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Monday, September 30, 2013

..the last day of September

This month seemed to just fly by...and tomorrow it's October!!  and then November....!!!  I am overwhelmed with all that has to be accomplished in the coming month and am wishing (hoping) the days to be fruitful!

Christmas workshops, redecorating, finding great new goodies....can get a bit mind-boggling at times.  I am so grateful for a wonderful network of friends who inspire me and keep me going (even if it is in circles) (smiling)!!
We are loving Halloween and thinking Christmas at The Cinnamon Stick (no wonder I am traveling in circles)! 

Back to Halloween mode - even though yesterday I was "playing" with this -

 as ...I must figure out what in the world I am going to make for our Halloween "get-together" with a group of "oh so creative" girls!!  I NEED a boost of creativity!!!
Off I go to open the store.....I am loving our new hours....

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


As I sit here to type I notice that it has been l o n g in between my excuses except it is a busy time of year and hard to keep up with all the happenings around me.  I do however post "almost" every day on Facebook which is short and sweet and keeps customers up to date on new goodies and the "social" part of The Cinnamon Stick.  One thing I can say .... we are "social" (smiling)!!

Fall/Halloween is in full bloom at the store....every day something new seems to appear !!  Our workshops are busy and finding time to think "Christmas" has been hard.  I know, but I have to think that NOW...!! 

Our Christmas theme this year is "REKINDLING CHRISTMAS PAST"....You know how you feel when you open the bins from last year and memories start popping into your head - me too - so I thought this year we need to "rekindle" all those memories!
Working on it!!

However today, it is all about Halloween and all the fun goodies we have to help you make your home the coolest on the block!!  Stop in....we are getting ready to put that Hot Chocolate Machine to work!!

Handmade rughooked pumpkin pillows...
Potion bottles - (you can make your own in our Keep Calm & Create workshop)
 I love old stamps....this one is from a local town.....

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Weighing in at 10 lbs.15 oz. she is just the sweetest, cuddliest little baby girl....
 We thank you for all your well wishes and prayers!

Raelyn Dell Doyle - now 7 months old 
<3 Tough time waking to eat. Flash worked:-/.  It's best, but still doesn't seem right.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I feel like I am falling behind...(and I am) so today is a day of "catching up" with bookwork and all the little things that I keep putting off.  
Store has been busy with our fall and Halloween treasures and new goodies keep arriving - so I am constantly pricing and displaying (displaying is the bestest part of new goodies)!!  I can make more messes than anyone I know - so yesterday I "really" tried to clean up the window sill behind the counter (those who visit know what it looks like) and the back wrapping counter (which I can never wrap on cause it is always filled with "work in progress" !!  I did great with the windowsill getting organized...back counter - not so great!  (sighing)!! 
I have to keep "Christmas" close in my head as in "51" days it will be our open house!   Maybe  I just need to get organized and STAY that way.  LOL!!
Dianne Galloway brought us lots of new Halloween treasures last week and again on Sunday...I love everything and you will too!

Another new "olde" treasure in the store -
The original "Laptop" - Door to Door Salesman lap desk!  Pretty cool...come see it Thursday!!

Now I MUST get busy "catching up" !!!  Have a good day....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A question I keep asking myself....maybe I am just a glutton for punishment :) !! 
My head is spinning as I look around the store and think - "I want to redo all of this"...move stuff around, change room d├ęcor from one side to the other, make it more interesting!  WHY - does it really need to be changed or it is just me?

Our "look" has changed these past couple years into a cleaner, warmer style.  I still love the primitive country wares and that will never change - but we do enjoy adding a new element of "surprise" here and there.  I want to grow our Stationary Department as there are so many wonderful products out there I "need" to share with you.  We already sell the "best" candles so that doesn't need any changing - the lighting department could use more unique finds...(working on that).  The fabric and ribbons might need to grow a little bit too.  Then "what to do" in the other room upstairs -that room is such a mish-mosh of "everything"! (smiling)...maybe I am a mish-mosh of everything!! that out of my system (for alittle while)! 

Yesterday I spent some time with Trilby...(2yrs.)..the best blessings in life are your children and the gifts they bestow on you - the grandchildren.
..we fed the rabbits!

...but we did not ride Daddy's motorcycle!
Then I went to the boys house to get them off the bus (Nanny is on vacation) and while two had a basketball lesson - Crew and I tried to find Weird Waldo in one of his library books.  (I was not good at it and strained my eyes - you have to see those books to understand)!!
That was a fun day off  - today I am going to the store to set up for Friday's workshop and help a friend with her computer (that will be the blind teaching the blind for sure)!!
Life is so good!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

OFFICIALLY FALL ... THE CINNAMON STICK !!  The pumpkins are gracing the hay bales and now (finally) the outside of the store looks like fall has arrived!  A bit of "tweaking" here and there ( Lady Gourd needs some clothes!) and we still need to purchase our mums for the planter, but all and all the back porch is looking good!

The store has been busy - seems everyone is ready to say good-bye to summer and move on!  I am hoping for a looooong fall season and a very short winter season....(Do you hear me Mother Nature)??

(I'm whispering this.....soon I really do have to think about Christmas...)!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday....

Little "nook" battery candles that just arrived!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Last Friday evening we had our Potion Bottle Workshop...SO much fun!  A great group of gals (and guy) came to "get their creativity on"...and they did!   Everyone kept feeding off one another and it was exciting to see what they created.  They were given "4" bottles and lots of labels and embellishments to decorate with.  Here are some of the pictures (and you know I take crappy pics)....but I think you can see some of the fun!

...can you see the spider hanging down from the cork?  (ewwww)!!

We even had time to decorate our "take home" bag...  Amazing group of Cinnamon Stick friends!!!
Next workshop is Friday the 13th of September and we are making the banner at the top of this blog!  4 sets available!!!