We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Monday, December 31, 2012


...just the beginning of the "winter blues" - Blue is such a wonderful country color, even though it had fallen out of grace for a few years I can feel it's comeback in my heart!!!

Corner cupboard on stairway landing....


Thought I would post an update picture of my Christmas ball terrariam - it is still growing...amazing!!

The only living thing I could find was a tiny johnnie jump up - and it is growing!!!

Working on redoing the store and decorating for Valentine's Day.....we love our customers !!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We have had such a wonderful holiday season that we decided to spread the cheer along to you...

ALL CHRISTMAS WILL BE 25% OFF TILL I GET IT PUT AWAY TILL NEXT YEAR.....If there is something you had your "eye" on - now is the time to snatch it up before I have had enough of Christmas and feel the need to redo the whole store.

Hoping your Christmas was as wonderful as ours....lots of memories made - and now it is time to make some new ones for 2013 !!
Every year the cousin's give a gift to each other that they all do together - Philly tickets to a sporting event..etc - this year they are surprised with a day of "skiing" -  they will pick a day when everyone can go (and there is lots of snow) and snowboard, ski, tube....whatever their heart desires.   They will be at the "top of the mountain" at Bear Creek (The Cinnamon Stick just so happens to be at the very bottom...)...
Pictures of them opening up their gift -

 Aunt Shannon saying "We are all going skiing" !!

There are 9 of out Bear Creek !!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


....have the most wonderful Christmas Day !!
Ours will be spent with lots of "noise" and "excitement" as those little ones open presents and share what Santa has put under the tree!    It is so nice to have our family get together Christmas Eve as today we can visit everyone without a schedule...
May Christmas be in your heart every day of the year...!!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Had to go to the store to pack orders and get them in the on my way home I took the loooong way just so I could visit my dear friend Kathy owner of Gardner's Candy Store in Pennsburg, PA.
I didn't even have to walk inside to feel the "childlike" excitement that happens to my heart every time I visit.  The outside (forgot to take a picture) was like Candy Land...with Christmas music playing and lights sparkling.
When you take your first step inside you don't know which way to go....your eyes "pop" wide open and you try to take it all in...breathtaking.
This is Kathy....(I did not get a picture of her husband and partner Gary, as he was busy waiting on customers and Kathy was playing with me)!! Click on the pictures to make them larger to see all the detail)
...just some of the Christmas delights...!!! (I am sitting here typing and eating chocolate straws)yummy!!
Christmas candy on a one of these for each of the grandkids!
...every goodie you can imagine is right here for you to enjoy!
...a perfect gift for someone who has everything....a Gift Basket already to go - made special by Kathy!!
 ...or you can request a basketful of goodies you choose yourself!
 ...all the "top of the line" gourmet foods are at your disposal...(so delicious you "dispose" of them quickly and go back for more!!) 
 Everything under the sun, cookies, teas, jams, sauces, marinades...and so much more  - all packaged so pretty!!

 You can purchase prewrapped boxes of candy (famous for their Peanut Butter Meltaways) in all sizes OR -
 you can choose from their trays of beautiful chocolates to custom make your own treat boxes~
 ..and it wouldn't be a complete candy store without the "nostalgic candies" of long ago....the kids love this section...all reasonably priced - and a trip down "memory lane" for us old folks!!!
Going to Gardner's Candy Store is one of the best times I have shopping ~~ and Kathy and Gary are two of the nicest people I know (and fun)!! -  I took my purchases home in a whimsical Christmas shopping bag,  but Kathy can do your purchases up pretty enough to give to the Queen.
I hope you all get a chance to have this wonderful shopping experience - if not for Christmas OMG you have to go Valentine's Day ~~~

Sunday, December 16, 2012


My daughter is a second grade teacher - in her 19th (maybe 20th)yikes! - year of teaching. This is what she posted on her facebook page. ....the responses from her fellow teachers and parents of students was amazing to read....She is a beautiful woman inside and out - a wonderful wife....a fantastic mother to 4 amazing sons - and a daughter her father and I are proud of beyond life itself...I LOVE YOU SHANNON with all that I am...

If we take one thing from this tragedy it should be to love each other more. Not just your own children, but everyone. Be kind to all those you meet, especially the most miserable ones, for those are the people that need your love the most. I am proud to be a teacher. It is a blessing and a priviledge. This tragedy reminds all teachers of the enormity of our role. Love the students who enter your classroom with all your heart. Give them your best each day. Appreciate the impact and responsibility you have and keep them safe. Tomorrow going to be an emotional day...wish us luck. May God send love and the right words our way.

...and her  response to a comment..

When I am done talking to my class they'll be convinced that I taught Kung Fu Panda everything he knows. I'll be wearing green and white to honor Newtown and a black belt to convince my kids I can protect them no matter what. I don't want them to have fear...that feeling just sucks.


I am absolutely in love with the Chalk Ink that we are NOW selling.  My sweet friend Laurie sent me a sample and I haven't had it out of my hand since receiving it. 
We have always used blackboards, slateboards - whatever you choose to call them - as a way of advertising or bringing awareness to a certain "happening" or item new to the store.  "Sign our Email List", "Open House begins...." or just writing "Hello Sunshine" !!   Tony, at an auction a few years ago, purchased all the slateboard from a school that closed in the '40's and now was being torn down.  They are 4' x 8' pieces of very "HEAVY" old slate.  He made many, many, many slateboards from this - some he framed and some he just drilled holes to hang.  Only a piece or two is in the store that I use as signs..."Baskets to carry your Country Wares" in the Papergoods room,  "Toweling by the Yard" in our Threadgoods room...I KNOW there has to be at least one more sheet hiding somewhere and will work on him to cut these pieces again this spring.
Until then....we have used some "blackboard paint" that Tony prepared and put into frames...some old, some new.  Our Chalk Ink works great on these, won't smear and erases with water.
Stop in and try it out today...

Please visit a friend's blog for a true perspective of why we have evil in this world...

Friday, December 14, 2012


...sooooo it seems "terrariums" are becoming really popular again....what goes around comes around is certainly true!  I made my first (and only) terrarium 40 years ago.   I keep seeing terrariums being advertised in different catalogs.  Some of my friends, from a retail blog that I am on,  have been selling these bobbles for a while now.  (I am always a step behind)!!  So I decided I would give it a try again  - in (of all things) a clear Christmas ball.  
The scavanger in me - went outside - stoled some soil from a summer pot - some moss from under a tree - and the tinest little sprig of johhny-jump-up that was still alive.  (my johnnies are still blooming)!  After "maneuvering" them into the tiny hole in the Christmas ball, I hung it in a window at the store....two weeks and still thriving!!  Maybe my thumb is starting to turn green after all this time!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


...left to shop at THE CINNAMON STICK...Our last day open will be Sunday, December 23rd !  We still have lots of great items for you to purchase...and tomorrow new country goods are being delivered.
Today, however, you can come in and get this...
....a fun tin sign (with water erasable chalk ink - coming Friday)
 ...or a larger sign to welcome family and friends
...or a wool pillow with hooked "penny" tree
..the orange slices are back in stock
 ...a wonderful milking stool with old blue paint...awesome piece!!
...AND MUCH MORE...come in to see what "speaks to you" !!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


...the towns - that is exactly what Helen (my friend) and I did yesterday!  We put on some miles. (smiling)  Helen drove and I have to say she certainly knows her way on the other hand would have had us in "nowhere land" !!
Visited Hobby Lobby for the first time...not disappointed but they didn't have any different in their paper section (that was what I was hoping for) then the craft stores close to home.   It was huge and a bit overwhelming.  I guess I am more the small and simple type!

We stopped at stores we had never been to before...some were same old, same old and others were exciting and fun!!  A storekeeper always needs some inspiration to keep her own "thing" fresh and new!   I was happy that The Cinnamon Stick (in my opinion mind you ) has a good amount of uniqueness for customers when they stop by!

This morning I am off to "redo" some of that uniqueness...(half a smile) as I left quite a mess on Sunday....was tired after a busy week of preparing for two workshops - and for some reason I am not as "fast" as I use to be...(haven't a clue why)!!! :<)
Some of the reasons we are "unique"

 ..great new stationary
 Tony's finds...(this is a cast iron base that someone added the top too...unique!)

Monday, December 10, 2012


Joanne had a full house of gals making the Wool Feather Tree - and I do believe they all had a great time.   She is an excellent (and fun) teacher - and everyone goes home with a finished "tree" !!  Of course they can't "open it" for 24 hours as the glue has to be completely should hear the one "wants" to wait !  Patience is a "hard" concept to learn...(big smile)!!
Here are some pictures...

Gluing and Twirling....gluing and twirling...gluing and twirling...
I am off for a "playdate" with my friend Helen - going to have my first visit to a Hobby Lobby - (yeah...I am excited)!!  We will stop at every fabric store along the way and I am sure an adventure or two will be had.   Will give you my full report!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

New pattern..

Make this "JOY" in our Keep Calm & Create Workshop on Thursday -
Vintage music...pretty Christmas Paper of your choice...
Call and reserve your seat!!
Backside...too much sunshine to get a good "see"!!
I hung the sample on the window of our back door entrance - come check it out!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snowman Jar Workshop Pictures....finally

We had such a great evening of fun and camaraderie last Tuesday - it went from this - this
 ...then this!!!
..and all this in between  - one of the most fun workshops ever!!

...hmmmmm guess who made this...and yes it is all cut out of leftover felt by hand...
 YOU GUESSED IT!!  I think Mike was the most creative of all of us!!  Engaged...and such a sweet couple!
Lots of talent between these two - I can only imagine how cool their house will be - Maria made and gifted me is a cute would these be hanging on one of the wool feather trees...attached to the tag just like it is!!!

Thanks everyone for a really great evening.....