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Saturday, October 27, 2012


To Hurricane Sandy....double YUCK!!  Not sure what is going to happen so today I am going to put all the fall/Halloween away - tuck it in tight, let it rest for another year...(2013)..WOW that should be the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!!
I am trying not to be in a funk over the storm messing up all my Christmas Open House plans....I am so looking forward to redoing the store and celebrating this new season of JOY!  My friend in Colorado has used the word JOY in alot of her decorating - I am going to copy is a happy word.   Our Christmas motto has always been  "the Comfort of Olde, the Joy of New" this year I am going to spread lots of JOY around!! (thanks for the inspiration Lauri)!!

On another note - today is my son's 40th birthday...that makes me old doesn't it???!!  We are going to celebrate with a whole "shabang" of family and friends tonight...where does the time go???

I finally got a "brainstorm" on what to do outside on the back porch for Christmas decorations....seemed nothing was falling in place (but it always does - except for dang Sandy)...I am excited to see how it turns out but that will have to be last minute if we get horrid winds. (sigh...seems I do alot of sighing lately) 

Last Halloween...
I hope everyone is safe thru this one loses power....and best case scenerio is Sandy "fizzles" right before our eyes...!!!


moosecraft said...

Hi Judy! Happy 40th to your son! So sorry that Sandy is an uninvitied guest to all the celebrations... I hope she heads out to sea... I'm looking forward to seeing Christmas in your shoppe! Stay safe! and keep smiling!

summersundays-jw said...

Love reading you blog. I'm also a shop owner & our open house is next weekend. We're in a strip mall so we always struggle with our porch. Hope Sandy bypasses you & everyone else.....they sure make her look scary! Stay safe!

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

Good luck with your open house and hope the hurricane misses your area (and all of the U.S. for that matter). ~Roberta

earlene said...

Be safe and I hope it fizzles out too!
Wow that was lots of snow!
We will probably have it this Halloween.

ctlogcabin said...

Happy Birthday to your
Big Boy .... Woo Hoo 40,God Bless.
Judy I hope "Sandy" takes a
powder .... and is nothing
more than a big ole fake out.
Keep Joy in your Heart Honey,
cause we all Love Ya and
Christmas at The Cinnamon Stick !!! xox

Ginny said...

If we all start huffing and puffing maybe we can blow her out to sea, where she belongs. Stay safe Judy and Tony.

Prims By The Water said...

Stay safe and Happy Birthday to your son. Janice