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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A question I keep asking myself....maybe I am just a glutton for punishment :) !! 
My head is spinning as I look around the store and think - "I want to redo all of this"...move stuff around, change room décor from one side to the other, make it more interesting!  WHY - does it really need to be changed or it is just me?

Our "look" has changed these past couple years into a cleaner, warmer style.  I still love the primitive country wares and that will never change - but we do enjoy adding a new element of "surprise" here and there.  I want to grow our Stationary Department as there are so many wonderful products out there I "need" to share with you.  We already sell the "best" candles so that doesn't need any changing - the lighting department could use more unique finds...(working on that).  The fabric and ribbons might need to grow a little bit too.  Then "what to do" in the other room upstairs -that room is such a mish-mosh of "everything"! (smiling)...maybe I am a mish-mosh of everything!! that out of my system (for alittle while)! 

Yesterday I spent some time with Trilby...(2yrs.)..the best blessings in life are your children and the gifts they bestow on you - the grandchildren.
..we fed the rabbits!

...but we did not ride Daddy's motorcycle!
Then I went to the boys house to get them off the bus (Nanny is on vacation) and while two had a basketball lesson - Crew and I tried to find Weird Waldo in one of his library books.  (I was not good at it and strained my eyes - you have to see those books to understand)!!
That was a fun day off  - today I am going to the store to set up for Friday's workshop and help a friend with her computer (that will be the blind teaching the blind for sure)!!
Life is so good!

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