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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I SAID GOOD-BYE... a friend this evening.  A beautiful woman, wife, mother, grandmother, sister and a true lady.
She has a special place in my heart - she knows my secrets - she shared my heartaches and triumphs.   God speed my friend..


...Pepper that is...after a "shaky" start of hiding under beds and sofas...she has decided she likes it here with us!  A constant purring sound greets me when I come home and she is just one of the most cuddly - I want to be stroked all the time - sweetest kitty we have ever had.  It took alittle longer for her to warm up to Tony but a bag of "special treats" (ah food can always win over a lady)!! did the trick!  She "owns" us...
Her favorite place on top of my vintage yo-yo pillows...

Trilby Blu... my Monday and Tuesday sweetie pie while Mom goes to the hospital to see her little sister.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Mommy and Raelyn....only way it gets better is when I can hold her too!!!  
19 days old...and growing...!!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


...eye batting and some morning smooching will get you !!!

Can't wait to get these shelves filled up and finally gets things organized in the Attic Studio!!!


Tony has been busy working on some vintage goods for the store...but today I am having him make shelves for the Attic Studio....I am trying VERY hard to get organized up there so it is "easy" for everyone who comes to create!!  Working in the attic with the slanted walls can pose a problem - so grateful that all the "artist in training" don't mind.

Here of some of the new finds in the store now...
Wooden measure...3 views

 Vintage metal candle holder with detachable candle stick....

Tea Cart....great for plants on porch or sunroom - top was missing and now sports the lid from an old berry box!
..."fancy creamer" - perfect to put some daffodils in!!
Together everyone say - "NO MORE SNOW" !!!   

Friday, March 22, 2013

JUST MAYBE... SPRING sign is jinxing our weather....???!!! 
Well.....I'll just turn the "heat" up high and pretend!!

New goodies arrived in the store and I have been busy pricing and displaying (and in the middle of all that a nice display piece -that was for sale SOLD) and now I have double trouble trying to fit everything in...(not a bad thing - smiling)!!

I am so tired of my winter clothing.....:<( 
Stop in and cheer me up and receive a  Free Gift with an Easter purchase - !!!

English Coutryside Table Bags....2 sizes
 ...two colors
 ...window boxes framed in dark green...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Thirty-three degrees outside does not sound like the first day of spring now does it!!  The birds must think so, cause they are chirping happily this morning...maybe they know ...Spring will come we just have to be patient.

Today new goodies should be arriving at the it will be a busy day unpacking, pricing and displaying.   Also, I must put together the new SPRINGTHYME kits for our Keep Calm & Create Workshop afternoon of creating.

We have the neatest ribbons and twine in the store for sale....this is Twisted Paper Ribbon - fun to craft with or tie up a special package - in pretty spring colors!

...and a sure sign of spring....CHIVES!!...popping up inspite of my messy garden...:<(
Wishing for a nice warm day to clean up the herb garden - then I can make our famous Radish & Chive Spread!!   Yummy!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Shannon and her oldest son - Evan - on their way to a Mother and Son Dance at his school...How did she get so grown up???  Or should I say...How did I get so old!!! 
BTW - she is the mother of 4 boys...ages 12 thru 7, teaches second grade (for 20 years)....OMG...How did I get so old????


Creating is so much fun....our Keep Calm & Create Workshops will have two new kits available this week....a pattern for making Paper Birds - that you can sit, put in a nest, or hang on a tree branch....
Can be made in any of our many cardstock papers.....simple, fun and unique!
2.) Lavender sachets in two sizes...made from any of our beautiful printed papers.... can choose fairies , birds or little tags to add to the front...
or you can add a little gift card inside.....
Available also - our Easter Egg Garland, NEST on Twig Garland and SPRING Garland.....!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is who  all your beautiful prayers are going too - our sweet little Irish Lass...Raelyn Dell Doyle  at 11 days old - (her Mom's a Galloway....can't get more Irish than that)!!
She is doing very well....and we are so grateful for all your prayers....we always take the High Road and know that she will be home with us soon....XO to everyone!
I am going to call that SNOW yesterday our "Onion Snow" and be done with it....if you NEED some spring you can get lots at THE CINNAMON STICK....!!! 
We are working on new "springtime" projects for our Keep Calm & Create workshops....will post pictures soon.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

LOOK WHAT ARRIVED... The Cinnamon Stick yesterday.....DAISY !!  Four of them...handcrafted by Joyce Welch of The Red Schoolhouse here in PA !!  LOVE !!  Only 9 inches tall ( not her favorite thing to make - Thank You Joyce)...but I fell in love with her -she is so sweet!!

Crazy March weather here....snow showers today???  I am going to call it our "Onion Snow" if that happens.  Snow showers are long as it doesn't stick!

Attaching a picture (or two) of Daisy!!!
Pantaloons....too cute!
 Close up of her sweet face..... she's smiling for the camera!!

I am working on some springthyme paper birds for our Keep Calm & Create Thursday will come soon...!!!  Stop by today for a free gift with any Easter Purchase!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Raelyn's test got an A+ - her esophagus repair did not leak...tubes were removed and Wendy was able to hold her sweet little girl for the very first time.   Thank you for all your prayers they mean so much to us as a family.   I will keep you posted as we have not reached the top of the mountain yet....but we will reach the top for that I am sure....God is Love!

Can you believe Easter is almost here??  Starting to see little buds on some of the trees and I forced some forsythia last week....those pretty yellow flowers are a sure sign of what is to come - SPRING!!
I am wishing for a nice, long spring season....I love to hear the birds chirping in the morning - seeing the little sprouts of chives popping up in the garden (makes me crave our Radish and Chive Spread) ( which by the way needs desperately to be cleaned up) - even me who does not like to "play in the dirt" is ready to clean up the outside of leaves and twigs left from our winter storms. 

Needing Easter gifts??  We have a nice selection of unique treasures for you....stop in and take a peek!
Faux candy cute...last two available.
Spring Rabbit in vintage quilt sack...
Peeps and peeps and peeps!!
 Beautiful file box painted in Duck Egg Blue from Annie Sloan paints...very cool!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


...Time has been going so fast some days, that I look back and wonder what happened to Monday and Tuesday - or the first week in March !!  Today - when looking at the calendar I realized that our favorite "Flea Market" opens April 1st  - so not so bad that the days are flying by!!  Sunday morning ritual (if it is not raining too hard) we are off early in the morning to search for treasures...treasure seeking is a fun way of life!!
With coffee in hand and pockets full of dollar bills we are off hoping to spend it all - on great finds!!
You meet up with friends and both parties know not to spend time chit chatting..friendly "hi's" are exchanged and off you go to find that special "something" !!   Looking forward to this so much!!

Update of baby Raelyn - today she is being tested (by contrast) to see if there are any leaks in her repairs....hoping you will keep her in your prayers.    She is doing well so the ventilator and starting to receive some breast milk thru the tube that is inserted.   If all goes well - Wendy will be able to hold her soon....(heartwrenching to see how much Wendy needs this.) Thank you everyone for all your kind words and prayers...!! sign available at The Cinnamon Stick!!  :<)

Monday, March 11, 2013


The good news is Raelyn was taken off the ventilator....woohoo...weehee...hurrah...yippee....can you tell I am soooo elated !!  It is going to be a long road before she can come home but we as a family are up for it.   She is just delightfully beautiful - even with tubes and adhesive covering her sweet little face.   Lots of dark hair too!!   Wendy was told if things keep going this well she will be able to hold her close to her - it is hard to hold back the tears while typing this.... keep those prayers coming my friends....they are so appreciated. XOXOXO to all!!

I am feverishly trying to get some more bunnies into the store for Wednesday's opening.....and a few more peeps ... Easter is only a little over two weeks away - time seems to go so slow and then all of a sudden it is the 11th of March - yikes!!

I am still trying to set my internal clock to that of Daylight Savings - and FINALLY the clock in my car tells the right time.....!!!  
Have a great day everyone..XO

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Raelyn Dell....up-date

Raelyn was operated on yesterday....less than 24 hours old...!!  She DID it...she was able to withstand the anesthesia to have two procedures completed on her.  One was to detach the trachea from her stomach and then to attach her esophagus....AMAZING!!   Prayers that the stitches do not leak and heal completely.  
I am truly grateful for ALL your prayers friends...they mean so much at a time of uncertainty and to be honest this is a road I have never traveled and it is very scary not knowing the way.
Mom, Dad and siblings are hanging in there - Mom is a bit under the weather and not in the same hospital with Raelyn which has to be the hardest thing in the world for her...prayers for Wendy.

Words cannot express the admiration of the  true GIFT these doctors and surgeons have to take on the task of healing the little ones.  To Vicky and Rhonda...thank you for your so so much appreciated.

I am off to open the store today....blessings to all of you...Love, Judy

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


One thing I know about the internet...there are cyber friends who don't need a face to be friends...and I thank everyone for that...

Raelyn Dell Doyle was born by C-section last evening....weighing 3 lbs. and 15 in. long - she is just perfect on the outside however,...there is  congential birth defect that needs immediate operations and I am asking for your prayers for her, my son, his wife and their 5 children -

Please ask God to let her stay here on earth with us....Love to all of you.....Judy

Sunday, March 3, 2013


A visit from Dianne Galloway (one of my favorite artists)...always brings us the neatest, coolest, most "unique" art for the store. 
The following pictures are hand drawn on aged osnaburg, then colored with everyday crayons and sealed with her own special technique muting the colors.  I ADORE these!!!
7 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches....including the frame.

Available today at The Cinnamon Stick - you have to see these in person to fully appreciate...and you have to LOVE the "whimsey" of unique!!
$15.00 each

Saturday, March 2, 2013


...our entrance from parking lot!!
..the little sign under the lock are instructions on "how to open the door"...original 1860 door latch can be alittle confusing!!

Friday, March 1, 2013


...the word around the "carrot cooler" is that THE CINNAMON STICK has harvested a "fun" batch of carrots...for all your bunnies to munch on...!!
Here's a peek -

 ...soon to be harvested!!
...and next week the the Easter Egg Garden is sure to be ready!!!