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Monday, December 17, 2012


Had to go to the store to pack orders and get them in the on my way home I took the loooong way just so I could visit my dear friend Kathy owner of Gardner's Candy Store in Pennsburg, PA.
I didn't even have to walk inside to feel the "childlike" excitement that happens to my heart every time I visit.  The outside (forgot to take a picture) was like Candy Land...with Christmas music playing and lights sparkling.
When you take your first step inside you don't know which way to go....your eyes "pop" wide open and you try to take it all in...breathtaking.
This is Kathy....(I did not get a picture of her husband and partner Gary, as he was busy waiting on customers and Kathy was playing with me)!! Click on the pictures to make them larger to see all the detail)
...just some of the Christmas delights...!!! (I am sitting here typing and eating chocolate straws)yummy!!
Christmas candy on a one of these for each of the grandkids!
...every goodie you can imagine is right here for you to enjoy!
...a perfect gift for someone who has everything....a Gift Basket already to go - made special by Kathy!!
 ...or you can request a basketful of goodies you choose yourself!
 ...all the "top of the line" gourmet foods are at your disposal...(so delicious you "dispose" of them quickly and go back for more!!) 
 Everything under the sun, cookies, teas, jams, sauces, marinades...and so much more  - all packaged so pretty!!

 You can purchase prewrapped boxes of candy (famous for their Peanut Butter Meltaways) in all sizes OR -
 you can choose from their trays of beautiful chocolates to custom make your own treat boxes~
 ..and it wouldn't be a complete candy store without the "nostalgic candies" of long ago....the kids love this section...all reasonably priced - and a trip down "memory lane" for us old folks!!!
Going to Gardner's Candy Store is one of the best times I have shopping ~~ and Kathy and Gary are two of the nicest people I know (and fun)!! -  I took my purchases home in a whimsical Christmas shopping bag,  but Kathy can do your purchases up pretty enough to give to the Queen.
I hope you all get a chance to have this wonderful shopping experience - if not for Christmas OMG you have to go Valentine's Day ~~~


bettyj said...

Oh How I would love to visit that store! Oh My, made me happy just looking at the pictures.

moosecraft said...

Mmmmm... candy, candy, CANDY! :-)

denise said...

oh.i would love to visit that store! denise