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Monday, December 3, 2012

Needed to share... updated picture of Trilby - 60+ degrees here today - I am assuming my DIL needed to get some sunshine and posted these pictures this afternoon. 
Trilby and Cassie (a Labradoodle)!!  The best friend a little one could have!!
 Now 16 months old and getting more beautiful every day!  A very happy little one!! (not too sure how happy she will be come May when a new sibling will be born)!!!(big smile)!!
 We have an old wooden "card catalog cupboard" from a library (the old Dewey Decimal system) with 30 file drawers...that we use as our Gourmet Food Counter - it is filled to the brim with cookies, candy, delicious dips, teas and coffees....During Colonial times a table laden with treats would be called the "groaning board" on the picture to make it larger so you can read a description.
 Bag Ladies Tea.....great gift for friends, teachers, sisters, co-workers, thank-you - the list goes on...
 Each box holds 5 tea bags with an sweet, cute or inspirational verse on them....  $2.50 per box
 Great gift for the coffee lover.....gourmet bags of plain or flavored coffee....8 oz.- $8. (it's that good)
 AND...not to forget the "tea lover"....20  tea bags...5 of 4 different Christmas flavors - $6. per pkg.
We have clear toy lollipops for Christmas stockings or package tie on too....and the BEST toffee I have ever had!!  All can be found on our very own "Groaning Board" !!
Perfect gifts for someone hard to buy for!!  I know a few teachers who would much rather have one of the above and not that mug of potpourri!!  Just saying.....

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