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Friday, October 19, 2012


Those who follow our blog or facebook or stop in the store...KNOW....I love to talk (even when you are in a hurry it is hard for me to stop - yak yak yak)!!  I don't know that I have anything relevant to say I just ramble on and on!! (like now).  Well, it seems Facebook is giving small retailers a "hard time" and not letting our posts show up in the friends page who have "LIKED" us - they want us to pay for advertising in order for everyone to see our posts...STINKS HUH!!
However, for now anyway, you can do this to insure you will see our posts....

 To keep receiving all posts from The Cinnamon Stick hover your mouse over the "Like" button near our name. In the drop-down menu select "ADD TO INTEREST LISTS". Then create an interest list (for example "favorite local shops"). When you select that interest list you will see all of our postings, so you won't miss anything. Please share this post with your friends so no one misses out on seeing their favorite business pages in their news feeds.

I post almost everyday so if this doesn't work you may have to just put us in your "Favorites" and click on us to see what is going on....sigh!!

I am listening to our SPOOKY MUSIC and humming Christmas Carols in my head - mixing both seasons is just what happens this time of year.  It is quite exciting - not one bit boring - maybe alittle confusing - tripping over bins in the basement - replacing orange and black with red and green - finding room for everything - making plans for workshops - relocating furniture so the trees will fit in - etc.etc.etc. !!!

CHRISTMAS POTPOURRI - "the best" !!!
..this is what happened in 9 days last year (we were able to get more)....this year we ordered pounds and pounds and pounds...!!! 


Prims By The Water said...

How can I get me some of this Christmas potpourri Judy? Are you able to ship? Let me know. Thanks!

Karen said...

Hi Judy...oh my FB...hmmmm.
Everyone is wanting their cut these days.
Won't surprise me if BLOGGER starts the same thing with 'selling blogs'...always wondered about that.

I have this Christmas Potpourie - got it from Crow Candles and it's awesome. I buy 3 lbs of it every year - makes everything smell so Christmasy.