We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Friday, August 31, 2012


...Thursday afternoon.  Michelle and Janet came to play.  Michelle is a "regular" and I am sure can run our workshops all by herself.   She made the H A L L O W E E N banner AND the Afterlife Fairies!!  Janet was a first timer but has lots of experience in teaching art classes and design - she made the A U T U M N banner (instructions were not even printed yet)...look how great it turned out.
Because I was soooo busy talking and creating with them (I made a banner too) I forgot to take pictures - oh well...I am sure they both will be back again and I will get a chance to show off their creations!
Janet's banner...
 Michelle making fairies...I see glitter...woohoo!!
...just alittle Halloween fun for sale!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


...and  have been preparing for it all month - AND now it is here - LABOR DAY WEEKEND.  Typically not a very busy weekend at the store as everyone is off to their summer homes and favorite camping spots for one last SUMMER SHABANG!!  Me...??  I will be in the store working to make it the best it can be for our fall open house! (believe it or not I consider this fun!)
We will not be having our Keep Calm and Create on Thursday, Sept. 6,  however it is back on the schedule for Thursday, Sept. 13 (see you then Sharon) :) !!
We have added another project you may like to do - an   A U T U M N   banner - you may choose your own papers to create the banner and we have lots to choose from...This makes a nice gift for someone special !
My pictures never show how colorful and great items are...not for lack of trying though (sigh)!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hmmmm...pondering that statement this morning! 

Working on making the store "boo-ti-ful today !!  
Solar lids are in stock!!   Thinking we should do another class of capturing a "Witch in a Jar" !!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


...I am sneaking tidbits of fall and Hallween into the store.   I really - really - can't handle empty shelves (or empty Halloween trees) -(smiling) !  It is hard as it is still "summer time" here - I am looking for cornstalks and pumpkins and coming up empty handed...sigh!!  Witchy-poo is coming home to visit us so that is a good thing and not sure when the others are going to show up.  I know the "Gourd sisters" were planning a visit and I am preparing them a special place to rest.
The coleus in the flower box are so so so beautiful right now and it will be time to replace them with mums...not sure how I feel about that ! (sounds like I am having a hard time saying goodbye to summer)!! 
For all the DIY - Walnut Crystals are now in the Papergoods room....and new Distress Inks...time to create!!!
Good-bye summer...hello fall !!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Mary Ellen and Susan finished their  H A L L O W E E N banner this past Thursday  and although it is called KEEP CALM AND CREATE....I think it is anything but CALM !!  I hear lots of laughter and giggling coming from the Attic Studio!!!  I am loving the response and the fun I am having with our new adventure!!   Maybe you will join the creative happenings one day....

..sadly I didn't get pictures of the the "Witch Badges" that were made by the two Sara's !!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


..FROM A  SPECIAL FRIEND...  The scissors in the "Threadgoods Room" ( to cut ribbon and fabric) were always "in the way" when measuring.  My  sweet dear friend Joanne found this "Thimble" (heavy steel) that was made to hang on the wall to hold your scissors while "junking" last week. and gifted it to me.   It is so cool...yesterday I moved display pieces around upstairs and then found the "perfect" place to hang the thimble.  I thought for sure I would hear someone calling down the stairs today saying they couldn't find the scissors...but when a customer needed to cut ribbon she saw where they were...SUCCESS!!

 ...more emptiness - soon to be filled with fall and Halloween goodies!  (don't look at that ugly fire extinguisher - the fire guys make me keep it in "full view"....ugh!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


"Friendship Isn't about who you have known the longest

It's about those who came and Never left your side."

Monday, August 20, 2012


Off I go this morning to change the store around as we get ready for our Autumn in the Country open house.   Exciting!!  It really feels like the beginning of fall here this morning, the air is crisp and the squirrels are really busy scattering to and fro.
Our Witch Banner class went great ...all the gals did a fantastic job (they get so creative and outdo the sample - love that)!!  Here is a picture of them working very intensely -pinning their name tags on...(big smile)!! 
 We have the Halloween masks again this year - last year we tied them on the large, real pumpkins that we decorated with - really was fun!  I don't have any yet (hope the pumpkins are for sale soon) so I used this stuffed one to show you!

 ...and we are selling the black, orange and white Baker's Twine wrapped around an "Esmeralda's Enchanted Twine" holder in 5 yard pieces.  (can also be purchased by the yard)!
This morning is "move the furniture around, put up the "fake dead tree" and hopefully everything will fall right into place THE FIRST TIME as we get ready for our open house !! 
Happy Monday to you.....

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today was the first ever KEEP CALM & CREATE THURSDAY -and 6 gals came to play!!   I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed - but did my best to get everyone organized and show them techniques that they had not done before.    They came at 4 different times....2 coming by themselves...and I LOVED THAT.  I tried not to get flustered...did okay I guess!  There were some "rough edges" that I need to fix (just my organization and a better set up)!! Easily fixed.   Here is a picture of the gals creating - 4 for the very first time at The Cinnamon Stick - 2 had taken classes before so knew alitte of our set up.   It was a bit muggy up there - but no one complained and I kept apologizing...Mary Ellen left before I could take a picture (she will be back next week to finish her project and I will get her then!!)
One thing I am going to have to change is the "no reservation" part of this day...Already 4 are coming back next week to finish up and 2 other gals (one is coming tomorrow night for the Witch Garland Workshop) said she and her Mom were coming next Thursday.   So already there are 8 (I can hardly believe it...yay!!) We can "fit" 10 up there so I will have to besure I don't have to EVER EVER send someone away.  (sad face)!!   Another issue is the parking...please read our Keep Calm album on our website (click on the pumpkins) for information.

ARRIVED TODAY....Black, Orange and White Baker's Twine!!   I was so excited - the part that is cut off is some I aged and the color is so prim and cool!!!

 Here is an up close picture of the twine...
It will be 25 cents a yard....I purchased alot....perfect for all your Trick or Treat creating!!
Hope your day was as exciting as mine!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Thirteen is a "lucky" number.....13 years and one day....
Today started our 14th year here in Hereford....I can hardly believe so much time has passed.....!!  Today I pulled out pictures of "Opening Day"  August 14, 1999 - AND oh my!! far we have come.  When we moved to Hereford it was our 2nd store....the Morgantown store was my" baby" and I really loved it there, however it was small...teeny tiny, but it  gave us 9 wonderful years meeting wonderful customers and other great storekeepers - many who still come today. It was HARD doing both stores, as I simply have to be in control of everything - with two stores you have to depend on others and I am not good at delegating and my worry and frustration caused us to close the Morgantown concentrate and make Hereford what it is today....I LOVE MY STORE....I LOVE ALL THE NEW FRIENDS I HAVE MET...AND I LOVE ALL THE LOYAL MORGANTOWN CUSTOMERS WHO FOLLOWED US!!
I have set the pictures out so new customers can see (me skinny) LOL!!(  and much younger)! how much The Cinnamon Stick has changed.  Tony and I thought we were "all that" and when you see the swing hanging from the ceiling and the hay bales in the middle of the floor...well - you have to smile - and take into consideration, we only had 6 weeks to opening day and did our best finding display pieces - AND there are all stone walls in this place YIKES...not an easy task.  We did not open the second floor till Christmas and believe me we only had a Christmas tree and a few pieces here and there..
.~~My Mom is in one of the pictures (my biggest supporter) as she was so proud of her daughter...(miss you Mom)!!
Stop in and wish us another 13 years -
PS...we opened with fall and Halloween....I think that is why Halloween is so BIG for us!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am really having trouble keeping track of time....the past two days I have spent in the Attic Studio getting prepared for our Keep Calm & Create Thursdays!  I do NOT have a clock up there because the Paranormal guys and gals told me NOT to.   I had to take away the one that was there - they told me to "heave" it and I DID!!  So when I go downstairs I am amazed at how much time has disappeared !!  YIKES!!  I never wear a watch cause my hands and wrists are "always" in water or making messes...!!
We are ready for our Thursday afternoons and for our workshop Friday evening.  (WHEW !!)  There are so many Halloween goodies to create....just not enough thyme to get done all the ideas I have in my head!!  So far we have 3 projects that will be available until Halloween (and then we will have some Christmas projects).   Here are pictures of what is available now -                                              

Make three After Life Fairies....
Cost:  $10.
Hey - "get some clothes on" !!

Halloween Badges - fun gift idea!!!

 Cost of Kit:  $6.50

HALLOWEEN GARLAND - 43-44 inches long

Cost of Kit - $10.
As you can see we are keeping the prices of our kits as low as possible...this is all about having fun creating together!  Everything you need is included in the kit.  Refreshments will be served.....come join the FUN!!
 AND...  new dips arrived from Halladay's and are they ever delicious!  Serving "Garlic Tomato Basil" tomorrow.  Not just a pretty package....delish too!!
 Also, four No Bake Cheesecake mixes.....Pumpkin, Maple, New York Style and Key Lime...

Life is sweet!!....XO

Monday, August 6, 2012


..since my last post.....holy cow!!   Time goes fast when you "have so much to do" !! 
Vacation was wonderful...great weather....great fun !  It is always nice to come back home though.  Look at these cupcakes....Nine belong to us and one is our oldest grandson's friend - Two 16 year olds who are both are so good with the little ones (who want to hang all over them, wrestle and ask a million questions)!!
Lined up waiting for our table for "16" to be ready!! There is a mirror behind the bench.....and that is my son and DIL in the mirror...

I have a lot happening this week....Our 2nd Witch Garland workshop - and preparing sample projects, instructions and kits for our BE CALM AND GREATE THURSDAYS (which start August 16th)  You can read more about this on our PT - .   We are also having a  3rd  Witch Garland workshop on August 18th.~ 3 seats still available for that workshop.
 (can you imagine what the Attic Studio looks like - oh my!!)

To top it all off I have been searching for a "how to" making this "great" idea I have in my head - and a customer/dealer gave me the "skinny" on what to try-Thanks Michelle!!! Of course half my day was spent trying to find the right supplies to see if it will work~~~sigh!!

Our "Autumn in the Country" fall and Halloween open house begins September 6th...and nothing is price yet. (so if I go missing you can find me in the basement of the store)!!

Have a sweet Tuesday....Judy