We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I know I say that all the time..."new treasures arrive daily" is TRUE!   If it isn't something unique and wonderful from Tony - or one of our fabulous artists - or the big brown truck that brings such great surprises - it might be something made right on the premises...from ME! 
This week Tony gave me this big olde white scale - a barrel - lots of pint canning jars all cleaned and ready for purchase - a great cast iron "extra large" griddle (perfect to use as a base for a centerpiece) - two shelves with hooks from an olde tavern - and more that I can't think of right now....Helen Voytilla brought me this pumpkin - ( the scale from Tony along with a handful of old tin pie dishes) -
I made the Gift to make and you can make these in our Keep Calm and Create Workshop on Thursdays -
 UPS...brought us the Almond Toffee (OMG - delish! delish! delish!)and a second batch of Solar Lids...
 ..another handmade from Helen...
 Old berry crate divider (a Judy and Tony combo)....made into a sign -
..and another sweet pumpkin gal from Helen....
There is so much more to fill your home with October happiness.....enjoy some "Caramel Apple Dip" and gingersnap cookies as you is going to be a beautiful Autumn weekend !!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

WITCHES FEAST IN Elizabethtown, PA

What a fun time a group of us "good witches" had when we visited Linda's historic log cabin that was transformed into a 17th century tavern - you really felt you traveled back in time to another era - such an enjoyable - UNIQUE- experience.
We have reservations slips in the store or you can print this one now as the evenings get filled quickly - tell her "Good Witch Permelia" sent you!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am thinking Christmas (and getting excited) !!!

Enough said about that - I need to get our Witch's Nite Out party time together.  I am trying to stay one step ahead of the calendar....I'll let you know if it works...(big smile)!!

Silly Witches!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion” Henry David Thoreau

Now me...I would LOVE to sit on a VELVET PUMPKIN with all my friends!
About velvet -

Velvet is a luxurious fabric with a history that dates back thousands of years. In many ages and cultures, velvet was a highly prized textile which symbolized wealth, power and prestige. The pile weave that characterizes velvet gives it a rich look that is often associated with royalty. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, this rich fabric that was once reserved for the elite is now available at reasonable prices!  Catie Watson

... ...and now we turn velvet into times do change!

We sell a nice white cotton velvet at the store - it can be dyed any color - just like the orange pumpkins we have for sale - dyed with Rit's Sunshine Orange.

Looks like it is going to be a lovely day today!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


...with some good witches and a warlock!!!  What a fun night we had creating our "Captured Witch"!! Eight of us worked together, laughed together, and played together - amazingly enough the class went so smoothly we finished early and everyone shopped!!  (I gave them a little lecture in the beginning and I think they thought "ut-oh") !!  (big smile)!! 
Everyone did a fantastic job and went home happy with their witch in a jar!
Some pics of the workshop -

Everyone took their jar home in a decorated bag complete with orange glittered tulle! (good witches love alittle "glam")!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am running on "empty"....seems that the change in the weather has me trying to do too many things at once...too many "irons in the fire"...or maybe it is just that I am getting older and slower!!!
Our Keep Calm Thursday was fun...2 gals came and Roseann brought lunch - ( I was starving too)!!
Our Colonial Tin order arrived today and new coffees and teas arrived from Baltimore Coffee and Tea Co.   We haven't sold coffee or tea since we first opened here in Hereford, but after seeing and tasting their products I HAD to get it for the store (and me)!!  Finding room to display is the hard part.....I have decided our "candy counter" - will be our "gourmet counter"...(although we still are selling alittle bit of candy) - AND it is jam packed full to the brim.....( I stand and look at it all day as it is across from my cash counter)...We also "sample" everyday from this counter (old card catalog table from a library with 30 little drawers to fill !!). 
One thing that is on my "wish list" this Hot Cocoa Machine I saw at the Phila. Gift Show.  It is $200. and keeps the cocoa in motion so it stays mixed and all the chocolate doesn't settle on the bottom.   So if you guys want hot cocoa this winter I suggest you come in and tell me you really want me to purchase this machine!
I know you would love to sample some "Orange Cocoa"-

..or some Spider Cider!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


In reality - I SHOULD NOT GO INTO WHOLESALE WAREHOUSES - there isn't much that I don't want to purchase - even the "gaudy" stuff ! Today I visited "5" warehouses and came home with a van full of goodies - all fall/Halloween.  The back end was filled - ( we took out a set of rear seats so you can picture how big it is )....and then I filled the two seats that are left and inbetween them...FUN DAY!!!  Of course my checkbook is sporting "zeros"...!!!
I haven't been shopping for quite awhile and it is a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG trip so I have to make the best of it...right???
Tomorrow (while we are closed) I will get the goodies in the store and priced as much as I can....I have to make the kits for our "Captured Witch" class on Friday - so hopefully my day will go the way I want it to. 
Before I left this morning....I made all the good witches out there that need to repair some of your "garbs"....our "Witchy Buttons" are in stock!!!
 Making plans for our Customer Appreciation - "WITCH'S NITE OUT" !!  Pics are from last year's contest winners!!!! 

More about that soon....such a fun time!
The "spirits" are treating me so good!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


This month of September is really going fast for is already half over and there is sooooo much I would like to do ...slow down September!!! 
We are having our "Captured Witch" workshop this coming Friday... I am no where ready - thank goodness I am closed Monday and Tuesday!  Every time I start "toying" in my mind about changing my hours I get a bit behind and that thought quickly leaves...(big smile)!!  Think the spirits are telling me something...leave well enough alone!
The store does look great though...I love Halloween...I suppose I love all the seasons ...however Halloween is topping the list - just because it is so much fun!  I love witches and skeletons, black cats and goblins - pumpkins and most certainly Halloween candies - I love black and orange together - cute or scary...I love it all.  AND, we have alittle bit of it all....expecting this week our Halloween cocoa packets and the infamous Spider Cider mix!   A Halloween Gift Basket filled with sweet treats, orange cocoa and little goodies from THE CINNAMON STICK , is a fun gift to give a family, neighbor or friend.  Tony puts wire handles on vintage berry boxes and they are the perfect size to fill.  Stop in and see the fun goodies you can put together! our cookies from THE QUEEN'S KITCHEN...scrumptious!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


What a fun afternoon we had yesterday...5 gals came to our Keep Calm and Create Thursday session..( I forgot to take any pictures (even had my camera in the studio) !!  Actually the store was busy (thank you Joanne for covering for me)...Some of the gals have never used the tools needed to create their chosen project - so until they are shown, some instruction is needed.  Fortunately, there is usually someone creating who can show how to distress or add some grommets!  The "crop-a-dile can be quite an "intimidating" piece !! (thank you Michelle)!!
Sharon came all the way from New Jersey (took a vacation day from work) to make the HALLOWEEN banner...her friend Joanne came to "socialize" (and take care of customers when I was upstairs)-I am bummed I didn't get pictures..HOWEVER I did get this one...
Joanne and Sharon "modeling" our Halloween masks we have for sale!  We like to put the masks on our pumpkins - I guess these two pumpkinheads will do !! Good sports - Good Fun!!
 One of our Halloween shadow boxes - created by Mona Roberts...these are soooooo cool!!
The rug hooked mat it is sitting on was created by Joanne (bat mask)!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Waking up to these cool mornings is the most exhilarating feeling....after grabbing for my quilt and snuggling for a minute or two,... I mentally go thru all the happenings of the day!  I am by no means a planner - and just let the "glitter" fall wherever - but some planning is necessary when you are a storekeeper.   Today we have 5 gals coming for our Keep Calm & Create Thursday - these are most fun afternoons for me - so I do have to plan alittle bit.  Make sure they have something to drink and snack on (you can't create on an empty tummy)!!  There is room for you to come join us!
Last week we sold out of all the handmade tags I made so I am really trying to fill that display piece again - (I have printed out so many witches and such that you might think I am running a coven)!!
I just love this time of year having the store filled with beautiful fall colors - the trees in my area are still very green and not changing quite yet - maybe with the cooler weather they will start.
We are planning our "Captured Witch" class for Friday, September 21 - please call soon if you would like to come - space is limited. 
Next week our shipment of Halloween Cocoas (these make a great Trick or Treat hand-out for your favorite Tricksters) - and the infamous "Spider Cider" will arrive - can't wait !!  Miss Wigglesworth's Gourmet and Candy Counter is filling up nicely...come try some of our delicious dips, soup mixes, cookies and candy!!
5 yds. of Halloween Baker's Twine for sale too!

Our "Captured Witch" - Solar Lid is extra $$'s but doesn't it make the jar nice and SPOOKY!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Open them and hate them...WHY??  Well - guess some shoppers think all the good stuff is gone the first week...but new goodies are already in the store and more expected this week.   I really don't like "holes" anywhere in the store and have been known to go to the Attic Studio and create something to "fill that hole up" !! (giggling cause sometimes I think I am weird)!!  Tony says  "spread it out" !!  certainly not my style. 
Yesterday I went to the store and did just that...filled up those "holes" - and we are ready to open Wednesday with a store full of Halloween fun!

"Keep Calm and Create Thursdays" is back on the schedule and we still have a few seats available this Thursday...please call and let me know you are coming.
There are currently four projects to choose from -
We are having the "parking lot" there is no access to the lot Wednesday or Thursday - but you can park across the street in the Tavern's lot - they are the Landlords and said to have everyone park there... you can enter from the front - but please be careful of the traffic.

Just thought of another "hole" to I am off to create -
A Goode Witch - created by Dianne Galloway!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


...this morning we are having the most beautiful Autumn weather.   Got up early to go to the flea market and had to wear jeans and a jacket!!  Even though it was crowded with vendors it really was just flea market and not many "good finds" were purchased.  (well I did manage to find a great yellowware bowl that will be in the store today)!
It has been a busy, fun week of open house - and I am working on keeping the displays filled with "more and more and more" !!   As a storekeeper, the customers coming thru the door give me
 the incentive to work hard an artist - customers give me exciting inspiration to keep on creating !  I am having win-win days.
Maybe you can stop in today for a visit - sip some cold Cider and enjoy our company!

Friday, September 7, 2012


First day of open house was so much fun....although after setting up the store for 3 days,  watching customers destroy all the displays you painstakingly put together - it does make you squirm a bit.....HOWEVER seeing someone so excited about finding a treasure they "can't live without" - be it an antique or handcraft - makes it all worth it !!
Now this morning I will do damage control (and hope it happens all over again and again and again)!!  Thank goodness I have stock!
I need to personally thank all the wonderful artists that we purchase from...because THEY are who make THE CINNAMON STICK so special....unique....with their never ending ideas and artistic talent!!
..a sweet little kitten who came to visit !!!
...on to day two !!!

Monday, September 3, 2012


Today I will be laboring....the fun I set up the store for our Autumn in the Country open house...!!  Hopefully it will all come together nicely as I have no plan - better for me to work that way!  I have sold some "props" thru the years that now, of course, I regret - like a wonderful old library ladder that was tall and skinny and the steps held so many great items.  Tony would screw it into a ceiling beam and it made a great display.  Unfortunately I was always having to work around it trying to fit other furniture in - so I let it go...:(  
But today is not for fretting - it is for having fun and getting the job everyone, have a Happy & Safe Labor Day....
See you Thursday...  Your Country Friend !!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


The banner was like this most of the one said a word ....must have been the anticipation of the "Blue Moon" that had me all jumbled and mixed up!!
 BUT THEN UPS CAME WITH A BOX FULL OF SWEET TREATS....Cookies made locally by THE QUEEN'S KITCHEN....oh sooooo good!!
 ..and then HELEN VOYTILLA arrived with two HUGE boxes of Halloween treasures...sure made my day!! 
There are silver linings in every cloud...
Happy September!!!