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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Working on Christmas kits for our Keep Calm & Create Thursday workshops.....but Halloween keeps interfering.  So I had to make a BIG decision and......
today I will start saying "good-bye" to the Halloween goodies all over the store.
It will look sad for a few days I am sure....but Christmas decorating starts on Sunday (we are closed Sunday thru Wednesday next week  - Nov. 3-4-5-6)  Hoping all my "ideas" work!!!
Then it will be about giving you our best Christmas ever!

Today Raelyn goes to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Phila.) for a swallow study as she is not taking her bottle and still has some vomiting issues.  This is an issue Wendy has been dealing with everyday....scary but she is going to the BEST place to find out what is happening!  Prayers are always welcomed dear friends!
...thru it all she is forever smiling - a very happy little one!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I have a wonderful company that I have purchased Christmas themed bar soaps from -   I am ready to display them -  they come with this cardboard display piece that you have to put together!  MAGIC WORDS...put together.  It comes all folded in a long box.  I tried, and tried, and tried.  Couldn't figure it out- took it home and frustrated Tony too!  Directions made no sense whatsoever!  Yesterday I took it back to the store - and just so happened to have a husband and wife in from South Carolina.  While she was shopping upstairs her husband and I were chatting and he made the "mistake" of saying "I am not an engineer but I figured this out"....totally talking about something other than my display box - he had no idea what was coming at him.  YES, the light bulb went off and I told him if he could put my box together they could have the jar holder they were purchasing "free" !!  His wife joined in and after a bit of a struggle - he figured it out (with her schoolteacher help of course) and (even if he couldn't do it the jar holder was going to be free)!! This is it....looks simple doesn't was NOT!
He thought he would "harass" my hubby alittle bit and left this note...(smiling)!!  The couple were here for the very first friends!!!
This is the first of four bottles that I have "finally" finished for our Winter Bottle Workshop -
 ..and the back!
Scheduling workshop - Friday, November 16 - 6-9 pm.  More info to come!

***OPEN HOUSE "REKINDLING CHRISTMAS PAST" begins Thursday, November 7
We will be closed Sunday thru Wednesday - Nov. 3,4,5,6 to prepare!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am so busy these past couple weeks with family birthdays, workshop planning and decorating for two seasons (in my head)...Pricing Christmas - filling the empty shelves with more Halloween and trying to keep somekind of "cleanliness" in the house and store is keeping me from "blogging"...I do write on my facebook everyday though.  I have so much to share -
My daughter is a second grade teacher and sent me this link to a project the second graders did for charity!!  Really awesome!  Click on link!  So proud of her!,AAAAtjTN6nE~,-a2CqhIxe_xBZPsm_cVs6UrYMr1J2Efl&bclid=1176382704001&bctid=2730538723001

Raelyn is doing well...issues here and there but doctors are working on it...she is so sweet and lovable.
Here she is watching her favorite television program - Yo Gabba Gabba  (yi yi yi)!!
Everyday boxes of Christmas are arriving and it is a bit overwhelming as I am enjoying our Halloween season so much!   We have a good assortment of Halloween treasures for you - just got these banners in - 15ft. long with a glittery spider - Keeps repeating Happy Halloween !
 ...and WOOHOO!!  We are now serving hot cocoa in our NEW fancy Hot Cocoa machine!!!  It is soooo delish!
 Small blackboards are perfect for leaving a welcome message !
Lots more to tell - will write soon - I better get the meatballs cooked...XO