We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Friday, November 30, 2012


...AND the weekend is suppose to super nice.  Thank you Mother Nature!!
We hope you will join us for a fun weekend at the 4 participating is on our website...  !!
Each store will have something "special" going on all three days...along with the chance to win one of five gift certificates at the store of your choice.
Friday thru Sunday you can enter at The Cinnamon Stick to win a Gourmet Gift Basket - or a  vintage quart jar decorated for Christmas - with a "solar lid" that just makes it sparkle!!
Saturday - Tony will be on the front porch serving up his famous "Hot Pockets", Popcorn , and Hot Cocoa.    He looks forward to this day to spend some time with you!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

COULDN'T YOU FIND... easier business to be in.  This is what Tony (better half) said to me this morning as we are loading up a table in my van (which by the way I will UNLOAD by myself this morning)...for our Sleigh Ride  Event this weekend. 
I said, "like what"....well maybe a florist...LOL!!  Still smiling as he is the one with the green thumb and without a "flower frog" my flower arrangements are quite scary. (in his defense we are getting older and there is alot of "prep" work involved)  All worth it for the fun day of "Hot Pockets" !!!

Last year's fun...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So I get close to the store and see there is just a dusting of snow on the ground...mind you, I have my boots, mittens, snow shovel all in the car because I just know I will have a huge mess to clean up before we open.  The plow guys always pile the snow right where the handicapped walkway is and I have to shovel it...BUT  -  I get to the store and this is the parking lot....
Lucky me....woohoo!!
Just a dusting in the side yard...
 No snow in the herb garden....BUT look what I found...
Sweet johnny-jump-ups....two rather nice size plants 
Of course I had to pick a few and together with some still green calundula leaves I put them in an old creamer.  (not one person said a word about them...:>( - and I was so excited.  (sigh!)
Kathy Richter brought us more of her hand painted snow gourds....and snow angels..- they are so darn cute!!!   She needle-felted their carrot noses!!!
Don't forget about our Sleigh Ride thru Zionsville and Hereford this weekend....lots of fun in all four stores taking part!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This -
 Does not give me this -
But I did get alot of JOY making this today!!  Glitter can fix anything!!!
You can get some of this JOY by making this in our Keep Calm & Create Workshop Thursday!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hi girls...trying to get the word out to everyone....Please call the store (215-541-7907) after 2 pm on Tuesday to see if the workshop is cancelled because of that four letter word...S N O W  !!!
I don't drive in the snow....and you really don't want to meet me on the road if I have to - Workshop will be rescheduled for the following Tuesday, Dec. 4th. .   Please call the store after Wednesday to see if rescheduling works for you....:<( Judy

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Of course because we are busy and you get lots of compliments and you just feel that all the hard work (and it is HARD work) is so worth it!  You also get to see customers who live far away and visit family for Thanksgiving....and you also get to see the gals who have that NEED to go shopping just because it is BLACK FRIDAY - but no way will they go to the malls or big box stores with all the "crazies" !!  I LOVE BLACK FRIDAY'S !!!

The store took a bit of a "beaten" yesterday and I have to go in early to "fluff" - we have extra's in the "wings" already to fill up the empty holes (those that know me know I don't like empty spaces)!!
The best part of yesterday were the "young ones"...who are wanting a "country" home - They are tired of the Ikea and Pottery Barn look and want that cozy warm feeling in their homes - made my heart sing to hear that!!

We are ready to do Black Friday all over again....see you soon....XO!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Oh MY !!!  So many new treasures will be in the store tomorrow.  Dianne Galloway has created some of the most wonderful Christmas items for you!   Santas, Angels, the Dove pictured above, reindeer on bobbin (too cute), and snowflake ornies and these adorable "Elf" ornies.   Inspiration came from the "Elves" that were free on the purchase of toothpaste in the early '60's !!   
Need some Christmas "spirit" ???...then you MUST visit the store - we are overflowing with  Christmas Spirit at The Cinnamon Stick.
(teaser) - sewn, stuffed and hand-painted by Dianne... Christmas love...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So hard to believe it is already Thanksgiving....I LOVE this time of year with so much activity and lots of excitement.  Christmas Carols playing everywhere you go - lights twinkling in windows and trees, bushes and even make believe reindeer in front yards!! 
Thanksgiving will be spent with my daughter's family and my son's family...This year my son and daughter-in-law are hosting.  Everyone is always invited - in laws and (outlaws)!!   We all chip in to help with the cooking and cleaning up.   It is a great time spent together...!! 

AND THEN THERE IS BLACK FRIDAY...woohoo!!  Always a very busy day at the store and we are getting prepared!   Dianne is bringing some goodies tomorrow evening....I never know what she has created but it is always "unique" and "wonderful"...she is my prim gal and with the passing of her father this summer has not been in a creating mood....We are so excited that she is "back".  Her Dad always pushed her to sew and create...I gently reminded her of this at our Halloween get together!!  I think he was talking to her too!  

Just some pictures of the store I took today....
 White wool tree with hooked pennies by Joanne McIllmurray   (ooops...the battery taper is a timer and I always take them apart when I am gone for my weekend (Monday and Tuesday)...I don't usually let anyone see that )...ut oh!!
Silver tray wreath...
 Tiny little Christmas cloches...(just found them as I was straightening shelving today)..Honestly I searched high and low and thought I discarded them...they are sooooo darn cute!
 Great old Fairbanks scale with brass scoop and 3 weights...
 Paper book tree by Sarah ....plain and simple...bobbin tree trunk!
A gift tote....come to our Keep Calm & Create Thursday and make some for your gifts.... we have lots of great Christmas paper to choose from!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


...and  boo-boos ! Ouch!!
Sun is shining - it looks to be a wonderful weekend - and the store is restocked and ready to help you with all your Christmas decorating and gift ideas!!   Check out our workshops that are coming up and don't forget about our Keep Calm and Create Thursdays to create your own Christmas gifts!!! 
Six new Scrooges arrived yesterday from Helen Voytilla....great craftsmanship all the way down to the tiny little mouse in Scrooges pocket...!!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Thanksgiving next week!!!  YIKES...truly can't believe time is going so fast.   Is this the start of your "cookie baking" for Christmas???  For those of us who can't find the time to bake cookies - a gift of Christmas cookies is so welcomed.  
Home baked goodies are always enjoyed by everyone...mail persons, bank tellers, neighbors and of course your favorite store keeper!
We have put together "Gift Totes" that are the perfect size for a dozen cookies.  Made from beautiful Christmas paper and tied with a bow!   Packaging has always been a "thing" for me - simple and fun.
You can also make these gift totes yourself in our Keep Calm and Create Thursdays workshops.  You choose the paper you want from our stack of beautiful papers, special ribbons and "crinkle" shred to cushion your gift.   Pattern comes with the kit and you can make 2 totes for $8.00 - we have all the necessary tools you will need!
Here is a sample....and we are working on more...(they sell before I can get a picture of them...!) :>)

These are fun and easy - of course you can always purchase a finished tote !!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 In the bottom bin of the above basket are garlands.."silver beads strung on wire"..We are almost sold out of them...but more will be in the store for Black Friday.  The amazing part of these garlands is that they are 24 feet long !!  How wonderful to string on a mantle, decorate  a Christmas  Tree - string around a many places you can use 24 feet for!!
AND, better yet they only cost $12.50 !!!  I do believe you need to come in and purchase one !!
(of  course there are lots of other goodies you can purchase too...)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The following is a picture of my grandson's school project - He is a first grade student (6 yrs. old) at Upper Providence Elementary School.....
I do think we will be voting for him one day.....remember the name CREW LOTZ !!! (BIG SMILE)
(thought I would throw in a picture of him too)!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wool Feather Tree Workshop

Joanne had a great workshop on Saturday...everyone of these gals caught on right away to the "twirling and gluing" ..... they didn't need any help so Joanne made another tree for the store while the girls were "twirling" away!
I was busy downstairs and didn't get a chance to take pictures of their finished trees....:( however the girls seemed very proud of their creations) and everyone had fun.   When you make one of the trees you can't unfold it till the glue dries...(by the next morning) - I bet there were some very anxious moments in the morning!!
At least I got these pics....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012


...arrive at The Cinnamon Stick.....AND somedays tooooo much arrives...(big smile)!! 
That was a lot of work!! Whew!!
I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the most fun in the tiniest box.....will do that today!! 

I had a husband and wife came in yesterday and they were purchasing lots of ornaments,  the husband had lots of glitter all over his coat and when I mentioned it to him he SMILED bigtime and said that is what CHRISTMAS is all about...he MADE MY DAY !!  I love my customers - all of you!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Our Christmas Open House started spite of the prediction of the Nor'easter (that I might add held off until around 4 pm today) !!  It was fun to be busy and get everyone in the Christmas spirit!  With the weight of the election behind us, it is time to celebrate the season - and we intend to do just that - every day.   The next two months are always busy with open houses, craft shows, workshops, Thanksgiving, BLACK FRIDAY (always fun for a storekeeper) and then our Sleigh Ride thru Zionsville and Hereford, holiday parties and finally the big day itself.....oh dear so much to do!!
(once I get rid of this cold there will be no stopping me)!! 
Come check out our Christmas presentation.....

...and so much more !!


Sunday, November 4, 2012


The store looks so pretty all dressed for Christmas...lights are twinkling and the Christmas Carols are echoing thru-out the store.   So many customers came in yesterday that still were without electric - heat - water.  I'm hoping we brought them alittle bit of "JOY" as they tried to forget that it was dark and cold at home.
(I can't imagine living before electricity - running water - and a thermostat)!!
The outside is not fully decorated as the wind is pretty strong here and a Nor'easter is suppose to come Wednesday..(of course - open house day)..haven't heard much about that lately and hopefully it is not going to happen.  We have lots of fresh pine as friends trees (and 3 of our large pines) fell during Hurricane Sandy...see how...I keep looking for the "JOY" !!
We will have our first Christmas Keep Calm & Create this Thursday - I have lots to do to prepare for that yet...yikes!   One of the kits are the Christmas doves that were inspired by Jill Peterson's Christmas book 'TIS THE SEASON last year.   I made some for sale and displayed them on  our snowy branch tree done up all in white. (pics are not that great but you get the idea)...Fun project!  Great to put on your tree, window panes (like Jimmy Cramer did), gift tags and they also make a nice teacher-friend-neighbor gift in a set of 3 !!!  Come to our Thursday workshop and make lots of gifts! 


Saturday, November 3, 2012


We will open today and tomorrow with regular hours....Tony will come up later and do some outside clean-up and finish the outside decorating...well - not going to go overboard as the news of another storm next week will just destroy all the work.
I am on a private retail blog with some very wonderful storekeepers....two who live in New Jersey and have been devastated with damage.  One lives in Point Pleasant and was at the Country Living Show as a vendor while her husband and boys were at home...she couldn't contact them...but all is safe...not so much all around her.  Another lives in Maplewood, NJ and although her store made it through - downed wires are all around.  She has two small children and no power at home - I ask all my blog friends to put my friends, their families - their friends - and neighbors in your prayers...Sandy was a very NASTY storm.

Some pictures one friend posted - the only home left standing ocean front...

Outside her front window...
the road going into her town...Photo-162
Thanks for your prayers....XO, Judy

Friday, November 2, 2012


Trilby all dressed up for Halloween.....
Blakely got her to keep it on for a picture. Then she started tearing at it!

It was quite a struggle though.....

The store has of my BFF customers AMY - drove by last evening and said my window candlelights were on....such wonderful news and I "pray" when I go in this morning they are still on....AND WE HAVE HEAT !!  I have been trying to decorate without lights or heat...and it was colder in the store yesterday than it was outside...!!  We will be closed today but plan on being open Saturday and Sunday....and CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE will be Wednesday, November 7th as rescheduled.   Still have Christmas deliveries being made and lots of work ahead of me....what a week this has been !!
Let's get our "MERRY" on and LET THE FUN BEGIN!!