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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today was the first ever KEEP CALM & CREATE THURSDAY -and 6 gals came to play!!   I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed - but did my best to get everyone organized and show them techniques that they had not done before.    They came at 4 different times....2 coming by themselves...and I LOVED THAT.  I tried not to get flustered...did okay I guess!  There were some "rough edges" that I need to fix (just my organization and a better set up)!! Easily fixed.   Here is a picture of the gals creating - 4 for the very first time at The Cinnamon Stick - 2 had taken classes before so knew alitte of our set up.   It was a bit muggy up there - but no one complained and I kept apologizing...Mary Ellen left before I could take a picture (she will be back next week to finish her project and I will get her then!!)
One thing I am going to have to change is the "no reservation" part of this day...Already 4 are coming back next week to finish up and 2 other gals (one is coming tomorrow night for the Witch Garland Workshop) said she and her Mom were coming next Thursday.   So already there are 8 (I can hardly believe it...yay!!) We can "fit" 10 up there so I will have to besure I don't have to EVER EVER send someone away.  (sad face)!!   Another issue is the parking...please read our Keep Calm album on our website (click on the pumpkins) for information.

ARRIVED TODAY....Black, Orange and White Baker's Twine!!   I was so excited - the part that is cut off is some I aged and the color is so prim and cool!!!

 Here is an up close picture of the twine...
It will be 25 cents a yard....I purchased alot....perfect for all your Trick or Treat creating!!
Hope your day was as exciting as mine!!!


Cathie said...

Hey, this looks like so much fun!! I wish I lived closer! I hope to take one of your future classes. So glad your classes are so well received. Were you a teacher in a past life??? lol XOXO Cath

moosecraft said...

Congrats to another success!!! It's great to see people getting together to create and dream! :-) You just might need to overflow into 2 days at times! ;-)

Will you be offering the Witch Mannequin as a regular classs like last year?