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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I am a mint lover....(especially in chocolate) - but not  mint tea!  Not sure why - maybe I just haven't had a "good" glass of it.  BUT, a hint of mint in my salad or "peas" makes me smile.  I get my biggest smiles from the mint that I grow -( spearmint, peppermint, apple mint and this year added a berries and cream mint) - by cutting it for my herbal bouquets.   When the wind blows thru the garden of mints - and wafts thru my kitchen window - it is just delightful! 
Mint lasts long in your bouquets if you change the water frequently and will even root.  I wish I had more time to play as I would make everyone "tussie-mussies" of mints and herbs from my garden.   Hey maybe that would make a great workshop...everyone could bring some herbs from their garden and we could share and make them together...oh my wheels are spinning!!!

"During medieval times, before deodorants and public sanitation systems, people carried fragrant nosegays to protect themselves from bad smells, which were present everywhere. They also believed that bad smells are what caused disease, and conversely, that if they carried good smelling herbs, the flowers would ensure good health. This evolved to a young man gathering little bouquets to give to his lady when she went out to protect her from disease. Eventually, meanings were given to each plant so that a message could be sent, since most people could not read or write."
Elaine Felbinger, Herb Garden Docent

I think it might be lots of fun to explore "tussie mussie's" my thinking cap on!!

..spearmint outside my kitchen window...taking over as it always does!!


ctlogcabin said...

WoW Judy your Mint is Fabulous !!
Berries & Cream Mint, never heard
of it .... tell us more.
Love to add Mint into my Bouquets,
Love the Look & the Smell.
Hope to get into the store this
month ... I need a Fix !!! xox

moosecraft said...

I just read this morning that mint is also a mosquito and spider repellant. Any skeeters or spiders near your kitchen window? ;-)

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Connie...last year's picture..(cheating) and spiders or your info must be right. Woohoo!!