We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
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2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Makes no sense does it...well that is exactly what I have been dealing with for the past 2 weeks ..a computer that makes NO sense.  But here I am - back on line - and all the thanks goes to my sweet neighbor (who is moving - whatever will I do?)  He had to finally take my computer back to the it just came from the factory.  Of course we tried to save everything we could but missed a few things (like 8 days of emails)!  I have no clue who wrote to me as I couldn't access anything - computer kept freezing up.  But enough of that!!

On to the good things....the store is filled with the most wonderful country antiques and gift items - so many new goodies have come in and I couldn't share them with for the next couple of days I will...(big smile)!!

Raelyn is doing great...just came off a babysitting week with my daughter's four boys..(ages 7-12) that can wear you out and let you know real quick how hold you really are and not what you think in your head you are...!!

Here's some goodies in the store...
Child's chair in really nice green paint...(darker than shown)
 2 olde milk with "swing" handles that were banned in 1923~~
 Olde store scale with weights and brass scoop~~
 Velvet strawberries pinkeeps with handsewn beads for Helen Voytilla~
 2 sizes...
 Herb Sack - fill with dried herb bundles...
Lots more new items in the store....olde and new!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Computer has been acting very badly lately and not sure what is going if I go missing it means something went kapooie!
We have lots of new goodies in the store and more on their way this week...I love when the UPS truck pulls into the parking lot.  Always means lots of work but exciting to put new items in the store "just for you"!
I took a bunch of pictures but sold most of the items before I got to post will try again tomorrow (if the computer cooperates)!

I have two of these vintage string holders....I use one that I purchased a long time ago on ebay  for myself to use and I "use" it all the time - it hangs right at my counter.
Hanging string holders - $28. each
Close-up of the advertisement still attached....and instructions on how to thread the string so it works properly...Love it!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


What a great day we had on Saturday creating our Fairy Gardens with the most fun and creative girls.

After having been up all night (as Raelyn made an emergency trip back to Children's Hospital - she is home and just great) cause I went to son's house to babysit and couldn't sleep from worry - the girls put up with my forgetfulness and silliness!!  It was so much fun!

The day started at 5:30 am with me fretting about "RAIN" that had saturated us on Friday, and we hadn't put the tent up yet.  So bright and early (7 am) we went to the store to accomplish what we felt was the impossible....HOWEVER...the "fairies" were behind us all the way and gave us a day of pure "sunshine" !!

Here are some pictures in random order ...

The day turned out just perfect and after sharing a "Box Lunch"  I could just "feel" the fairies in my garden celebrating all the fun!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I am a mint lover....(especially in chocolate) - but not  mint tea!  Not sure why - maybe I just haven't had a "good" glass of it.  BUT, a hint of mint in my salad or "peas" makes me smile.  I get my biggest smiles from the mint that I grow -( spearmint, peppermint, apple mint and this year added a berries and cream mint) - by cutting it for my herbal bouquets.   When the wind blows thru the garden of mints - and wafts thru my kitchen window - it is just delightful! 
Mint lasts long in your bouquets if you change the water frequently and will even root.  I wish I had more time to play as I would make everyone "tussie-mussies" of mints and herbs from my garden.   Hey maybe that would make a great workshop...everyone could bring some herbs from their garden and we could share and make them together...oh my wheels are spinning!!!

"During medieval times, before deodorants and public sanitation systems, people carried fragrant nosegays to protect themselves from bad smells, which were present everywhere. They also believed that bad smells are what caused disease, and conversely, that if they carried good smelling herbs, the flowers would ensure good health. This evolved to a young man gathering little bouquets to give to his lady when she went out to protect her from disease. Eventually, meanings were given to each plant so that a message could be sent, since most people could not read or write."
Elaine Felbinger, Herb Garden Docent

I think it might be lots of fun to explore "tussie mussie's" my thinking cap on!!

..spearmint outside my kitchen window...taking over as it always does!!

Monday, June 3, 2013


I love surrounding myself with creative people...they give me so much inspiration.

Saturday is our Fairy Garden Workshop....haven't had one in a couple years and I am excited to play with the fairies again.  We will put on our "play in the dirt" clothing and have some fun, enjoy a box lunch and share good stories.  I will be sure to post pictures.

Raelyn is doing great at home and everyone is adjusting to little squeals and a very busy Mom. 

The Market Square trade show is this coming week and I have to get my mind into Fall, Halloween and Christmas mode.   I am hoping to find some GREAT new items to share with you, new ideas for our Friday evening classes and Thursday Keep Calm & Create workshops...lots on the agenda...
Have a fun day it is rainy and that might just get me to cross off some of the items on my "very long list" !! store pint jars with flower frog lids to best display your Country Bouquets!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!! THE CINNAMON STICK!!    Yesterday began "Day One" of our 30th year of being storekeepers!  Even I am saying "how did that happen"!!  I look back at all the people I have met, friends I have made (some that I have lost) This past year had some sadness for me, as a customer that started with me all those years ago...and was a regular... died last August at 83.  I miss you Marge! (she was a creative display genius)!  Retail mistakes that I have made, people I have is all part of those 29 years and I wouldn't do anything differently (well maybe I would make up my mind quicker on some items that I regret now for not purchasing)!!

Tony and I were reflecting on some of the funny stories - like the time we purchased a huge cupboard and had to tie it to the top of our station wagon and all the tires "almost" went flat.  Made it to a gas station just in time!!  We moved alot of antiques thru these years - it has been a great journey and my goal is to STILL be a storekeeper till I am 80!  Then and just then, I may retire.  (or maybe not)!! 

I am truly blessed with being able to do what I love, be a little "different" than some other stores, a husband who loves it all too (and creative to boot)! I am surrounded with good, wholesome and creative people!  There is good and bad in everything, but I promised myself to only spend time on the kind to myself...let the others fend for themselves. 

THE CINNAMON STICK has a lot to be grateful for...thank you sweet friends.  XOXO