We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My day today...

...will be like yesterday!  On Monday and Tuesday when we are closed, I watch Trilby (20 months) while my DIL goes to the hospital with Raelyn.   BTW- Raelyn is doing very the feeding tube and now we have to hope she fills her tummy with a certain amount every 12 hours, and I am sure the next step will be to bring her home.  She is 5 lbs. 3 oz. !!  We are all so ready for her to come home and life to get back to "somewhat" normal (well as normal as it can be with a newborn in the house)!!  :<)
Trilby is such a good girl....but wouldn't smile for me when I tried to get her picture....take a peek...
 Lunchtime.. more minute and then I will go take my nap!
 ...there's that smile....and oh yes, we are trying to do this too!!!
It is a busy day but I LOVE being a Grandmom....the other 3 grade school siblings come in at 3:30 and I get to hear about their day.  The oldest is in high school and I usually don't get to see him as he has Lacrosse right after classes.  
I am a truly blessed mother, grandmother and storekeeper.....Life is Good!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Helen Voytilla, a handmade artist that we purchase from, came yesterday with boxes full of handmade goodies for us.  She has a unique way of creating a whimsical item and doing it in a prim way. (not sure who this pattern is from) :(  Our store "sparkles" when she leaves!!  I didn't get pictures yesterday but did captured this gal before she "hopped" away!!
 ....her black bear with burlap printed body...(looks like typewriter keys)!!  So dang cute!!
 ...alittle of my "whimsey" - small paper flowers with antique button !!!
 ...and a bit of Tony's.....vintage tomato cage (he made a wooden circle to make it into a table and added the newly painted flower pot !!  Great for your sunroom, porch or as garden art!!  Very sturdy as it is an old one and not the flimsy ones they make today!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I must have gotten "Spring Fever" last Sunday as I started to redo the craft part of the big room upstairs - and then the store got busy!!  Today is my first day back as "Trilby" keeps me busy Monday and Tuesday when we are closed (while Mom goes to the hospital to be with Raelyn) .  Now my "fever" has gone away and hopefully it will return when I open today!!

I needed and empty wall to display new signs that we are waiting to be delivered.  Wall space is at a premium!!  Today I have my job cut out for me...good sales on Sunday left many holes downstairs too...I need to clone myself!!

Our Keep Calm & Create Thursday has "two" new patterns to make "Paper Flowers"....they are soooo fun to create - and now I have made a "teensy" flower pattern too.   Join us in making a pretty bouquet tomorrow!!

Update on Raelyn...she is gaining weight and a phone video I even heard her "cry"...well it was more like a "squeal"....she is so beautiful and we are anxious to bring her home...soon...soon...soon....soon !!! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Last night we had a workshop which we called "Nesting" !!  We put alittle paper bird (which we made) in a nest under a cloche!!
Ready - Set - Go!!!
...happy faces ready to create!

...lots of prep work

...Lori adding her little bird to the nest!

...busy hands

tedious stamping NEST on a tiny tag!

TA-DA !!   Letting the glue dry !!

..on to making "a pretty bouquet of paper flowers!

...after choosing their paper the fun begins

...trace, cut, distress and glue !!

...very INTENSE work!!

..finally a BIG smile from Michelle! (quite the artist)!!

...Jane's flowers were so pretty they look like they were made of fabric!

...happy faces makes for a great evening!
Everyone went home with their nesting bird and a bouquet of flowers....what a great night - Thanks girls!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


...smiling cause things have been quite slow around here but I have been a "busy bee" with pricing all the new goodies that have come into the store.  (more expected today)!! 
It is always exciting to get new items but sometimes displaying them can get alittle tough - all the windows and stone walls (beautiful) but not an easy fit for decorating sometimes! 
The bad thing when business slows down, I get this "itch" to "change" things around and am comtemplating an overhaul of one of the rooms upstairs.....oh dear - don't tell Tony quite yet!! (big smile)!!
Some of the new goodies -

Wooden bobbins with twine and snips!
Metal hanger with glass bottle to use as a vase..
Small Blackboards 7" x 4 3/4" - nice size to write a message !
Repro fruit cans to use as a planter or vase...really sweet!
"4" different styles...
...also some great vintage items that Tony has been collecting - this  Oak Easel is in almost "perfect" condition ( I have a "thing" for easels and blackboards...)!!!

***Just heard about the suspects in the Boston safe everyone in MA and know that we are praying that this ends without anyone else getting hurt!

Monday, April 15, 2013


...on my son's facebook page....I love my kids  - truly blessed!!

One thing I've learned by having great parents......they never stop thinking and caring about your well being

Sunday, April 14, 2013


....makes me think of summerthyme and watermelons...sweet!!
 ..wanted to share this with you - a part of an old oil lamp (Tony put together) to make a hanging flower pot or candle holder...but it sold...:<)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

THE FAIRIES WERE VERY HAPPY... be captured and given a new home by the sweetest of sweet ladies!!  It was a fun time for everyone - especially me!!
The group...
AND THEN I SAID..."Act like you WANT to be here"....(big smile) and got this!!
Busy at creating...
 ..some worked so hard they had to take a "goodie" break!!
 ...Michelle's fairy is ready for her new home!!
We finished quickly and certainly didn't want to go I pulled out another project that I was saving for next week's class....hurriedly put it together ....and we all made "paper flowers"...They turned out so beautiful !! 
Everyone made 3 flowers and left with a Captured Fairy and a Bouquet of Flowers....a very fun evening!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013


That is a little hard to do with all the WIND we had last night and this morning....whew...!! sounded like freight trains going past our windows !!  Hope that is over.
Our Keep Calm and Create class was fun yesterday...the girls made large pennant banners but I only got pictures of Michelle's (who makes me "cut off" her head) !  It looks so much better in person - very hard to get good pictures in the store with all the windows and a photographer who is -  let's just say not very talented in that department  :<) !!  I am always amazed at the creativity that emerges from our Thursdays.
 ...close-up of one of the pennants
Tonight is our "Captured Fairy" class....a full house means lots of fun!!!  I am sure to have lots of pictures to share!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Daddy with a 4lb Raelyn
Daddy (son) and weighing 4 lbs.   Woohooooo!!!  She is still 5 weeks away from her actual  delivery date - but showing alot of spirit!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We have been thinking spring since February....decorating with spring since February (smile) and now FINALLY spring has arrived ( or maybe summer as the temperature is suppose to reach 82 degrees today)!!  
Driving the country roads daffodils are waving to me everywhere I look - a very pretty welcome!   The woods are just starting to show a hint of green and the forsythia is all abloom - just loving this time of year!!

We have a new class on Friday, April 19 called is a tiny bird made from vintage music sitting on a twig nest and enclosed in a small cloche (with a bottom)!!
Cost is $12. and if you would like to come please call or email us as space is limited!!

Our Keep Calm & Create workshops have springthyme patterns available....the newest being our large pennant banner - not the best picture but you get the idea....many pretty papers to choose from!!
...close up of pattern!!
Baby Raelyn has been having a bit of trouble gaining weight - keep her in your prayers - otherwise she is doing so good !!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


...even will all that stuff up her nose she manages a "SMILE"  !!!  Okay, I know it is just "one of those smiles"...but a SMILE it is...!!  Loving her!!!
Check out those "chubby" cheeks....can't wait to kiss them!!!


Our first springthyme class will be Friday, April 12 from 6-9pm - and we will be "Capturing a Fairy" in a jar!!
Cost - $10. -  all supplies are included.  Only 3 seats still available.....(hoping to schedule a second class soon).

With the purchase of a "solar lid" - this fairy will "light up" your garden, window box or planter....The lids are $12.50 and weather proof!    Can't you just picture how sweet she will sparkle in the dark!!!

With baby Raelyn still in the hospital (doing very well - just very tiny) some of our workshops have to be a last minute decision - we hope you understand.

Working on the next workshop...(no date yet)... Friday, April 19th - 6pm to 9pm - Cost $12. - we will be making this "Nesting Bird"...along with a fun idea while the glue dries...!!! 
I love getting together with you....the creativity and friendship is heartwarming!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013


THE CINNAMON STICK TODAY....oh forgot...we are closed today...bummer  :<(  !!!