We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Sunday, July 29, 2012

BLESSINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES... tomorrow morning for our annual "Family Vacation"  to Ocean City, NJ !! This is a gift from our children, Shannon and Tad, each year for Christmas...the PERFECT gift!!
We enjoy spending time together and the 4 days will just be perfect  (big smile)!!  While we are there we will celebrate Cullen's 9th birthday and Trilby's 1st birthday! (reservations have been made to surprise them)!!  BTW we didn't tell the "big" kids either cause they would be all embarrassed...we will just let it happen!!
Hoping to have time to visit my friend Susan who owns The Dutch Rose in Cape May Courthouse on Rt. 9!!  What a "unique" store she has....(come to think of it....I will MAKE time)!!!!
The store will be closed Wed. and Thurs. and reopen on Friday, August 3rd!!   \
We are closed today - Sunday, 7/29 (Happy Birthday Mom!!) as our parking lot is getting a facelift....I will come home...all renewed to start the next season - mentally not physically quite yet!  Our Harvest Thyme Open House begins September 6th....but not sure I can wait that long to add "alittle bit of Autumn" to the store.....guess you will just have to stop in and see!!!  

Thursday, July 26, 2012


The Twisted Paper Ribbon arrived - it is just wonderful....beautiful colors and what a great way to tie up a special gift or wrap around one of the new bottle vases that also arrived yesterday!  I know you can think of many other uses!   Displaying was alittle hard as this room is really filling up with goodies (and more on the way)!!  However I figured it out - thank goodness for unique little spaces in old buildings!!!
The new bottle vases that just arrived - they look old but are not.  Pale green, blue and clear!
I used my "distress ink" on the orange twisted paper ribbon and wrapped it around one of the clear bottles - all it needs is some pretty fall "Mums" in it...or maybe some bittersweet.... 
Enjoy your summer day today - I'll be thinking pumpkins and black cats!!

PS - July 28th - I have already "redisplayed" the Twisted Paper Ribbon (grinning at myself)....and  "aged" some of it in 5 yard packages...a MUST SEE !!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Honestly....I am hopeless!!  Those who visit the store (and know me) know that I WANT to be all things....I want to be an antique store (well - that I am...LOL) and I want to be a country gift store (also - that I am)...AND I want to be a candy store and a gourmet food store and a florist shop and  a fabric store....(sigh)!!  So to "fulfill" my "needs" I do the last four "wants" - in a small way.   Our Herb Faire and summer gardening fulfills the "florist part" (almost)!   When opening in Hereford I made one of the rooms upstairs a "Gourmet Market" room!  However it never really did well and we gave up on that idea (not in my head just at the store)!!  Finding this WONDERFUL old card catalog table from a library in 2000 (Pheasant Run Antiques on Rt. 30 in Parkesburg, PA) was the perfect way to have my "candy store" -  we called it "Miss Wigglesworth's Candy Counter" and we specialized in the seasonal and unique items! 
 As the economy failed....and the price of the candy soared we decided to stop selling candy and went on to make this our "Gourmet Food" has done well with dips, jams and cake mixes ! (Miss Wigglesworth still watches over the counter).  BUT, I miss the candy...(I am a mess)!!  Finding, at the trade show yesterday, a WONDERFUL  new candy company (small family business right here in PA)...I ordered candy (some cookies too)...just a small amount cause I just HAD to be a little bit candy store along with everything else...!! AND it was so delicious!!   Hopefully the candy and cookies  will arrive in September in time for our fall open house - if the weather cooperates and gets a bit cooler.
Gosh I "almost" ordered a $200. Hot Cocoa Machine....almost....hmmmm...(If Tony would have been there I would have cause he would have said "get it") !!  I was being frugal...but still thinking....wouldn't it be nice to come to The Cinnamon Stick and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa when it is "cold" outside!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Everywhere I travel there are "roadside stands" selling fruits and vegetables - I LOVE this time of year  (mostly because we no longer take the time to plant a garden)...Instead we relish in the fact that we can go on most any "country road" and find someone who - for a small fee- wants to share their bounty!
Some of the roadside vendors travel to Lancaster County and purchase delightful goodies at the auctions where the Amish, Mennonites and good farmers take their "extras" to be purchased by outsiders!  You will see many license plates from New York and other states (I agree Jersey girls...your TOMATOES are the BEST!!)

We have this wonderful booklet written by Jim Long of Long Creek Herb Farm that will help you make the best "Salsa's" and use all the extras your garden is gifting you right now.   There are so many delicious recipes to try.  The booklet costs $5.95 and will give you ideas for using fruits and veggies galore.  What cool gifts a jar of "unique homemade salsa" will be!!

I am off to the Philadelphia Gift Show in a few minutes....hoping to find lots of new treasures for the store...we like to think we are "unique" too!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Our Witch Garland Workshop last evening was great fun....the weather was just "spooky" perfect and the Attic Studio was nice and cool.   It was a small group of four so no one had to wait to share the crop-a-dile or distress inks and time went really fast.   These gals were amazing how creative and talented they are!   I posted pictures on our PT of the evenings fun!

Two thirds of July is over and it has to be true - "the older you get the faster time goes"....I am now in Autumn mode "except" part of me feels like I just celebrated the Fourth of July ?????   Little witches and hoot owls are arriving in the store and I have to say it gets me clamouring to hang bittersweet garlands. Scary isn't it!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


... yes I am talking about ME !!  Sometimes my life just goes around in "circles" !!  I suppose that is better than hitting a "dead end" - however.....!!!!
The newsy stuff - Our first Halloween Workshop is this evening....making the Witch Garland....(circumstances (appendicitis - get well quickly Barbara - we will save you and Kelli a seat in the next workshop)....and a hip replacement - PATTI - yikes....heal quickly so you can run up the steps to the Attic Studio for the next class), have left us with room for two more spots in this class if anyone is interested call the store today!! I was worried about the hot weather as the attic does get a tad bit warm - even with the air conditioner running full blast.   I left it on all night and it will probably be freezing up there today.....LOL!!! Our high is only suppose to be 71 degrees today....thank goodness for this "break in the heat wave" !!  I am so looking forward to creating with the girls tonight!

Talking about creating....we are going to start our "KEEP CALM & CREATE THURSDAYS" on August 16th... go to our picture trail (click on the butterfly on our sidebar) for all the details.   I am already working on another project  to make available!   I really enjoy getting together and sharing ideas with others.   Everyone is invited to take part...beginners to experts...!!!   A fun opportunity to make some gifts for yourself or friends.   Check it out!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I am really excited about a NEW idea I have for the Attic Studio - it is called "KEEP CALM AND CREATE THURSDAYS"!!  
As soon as I have ALL the details "thought out" and "down on paper" you guys will be the first to know what I am up to!!
This is going to be a busy week...preparing our first Halloween Workshop - tons of paperwork that HAS to be completed - and making mental plans for vacation (what to wear, what NOT to wear, what to pack, what NOT to pack)....
Trilby will be one year old on Friday - what a sweetie pie she is....all my granddaughters are the most beautiful girls....take a peek!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

FRIDAY THE 13th.....

This is what I was working on today.....a new curtain for the powder room at the store...(maybe he will scare some away and I won't use up so much tp !!)  (kidding)....I was trying something new and WOW...was I thrilled with the color of the "flour sack" towels I dyed.   I messed up with the iron on transfer but know what I did wrong and hopefully will have a "stack" of these cool towels for our Harvest Thyme Open House.....lots of fun designs for Halloween too!!! They will make a great curtain or table cloth....thinking "eerie" thoughts on the 13th is normal isn't it~~~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


...truly the beginning of the "end" of summer time purhasing for the garden lovers (we still have some great treasures for you )!   Too early to display fall/Halloween (but I can "think" it) - so our concentration is on one of a kind goodies and hopefully we won't disappoint!! 
The "heat wave" seems to have broken here this week - making it a much easier task for the painters who are painting the outside of our home.  It is a "daunting" task as our home was built in 1828 and although the windows have been replaced, all the wood trim outside is from that date...sadly some needs to be replaced ...these are hard-working young men who take pride in their work....Happy we found them!
Tony's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated at Shannon's (daughter) on Sunday....we surprised him good!!  That is always fun to do!
I have our first Halloween Workshop sample "almost" just has to be put together and I have to decide what I want to use....I think it is turning out really cool!!
Just a peek....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hope everyone has a fun day  I will be at the store cleaning up the messes I made yesterday while "I just HAD to move stuff around.."...there is no answer to "WHY" I can't leave well enough alone - (sigh)!! It's all those "cobwebs" that I take a great dislike to!  They happen overnight - honest -!!!  Tony has to mow and weed so I will finish up inside (where it is nice and cool) so I can open Thursday with a whole new look!!!  Here's a peek -
(First thing I have to do is lower that coal/ash don't lie)
 A great selection of old sadirons and trivets on a wonderful old sleeve board...

Later today we will "picnic" at our son's - yesterday they purchased a new house - so this will be the "last" party at this home....
Wishing everyone a fun and safe Fourth of July.....and the next day and the next day.....XOXO