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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The mornings and evenings here in PA feel like Autumn is preparing to just sneak in and surprise us one day!  Daytime seems to still get a bit humid but this is certainly not typical  August weather at all.  (but loving it)!!  The weather certainly does predict what "mood" we will be in - at least me it does!

Lately my "mood" has been all about fall - and Halloween!  Some say I am rushing it, but the season is so short (not at all like the spring and summer season for decorating) that I just "have" to start early! Most customers agree with me and enjoy the change. (and I am having fun changing the store around)!!

It seems like everyday new treasures are arriving and the store is full of great items.  Tony is working hard keeping the store filled with great old treasures and me...well I am making lots of "messes" !

Looking forward to your visit....won't be long and we will be playing our "spooky" music!!

...a new Keep Calm and Create Thursday workshop !!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Not quite sure why the hours are going by so swiftly - cause I am busy?  cause I am getting olde? ( my Mom use to tell me that - the older you get the faster time goes)!!

All I know is that the kids are getting ready to go back to school and I am lusting to put out our Halloween goodies.  Is it people like me that makes time go faster?  (something to ponder)!!

We enjoyed a mini vacation and are now ready to tackle the next few months....always our busiest seasons and the time we enjoy so much!   We love finding you unique treasures!!

New Keep Calm & Create kits are available, and a few new classes are being prepared.   Like our Facebook page to keep informed of all the happenings!

Just a couple pictures...
...bittersweet sprigs - the best I have seen !!
 Halloween decorated glass jar candles...(a tealite in these are wonderful)
 ...the "Steeple" lantern is back in stock!! (our new Flameless candles make this item a real treasure and perfect gift!)
 Fall issue of "A Simple Life" is now in the store!!
 So much more in the store now and still arriving...!!!  Come browse alittle!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We will be closed this Thursday and Friday, August 15 and 16 and reopening Saturday, August 17.
Just a mini vacation to Hershey Park with the grandkids.   We were suppose to go to Lake George, NY but with Raelyn being so small and still on the monitor, we cancelled that trip till next year.  Shannon, Jeff and kids went and LOVED it - so plans are to go next year! 
Raelyn and Trilby will stay home with Mom...we will miss them but know that it will be too much for them.  Anthony will be home too as High School football practice starts.
The store is really looking like fall...all the summer (except outside) is put away and the Autumn colors are soooo pretty.  When I come back I will "most likely" start adding some Halloween....LOVE HALLOWEEN!!
Our "Potion Bottle" class filled up right away...however bottles and embellishments will be available in our Keep Calm & Create Workshops after Labor Day.
One sample.... 

Friday, August 9, 2013


We really had a fun evening "capturing" our witches....but first we had to create them!
These gals did excellent ( not such an easy workshop - takes some "patience").. this is how they looked when I first started...
Looks like they are saying "what did we get ourselves in to")
 ..but then they started to get the hang of it...

..helping each other
 ...and then we got all this....woohoo!!!  Lots of smiles....Didn't get good pics of Cyndi and Susan...sorry girls!!

 Michelle took the class last year and decided she would make a "Warlock in Training" ( and since she has 3 boys seemed perfectly right to me)!!

All the witches got "captured" and we had such a fun night!!! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


After 14 years here in the Hereford store we are changing our hours - we will now be closed Tuesday and Wednesday and adding Monday to our list of open days!!
Lots of thought went into this decision and we hope you agree it is a "good" one!

New fall goodies are arriving today - our corncob battery taper lights!  (and gosh knows what else) Seems I am "confusing" Fed Ex and UPS a bit...sorry guys!!

We are also waiting for our new "flameless pillar" candles.  I am really excited about them...they are battery operated and so realistic.  We also have some really cool lanterns they will look amazing in!  Now all I need is to find room for all the new goodies!

Tonight is our "Captured Witch" workshop....always fun creating with "new and old" friends!! (pictures tomorrow)!!

Have a Autumny day !!

Monday, August 5, 2013


...tucking the summer away...(hesitantly)  and decorating with  our fall goodies.  It is hard for me because I am more into "Halloween" than fall, but I seem to have broken some of my "olde ways" and found some really nice fall treasures for you to decorate with. 
New treasures are constantly and work at the same time - !!  Some days - like yesterday - I moved a couple display pieces to make room for and olde school desk  (Tony was suppose to bring up and didn't).. and one display works great where you put it and the piece that was there has "no" place to go!  Luckily we have a second floor and I can maneuver alittle bit up there.
However, today I will spend the day (making our Captured Witch kits for our class Thursday evening) and "tweaking" what I couldn't do yesterday.    The first floor is small...500 sq. ft....with a couple big "unmovable" display pieces - so when I say it is a challenge - it really is!!
We are having "September" weather today...loving it - great motivator to redo!!
...messes - always making messes!!

Friday, August 2, 2013


Trilby Blue - 2 years - yesterday playing in the summer rain -
One of the greatest gifts in life are the grandchildren...thank you Lord !!

I am treading slowly putting the fall wares in the store...for some reason (I am so ready) something keeps holding me back...Maybe cause the store needs a "do-over" !!   
We moved into the Hereford store 14 years ago...yesterday... - and opened our doors August 14th.   Time has gone so fast....when I look at the pictures of opening day (and we thought we were "Hot Stuff") I have to smile  - we were so proud and excited!
The phrase - "You've come a long way baby" fits perfectly!

We would love to show you the pictures of "opening day" -August 14, 1999 - stop in and take a peek!!