We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Just came home from a very trying day in Hereford.  No electric, heat or phone and open house in 3 days..!!  I tried to bring things up from the basement with using a flashlight (it is DARK down there) and was able to decorate one tree - put some Christmas fabric around - but not much else.   Will try to get there early tomorrow morning and see what I can get accomplished....maybe we will have the electric back....(wishing - praying - fingers  crossed) !!!
This is what I found when I pulled in the parking lot....other than my sign on the front porch post being totally destroyed, everything was in good shape - EXCEPT NO LIGHTS!!
Tony made me this outhouse when the store was in Morgantown....and I have to say in those 20 years only one other time did it topple over (and we think someone gave it a push)...when we were in  the Morgantown store...."Sandy" had some very strong winds as this outhouse is very heavy!!
It is still raining here - sometimes very hard - I really need some sunshine!!!


We had a crazy night of rain and wind but so far just looks like some minor damage (rainspouts, basketball net, etc.) .  Our electric spittered and sputtered most of the night but always came back on..grateful heart. 
I have no idea about the store and will try to head there later today....cancelled Christmas Open House till Friday - and will be closed Wednesday and Thursday to prepare.  
Watching pictures on TV of the devastation in New Jersey and New York saddens me that no words can describe.  Praying for everyone everywhere for a speedy recovery of "life" again.
Hurricane Sandy has taken a crazy path through PA and now NY and safe all my friends.

Monday, October 29, 2012


has met the Ocean City, NJ ~~~

from twitter follower @KathyOrrCBS3:
"Ocean City, NJ "the ocean has met the bay, we have never seen anything like this"."

Hubby is on his way home to rest - works for our son who owns Fast Pro Restoration....they are the guys to call when you are taking in water!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


To Hurricane Sandy....double YUCK!!  Not sure what is going to happen so today I am going to put all the fall/Halloween away - tuck it in tight, let it rest for another year...(2013)..WOW that should be the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!!
I am trying not to be in a funk over the storm messing up all my Christmas Open House plans....I am so looking forward to redoing the store and celebrating this new season of JOY!  My friend in Colorado has used the word JOY in alot of her decorating - I am going to copy is a happy word.   Our Christmas motto has always been  "the Comfort of Olde, the Joy of New" this year I am going to spread lots of JOY around!! (thanks for the inspiration Lauri)!!

On another note - today is my son's 40th birthday...that makes me old doesn't it???!!  We are going to celebrate with a whole "shabang" of family and friends tonight...where does the time go???

I finally got a "brainstorm" on what to do outside on the back porch for Christmas decorations....seemed nothing was falling in place (but it always does - except for dang Sandy)...I am excited to see how it turns out but that will have to be last minute if we get horrid winds. (sigh...seems I do alot of sighing lately) 

Last Halloween...
I hope everyone is safe thru this one loses power....and best case scenerio is Sandy "fizzles" right before our eyes...!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Last Halloween as I was trying very hard to undecorate for the fall season and redecorate for the Christmas season we had a snowstorm...knocking power out for 2 days at our home and store....some lost power for 7-8 days - as the snow weighed heavy on the limbs of trees that had not shed their summer coats - pulling down wires and toppling over.
NOW...they (news people) say HURRICANE SANDY is coming our way!!  Scary stuff!!

Of course this means we will not be able to decorate the porches for our Christmas Open House until the very last minute (if she decides to move out of PA fast)...and if we lose power again...oh dear I don't want to think about it!!

Being a storeowner is never dull that is for sure!!!
OPEN HOUSE IS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1st...come rain or shine !!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


The Winter issue of  "A Simple Life" magazine is in the store - it is a good issue with lots of neat pictures and articles.  
I am in love with the tree on the cover - wish I could be this "simple" but I always get carried away with decorations on our tree.
In other news - I am coming along with getting all the Christmas goodies priced (why don't I do this when they come in??)  Maybe because I have this oddity about my price tags being fun and then when I run out of time they aren't very fun anyway...(sigh)..!!
Someone said something about a "hurricane" heading our way....HEY KNOCK IT OFF...last year we had the Halloween Snowstorm that outen the lights for two days while I was trying to put away fall and Halloween and decorate for Christmas....this is not funny!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Today was one of those days as I was playing with "mica snow" and lots of glitter!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


(I am dying to change the photo at the top of my blog...) more week...(maybe sooner)!!
The sun is shining here this morning - Tony is at the flea market trying to find some treasures - I stayed home to sew carrot noses on snowmen, make their hats and give them some eyes!  November 1st is aproaching tooooooo fast!  Wish I had another week!
Customers are getting excited too as they see the counter (behind the sales counter) sprinkled with bits of Christmas.   That is a good sign!

My baby boy will be 40 this Saturday (yikes! talk about time going fast) and his wife is planning a big shindig to celebrate...I have been going thru old photos as she is doing a slide show and the walk down memory lane is a bit overwhelming.  So many memories - hopefully many, many more to come (They (son and DIL) are expecting #6 come May - Trilby will have a playmate)  Sometimes life is so good it covers over all the crap that goes on!  I am blessed.
Happy Sunday....

Friday, October 19, 2012


Those who follow our blog or facebook or stop in the store...KNOW....I love to talk (even when you are in a hurry it is hard for me to stop - yak yak yak)!!  I don't know that I have anything relevant to say I just ramble on and on!! (like now).  Well, it seems Facebook is giving small retailers a "hard time" and not letting our posts show up in the friends page who have "LIKED" us - they want us to pay for advertising in order for everyone to see our posts...STINKS HUH!!
However, for now anyway, you can do this to insure you will see our posts....

 To keep receiving all posts from The Cinnamon Stick hover your mouse over the "Like" button near our name. In the drop-down menu select "ADD TO INTEREST LISTS". Then create an interest list (for example "favorite local shops"). When you select that interest list you will see all of our postings, so you won't miss anything. Please share this post with your friends so no one misses out on seeing their favorite business pages in their news feeds.

I post almost everyday so if this doesn't work you may have to just put us in your "Favorites" and click on us to see what is going on....sigh!!

I am listening to our SPOOKY MUSIC and humming Christmas Carols in my head - mixing both seasons is just what happens this time of year.  It is quite exciting - not one bit boring - maybe alittle confusing - tripping over bins in the basement - replacing orange and black with red and green - finding room for everything - making plans for workshops - relocating furniture so the trees will fit in - etc.etc.etc. !!!

CHRISTMAS POTPOURRI - "the best" !!!
..this is what happened in 9 days last year (we were able to get more)....this year we ordered pounds and pounds and pounds...!!! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


...a lot like Christmas in the basement of THE CINNAMON STICK!!  Boxes of goodies keep arriving and I keep trying to stay ahead of the pricing and "fluffing" of all the Christmas goodies! (that is not working so well but I hope to get "a hold" on that this week) !
After selling a cupboard Sunday I had to rearrange the store yesterday and not sure where in the world I am going to put the "second" Christmas tree.  I know many stores have "lots" of trees set up for the season, but our store is small and we keep all the seasonal things on the first floor, so one tree is all I usually set up....however, this year I am may be wanting to do two!  I love our snowy branch tree and really I should have a "almost real" tree too.  We shall see if I can pull it off !!  Have to figure that out quickly as our Christmas in the Country open house begins November 1st !!
I want to do his tree all in white...snowmen, stars, icicles....

Saturday, October 13, 2012


..the Good Witches that is!!  What a fun night we had last evening - with all the "witches and warlocks" that came to "party" with us.   I was a little worried that maybe we had "overdone" our Witch's Nite Out event but the customers who came to enjoy the evening with us didn't think so.  Thank you to all that came, dressed in their best witchy finery and let us give something back!  I will call all the door prize winners today and the BEST DRESSED WITCH WINNER was Sara...receiving the most votes!  Sara wins a gift certificate!
I am going to post some pictures but I have to tell you - The Cinnamon Stick "SPIRITS" were playing havoc with my camera and most are horrible ???????????? I am having a good talking to them today!
A shout-out goes to Joanne McIllmurray who was the best help anyone could ask for...she took over and let me socialize with everyone..thank you Joanne - know how MUCH I appreciate you!
Another shout-out goes to Sharon Bennett WHO although she could not attend :( - sent me a picture of the coolest appetizer ever yesterday morning - which mind you - I made at 3:30 pm...and the best part it was EASY!!  Sweet comments from everyone!
Look - Yellow American Cheese slices, pretzel stick and tied with a fresh chive!

 ..and now the spirits start their funny business....

....certainly will do this Customer Appreciation event again next was so much fun - now I must head to the store for the BIG clean-up (big smile)!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sounds like the weather is going to be perfect for a Witch's and crisp - a slight breeze to help those broomsticks fly through the air....
All the goodies are made and just the decorating needs to be done - (that is why we close all day and don't open till 6pm)!!

Door prizes -
Vote for your favorite witch -
Gift Certificate for the WINNER!!

Hoping everyone can come -  (cackle...cackle)


Just received the new Judy Condon book for is very inspiring and I can't wait to have a few HOURS to sit and dissect every nook and cranny of these beautiful country homes
Stop in now to get your copy!!

NO...I am not decorated for's just these trees came in yesterday too and well......I couldn't help myself!!

I did make the Halloween Cheesecakes this morning...I will taste test them when I come home from the store tonight and if I did "good" - then I will make another batch....they look scrumptious!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My friend MJ from Moonhill Mercantile in Wisconsin (     posted this delightful recipe she found on Pinterest -  (sorry about that here is the right sight for the recipe)   and I can't wait to make them....(thanks Maggie for the correction)!!
However - finding the Halloween Oreos was a CHORE !!
They must be very, very popular cause I had to go to 5 stores to find the last of two from Walmart and one from KMart - and then to find the foil cupcake liners.....geesch...I finally did - I better not mess them up when I bake them... (big smile)!!
Just peek at this picture and you will "understand" why I was on the "hunt" !!
One of the goodies we will be serving at our Witch's Nite Out Customer Appreciation.....inticing huh!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Well...that was yesterday NOT today.  Went to the flea market this morning - hardly any vendors as the threat of rain is looming overhead.  Did find a treasure or two but it was alot of walking and not much carrying.
AND it is damp and cold here in PA - hoping all the ladies come shopping while their men watch afternoon football.
Yesterday was a beautiful day - lots of shoppers and that makes the store lots of fun....Tony tore the tomatoe plants out and cut down the bushes - it's that time of year.The leaves have fallen from two of the 3 big trees in the yard and make a "snappy" sound as customers walk thru the parking lot...(the child in me wants to make a big pile and cover myself in them and throw the leaves up in the air and shout WEEEEE!!!)  (I know just shake your head and consider the source)!!
My little bit of summer hanging in there...

Friday, October 5, 2012


These past few mornings of October have been wet, foggy and just perfect to get you in the Halloween swing of things!!  We love this time of year and never tire of hearing our "spooky" music or the rustling of the cornstalks as the gentle winds blow thru the porch !!

I put a couple "Dollar Store" rubber mice here and there thru-out the store and every day they make me jump when I go to turn on the lights or move something (not one customer has made a comment about them ????)!!  Guess they just take it all in stride!
I am busy putting together next Friday's WITCH'S NITE plans - figuring out the decor - hoping the weather cooperates - lots to do - all FUN things!!  I do hope you can come!!!

We have some cool hostess gifts to take to that Halloween Party you are going to - and if you are having the party and need some new decor...we are the place to come!!!  Here's a peek -

...and lots more !!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


...I will miss you so much.  
It is not every day someone touches your life the way Marge did mine.  I had a little store in our day Marge came in an wanted to know if I wanted to purchase hand towels that she and her friend Loma were making - it was my first time meeting her.  They always made beautiful items for the church bazaars and auctions.   Loma would do the sewing and Marge would do the stenciling (stenciling was really big back then - 29 years ago) AND I sold many, many hand towels, pillows and baskets made by the two friends.
Marge was 83 years old....and never did she ever ever ever say to me...." I am down sizing"....NEVER....(she loved it all)...I hear that all the time from customers...but never from Marge...she was a decorator inside and out - always on the look out for something new and exciting  - it was so much fun for her to create, paint a whole room from top to bottom, rearrange and rearrange again.  She would come to the store and get ideas,  take a hammer and nail in hand and make something out of nothing.  She followed me to the Morgantown store and then here in Hereford....she was my buddy.  I loved all our conversations  - Marge has five children - who she loved so very much and all those grandchilden she was so very proud of !  (they would be surprised to know what I know) (big smile)!!  I know her children, her sister-in-law, cousins and many of her friends, as she always brought them to the store - I am told it was her favorite store.
Tonight when Tony and I went to say good-bye - in her casket was a rabbit named "Parsley" that I made many years ago....I lost it when I saw it there.... she would always talk about the bunnies I made years ago as being her favorite things. 
You are a "GRAND LADY" MY FRIEND - and I will miss you very much...Rest in Peace Marge...until we meet again...Love you XO, Judy 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


October begins the candle season and what could be more fun than having your candles "light" automatically ???  How nice to come home from work, school, shopping and have your home all "aglow" with  soft candle light !!
We have stocked our shelves with the Timer Battery Tapers in 4 inch and 6 inch sizes !!  On for 5 hours and off for 19 hours~~ (it's that little man inside the candle that does all the work....yep...that is what they told me)!!
We have also restocked our windowsill taper holders (shown above)  - they are weighted and fit on a small sill.  The reproduction lanterns with tea light are really cool too!  Battery Tea Lites in Cinnamon and Ivory are also in stock!
Of course we have our "regular" jar candles from Scentsible Scents...(my opinion and that of many others) the BEST candles ever!
Stop in to see our collection of battery tapers....and coming soon battery tapers decorated for Christmas...