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Sunday, February 17, 2013

..and now it is Sunday..

Is it me or are the days going faster - or maybe I just want to get so much more accomplished in a day than I do ???
The slogan "NEVER ENOUGH THYME" is certainly a mantra I am tired of repeating...!!

Finally put all the finishing touches on the Income Taxes (8am appt. on Tuesday)...which means tomorrow I can go trip to Lancaster comes to mind.

Soon we will be parents to a new addition to our family....a feline named Pepper (9 years old) and such a sweetie.  She belongs to my son's family but they (since getting her) have a Labradoodle named Cassie and another cat named Cole...they tantalize the crap out of Pepper - teaming up to torture her - not hurtful, but always trying to scare her.  They stand at the bottom up the stairs and won't let her come down...together they stand there and meow and bark.  Pepper has been staying at my son's office and warehouse but seems lonely (after living with 5 kids) we are bringing her here.  The trick is to catch her...we are going to try again this morning and if not successful - Wendy (DIL) will have to capture her for us.  
Once she is here, she will be spoiled and loved and have a happy home..without anyone to annoy her!
I will post a picture - when we capture her (she hides in a crawl space...)!!  I am a bit excited to have a new family member in our home - it has been a long time.
Have a Happy Sunday!!

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