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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Honestly....I am hopeless!!  Those who visit the store (and know me) know that I WANT to be all things....I want to be an antique store (well - that I am...LOL) and I want to be a country gift store (also - that I am)...AND I want to be a candy store and a gourmet food store and a florist shop and  a fabric store....(sigh)!!  So to "fulfill" my "needs" I do the last four "wants" - in a small way.   Our Herb Faire and summer gardening fulfills the "florist part" (almost)!   When opening in Hereford I made one of the rooms upstairs a "Gourmet Market" room!  However it never really did well and we gave up on that idea (not in my head just at the store)!!  Finding this WONDERFUL old card catalog table from a library in 2000 (Pheasant Run Antiques on Rt. 30 in Parkesburg, PA) was the perfect way to have my "candy store" -  we called it "Miss Wigglesworth's Candy Counter" and we specialized in the seasonal and unique items! 
 As the economy failed....and the price of the candy soared we decided to stop selling candy and went on to make this our "Gourmet Food" has done well with dips, jams and cake mixes ! (Miss Wigglesworth still watches over the counter).  BUT, I miss the candy...(I am a mess)!!  Finding, at the trade show yesterday, a WONDERFUL  new candy company (small family business right here in PA)...I ordered candy (some cookies too)...just a small amount cause I just HAD to be a little bit candy store along with everything else...!! AND it was so delicious!!   Hopefully the candy and cookies  will arrive in September in time for our fall open house - if the weather cooperates and gets a bit cooler.
Gosh I "almost" ordered a $200. Hot Cocoa Machine....almost....hmmmm...(If Tony would have been there I would have cause he would have said "get it") !!  I was being frugal...but still thinking....wouldn't it be nice to come to The Cinnamon Stick and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa when it is "cold" outside!!!!


Ginny said...

I am a hot chocolate fan, warm, whip cream, candy cane, ahh........... I would have said get it too, lol.

gail said...

love that table....I've been to Pheasant of my favorite places. But I'm coming to you next time I go to PA. Your shop looks ad sounds wonderful.

Barbara said...

Oh my, Judy. When I had my shop, I tried selling candy, but I ate too much of it, so had to give it up.LOL Blessings..