We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Thursday, January 31, 2013


...are in the store! On this blustery, last day of January I think you NEED to come to THE CINNAMON STICK and purchase one of our new flavored coffees...the new Judy Condon magazine " MAKE IT COUNTRY" and a new "The Bluebird Company" soy candle (great scents)!! - Then cuddle up in a warm fuzzy blanket and let the wind howl away!!!
(yes I am a dreamer)...but it sounds delightful doesn't it!!  Still think you should come in and get all these wonderful goodies just in case we have a huge snowstorm and you get snowed in....every good girl scout is always prepared!!
 ..but then again you can come to our Keep Calm & Create workshop today and make this along with other fun Valentine kits - including a new "treat box" !!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


...who came to our "first ever" (and certainly not the last) "demonsration at the store".   The snow didn't stop the shoppers visiting, and Katie and I had a fun time.  
Putting the thinking cap on - going to go sit in the corner - and come up with another "brilliant" idea.  Hey JAN, are you game for a demo??  
Trade shows next week and visits from other shopkeeper friends are making me impatient for this next week to arrive.   You can never take the little kid out of some of us !!
I am looking forward to finding great new treasures for the store - although ordering for Christmas in February is a bit hard for me....spring is my thing!!  (smiling)!!
Still stuffing much LOVE at THE CINNAMON STICK...!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


The snow is not going to keep us from having a fun day.  Katie will be in the Attic Studio demonstrating her "Wood Butter" and how wonderful it is for all your wooden treasures (not to mention how great your hands will benefit)!!
Sessions will be at 12 pm , 1 pm , and 2 pm - bring a wooden spoon, paddle, bowl, etc. if you would like, as this is a "hands-on" demo.  We will have items there for you to try also.
Drive carefully and we will greet you with a warm cup of tea....and just might have a "sweet treat" to enjoy.
See you soon!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


I am NOT a snow bunny - I love the seasons...but when it snows (and could be my age) it just messes with all my plans.  Tomorrow is no different.  We are having our very first "Demonstration" in the store by Katie McNamus.  She will be demonstrating the many uses of "Wood Butter" - a beeswax and mineral oil food for your wooden items.   (you can check our sidebar for more info).   AND, now it is suppose to start snowing today - my hope is that it will quickly disappear and tomorrow will go smoothly as scheduled.  That is the problem with having "winter happenings"  - Mother Nature does not get invited and I think she lets us know about it!!!
On my happier side....Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and we have lots of unique gift items for you to give - ( "me" gifts are the best)!!  There are fun Valentine kits available in our Keep Calm & Create Thursdays  to make your own fun gifts too.   LOVE is in the THE CINNAMON STICK !!

Wishing everyone a great day....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


By Joanna Baillie 1762–1851

Child, with many a childish wile,
Timid look, and blushing smile,
Downy wings to steal thy way,
Gilded bow, and quiver gay,
Who in thy simple mien would trace
The tyrant of the human race?

Who is he whose flinty heart
Hath not felt the flying dart?
Who is he that from the wound
Hath not pain and pleasure found?
Who is he that hath not shed
Curse and blessing on thy head? 

Created by Dianne Galloway - from a pattern by Edna Bridges..
8"  -  $18.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Every year a group of girls (six of us)...get together to have a Christmas ornament exchange....being way to busy during the holidays, Martin Luther King's birthday (as everyone has off) is the perfect day to have our party.
Thru the years our "ornaments" turned into real projects (I have gotten some wonderful goodies)...but we decided to "tame" ourselves and go back to doing ornaments.  It will take the stress away as our lives get busier with work and families. mind just couldn't wrap around Christmas so something else is inside these totes!! (at least I made Christmas totes)!!   I did have fun making my "ornament" this year!
By the way...we have patterns for the "Totes" - can be made from any two-sided cardstock for any holiday or season - in our Keep Calm & Create Thursday workshops.  NEW are the little chalkboard tags - written on with our Chalk the store now! (I try to never  miss an opportunity to advertise)...(big smile)!!
I think a visit to the store is needed....don't you!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


The youngest (for a little while yet)... Trilby Blu


UPS didn't disappoint yesterday morning as three boxes arrived with fun goodies..!!
A new soy candle line - BLUEBIRD CANDLES - were in one of the boxes - I am loving these candles -the scents are so unique for spring and summer!
...,the display...(guess I better move that BOOK MERCHANT sign to the other side of the room!)
 and oh yeah!!!!  ALMOND TOFFEE POPCORN - soooooo delish!!!
The third box held wooden hearts and more for our workshops - Our next workshop is Feb. 1st - see sidebar for info...and our
Keep Calm & Create in the Attic Studio Valentine kits - come join the fun!  I really think you will enjoy creating with new friends !!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


...what today will bring.  Sounds wet and icy outside this morning...(still dark as I am typing)!I'm really not ready for spring to come (probably next week..smiling) but I really don't like the "snowy" "icy" weather either.  I never really mind the cold (even though I complain)...but worry about driving in crappy weather - and the other drivers who DON'T worry when they should!!
On a happier note....Valentine's Day goodies are making the store look super cool and more should be arriving soon.   I do believe new candles will come today too.  They are made of soy and have the best scents ever.  If they come I will take a picture, but you will have to stop in to smell how great they are!
Stay tuned for some really fun happenings at THE CINNAMON STICK....we are having our very first "demo" - in store demonstration of a wonderful product...more later!
Valentine tags for gifts or to hang on your Valentine tree...
 Valentine gift totes....a unique package to give a sweet treat to your sweetie!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


..a day of LOVE !!
Love the color red - it makes everything POP - you only need a little ...but at Valentine's Day it is okay to need a lot!!
We have hearts in all colors for the non-traditional shoppers, and lots of country RED for those of us that "need" the color RED !!  There are grapevine and birch wreaths in the store to decorate with hearts and cupids and Valentines - (we have some fun Valentine goodies arriving very soon) !!
Our next workshop is - making an "Altered Heart" - with vintage music, old lace and  embellishments !!  the heart starts out as wood and ends up like this -
..we like to decorate the back too!

You can choose from our pile of Valentines to create your "own" heart...Sample is in store for to save your seat!!  (Date and Time on Sidebar)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

...a fun little corner of the store

 PANATONE has announced their "Color of the Year 2012 to be EMERALD !
 ...and we do have a fondness for all shades of green.   Particularly the minty green from the '40's !!  Others must like it too, because items in this color are getting very hard to find.
This is a really cool hand cart we have for sale..great green original paint - and a nice heavy, solid cart.  It does look fun with the old keg and birch branches (even better if I put lights on the branches)!!

Here is is standing alone....
I think you should come purchase it!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


For the past two weeks we have been selling like "crazy" a new ink marker that writes like chalk - looks like chalk  (we have 3 different colors to choose from) BUT there is NO chalk dust...and it will NOT smear - or rub off ~~ It comes off easily with water however!  You just wipe it clean!!
I just love it as we use blackboards for just about everything - pricing, newsy notes, describing and item, advertising!!
Here is a picture of the slate on our toweling we sell upstairs - it is always smeared and I have to redo it all the time...
 This is how it looks smears...ever!!  (except for my blurry picture taking)!!
 Forgot to tell you that Judy Condon's new book "MAKE IT COUNTRY" has arrived....a really fun read!
...and last - I made this heart this morning using a calico fabric that I purchased 34 years make "stuffed hens" !!  It is still as bright and wonderful as it was then.  Brings back many happy memories!!
Don't forget our first Keep Calm & Create Thursday for 2013 starts tomorrow.  Click on the sidebar to go to our PT to see what kits are available.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


  I finally have figured out why I couldn't upload pictures....Thank goodness cause I was getting a bit annoyed!!

Now for the good stuff - Our first Keep Calm & Create workshop for 2013 is this Thursday, Jan. 10th!!
We have some fun Valentine patterns for you to create -
...a LOVE garland (neat papers to choose from)
 ...little treat baskets with lots of embellishments to add to them
 ...a heart pocket for goodies

..this cute little box that you make holding a surprise inside!!
..and a kit for you to make 6 Valentine tags - (forgot to take a picture)

I know you are going to have fun creating these Valentine goodies...they make nice gifts and all the patterns come with the kit so you can make lots more!  Call or email to let us know you are coming - these kits will be available until Valentine's Day!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


It is always busier in the store on the weekends and I love seeing and chatting with everyone...seeing old friends and making new ones makes me happy!
I have been working on Valentine's goodies for the store - something has to take the place of all the pretty Christmas decorations...and it is just fitting that Valentine's Day comes in February when everything is dark and gray - so stop in and let us fill your home with lots of color - I am sure it will brighten even the "no sunshine" days!!

PS...blogger won't let me upload pictures...not sure what is up with that but hopefully they will get that fixed or ???????????????????????  !!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


It is  brrr...COLD here in PA - bundle up when you come to visit today!!  (this is a subliminal message) !!!

We have noticed a HUGE comeback of vintage canning jars... we have a great supply of them in pints, quarts and 2 quart sizes!!   They are great for storing so many the kitchen and especially in your sewing/craft room. 

...a little story - when my son was born (40 yrs. ago) we were already living in our old farmhouse and were decorating with wonderful old was hard to get people to understand that we REALLY loved the boo-boo's on the furniture. (smiling)!!  Tony came to the hospital with a present for me...not a bouquet of flowers, not a pretty nightie...but a box of pint, bail handled blue canning jars....I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN!!   The nurses just shook their heads.  They still sit proudly on my Hoosier. 
In the store we have a hand-out of Ball Jar logos that will date when your jars were made......stop in for your free copy.
..these jars were made between 1923 and 1933

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FIRST DAY OF 2013 ...

Reflecting back on 2012 it was a year of ups and downs - the downs were sad as many things were done and said that just aren't true..
....the UPS were great with our truly loyal customers and many "new" customers that enjoy what we have to offer.
Our workshops were a source of much fun and hopefully they will keep growing - meeting new friends and sharing what you love is so satisfying. 
Our goal is to always bring you the best country goods we can find - at a price that is affordable!  This is not always an easy task, but Tony and I love a challenge and even though we are getting "old", have no plans to ever, ever stop what we are doing. 
We are out to make this our best year ever....!!!
It is 2013,
This is our 13th year in Hereford, and
our 13th Grandbaby is on it's way....doesn't get any better than this!!!
Our Welcome to you....filling the store with lots of LOVE !!