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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Raelyn's test got an A+ - her esophagus repair did not leak...tubes were removed and Wendy was able to hold her sweet little girl for the very first time.   Thank you for all your prayers they mean so much to us as a family.   I will keep you posted as we have not reached the top of the mountain yet....but we will reach the top for that I am sure....God is Love!

Can you believe Easter is almost here??  Starting to see little buds on some of the trees and I forced some forsythia last week....those pretty yellow flowers are a sure sign of what is to come - SPRING!!
I am wishing for a nice, long spring season....I love to hear the birds chirping in the morning - seeing the little sprouts of chives popping up in the garden (makes me crave our Radish and Chive Spread) ( which by the way needs desperately to be cleaned up) - even me who does not like to "play in the dirt" is ready to clean up the outside of leaves and twigs left from our winter storms. 

Needing Easter gifts??  We have a nice selection of unique treasures for you....stop in and take a peek!
Faux candy cute...last two available.
Spring Rabbit in vintage quilt sack...
Peeps and peeps and peeps!!
 Beautiful file box painted in Duck Egg Blue from Annie Sloan paints...very cool!!


Primitive Stars said...

So so happy for the wee one, power of prayer......Love all the Spring goodies, Francine.

moosecraft said...

Hurray for Raelyn! I knew she could do it! :-)

Love those little woolly yellow peeps! I have the one I purchased from your store last year happily displayed under the shade of a wool feather tree that Joanne taught me how to make! lol!

What's the size on that file box?

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Sharon not sure of size...guessing about 9X9" and about 7 or 8" tall - will measure and email you with details and price (forgotthat too)!!

carolbrademas said...

Judy --- I'm so happy to hear about baby Raelyn! What wonderful news....still saying prayers for her.