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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Thirteen is a "lucky" number.....13 years and one day....
Today started our 14th year here in Hereford....I can hardly believe so much time has passed.....!!  Today I pulled out pictures of "Opening Day"  August 14, 1999 - AND oh my!! far we have come.  When we moved to Hereford it was our 2nd store....the Morgantown store was my" baby" and I really loved it there, however it was small...teeny tiny, but it  gave us 9 wonderful years meeting wonderful customers and other great storekeepers - many who still come today. It was HARD doing both stores, as I simply have to be in control of everything - with two stores you have to depend on others and I am not good at delegating and my worry and frustration caused us to close the Morgantown concentrate and make Hereford what it is today....I LOVE MY STORE....I LOVE ALL THE NEW FRIENDS I HAVE MET...AND I LOVE ALL THE LOYAL MORGANTOWN CUSTOMERS WHO FOLLOWED US!!
I have set the pictures out so new customers can see (me skinny) LOL!!(  and much younger)! how much The Cinnamon Stick has changed.  Tony and I thought we were "all that" and when you see the swing hanging from the ceiling and the hay bales in the middle of the floor...well - you have to smile - and take into consideration, we only had 6 weeks to opening day and did our best finding display pieces - AND there are all stone walls in this place YIKES...not an easy task.  We did not open the second floor till Christmas and believe me we only had a Christmas tree and a few pieces here and there..
.~~My Mom is in one of the pictures (my biggest supporter) as she was so proud of her daughter...(miss you Mom)!!
Stop in and wish us another 13 years -
PS...we opened with fall and Halloween....I think that is why Halloween is so BIG for us!!


Ginny said...

I think I am do for a visit!! :)

moosecraft said...

Happy Anniversary!!! It's getting to be the time of year I get to visit! Looking forward to to seeing all the goodies you have in store for Halloween and Fall.... I keep trying to get a thursday off from work to Keep Calm & Create (one of those Halloween garlands)! Maybe next week.... :-)

The Cinnamon Stick said...

@Ginny - Yes time to visit...all the fall goodies and Halloween coming Sept. 6th - the store looks "like the end of summer" right now - next week I will start to change things around.
@Sharon - It will be nice to see has been long and definitely get a Thursday we can have some fun together. (Joanne can come and hangout too)!

Cathie said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Where does the time go? Eva loves Halloween at the Cinnamon Stick; I love anytime there and we're due for a visit. See you soon!
XOX Cath

ctlogcabin said...

Judy ~~ Congrat's to you &
Tony on your 13 year Anniversary !!!
I too need a Visit and can't wait to see
the Cinnamon Stick in all it's
Fall Glory !! (YaY Fall)
Miss Ya ~~ Love & Big Hugs xox