of hearts and red accessories.  So, I have been trying some new ideas for our next workshop.  I will post pictures as soon as I get the samples "right" !

Meanwhile, we have some kits available in our Keep Calm & Create Thursday workshops for Valentine's Day -
BE MINE - preprinted banner
LOVE decorate with hearts, glitter and more....
 VALENTINE...for someone special...

Stay Warm -