We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Typically June is a very "quiet" month for us.....however with the "TOUR" it has been "hopping" !!!   A bit of everything we sell has been going out the door..... votives to larger antiques - cards and fabrics - vintage papergoods and signs.   Everyone has been so nice and really seems to be having a great time. Me included!

A Simple Life's special Home Tour and Garden Issue arrived a few days ago and we have copies for sale - a good read!
...and just when my mind turns to Halloween - a new artist walks in the store with these little witchy ornies!!!   LOVE them....(one already left the store from the back counter - a "tourist" just had to have one)!!  Just wait till you see these "gals" up close - have ordered more..I picture a whole Halloween tree filled with sweet witches !!!

Love this all red paper gift tote.....made it up yesterday (I have to play every day with something)!! LOL!!
The month of June is almost gone......a whirlwind month of happenings....I am missing our regular customers AND our regular schedule....all will be normal soon......(hmmmmm not sure what normal is but looking forward to it....) !!!!  XO

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Goodmorning.....I have been missing - (having fun being busy at the time of the year we usually are not)!!
Update on the "tour" - it is going GREAT !!  So happy we were chosen to be one of the stores on the tour.   Meeting so many "really nice people"....- it is hard not to close up shop and take off with them to join the fun!   We are selling some of everything....old and new - pricey and reasonable.   I like to think we have a "well-rounded" store - something for everyone (even if you are not into the old prim stuff!!)
If I am lucky we can do this again the beginning of November when the Berks County Best Kept Secret happens again!!....fingers crossed we are chosen!  The store turns "magical" at Christmas and it should be even more fun than now!
Tony is working so hard keeping me happy with new old treasures for the store...gotta love that guy!  Every day something(s) are arriving...!!!
While I really need to start "wrapping my head" around fall and will be here before you blink two times!!  AND, we REALLY LOVE HALLOWEEN!!
Hope you enjoy your day....and if you are local....stop in and see us!

..little cart once held building blocks...great for magazines!
 Velvet strawberry pinkeeps by Helen Voytilla....
 Vintage cement planter.....great prim whitewash!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012


June has just disappeared - today is the 22nd day and I am wondering how that happened!!  The Best Kept Secret tour is going very is fun meeting so many new people, giving them the history of our historic building and telling them a bit about "our story" !!  Thank goodness I LOVE to smile - cause I sure have been doing alot of that....(big smile)!!!  Everyone on the tour is saying how much fun it is hard not to put the "CLOSE" sign on the door and go with them - friends having fun - that is such a good thing!
Nighttime - seems every evening something is going on (eating out alot - not complaining about that) :)  !!
I haven't had any time to create - and am anxious to get back to my regular routine..I am a creature of structure. I don't mind "flying by the seat of my pants" as long as I can land for a bit here and there! (no landing today)....I am off to the store (have to be open by 9 am) and I really must vacuum!!! Stay cool my country friends.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It is always nice to be busy and even nicer to meet new "friends" and that is exactly what we are doing with the BEST KEPT SECRET TOUR !! The hours are alittle "tough" - have to be in the store 9 am to 5 pm "everyday" - and we are a "one-gal" store - no time to really enjoy your usual routine.  (not complaining)!!! June is usually a "quiet" month for us - so this is FUN!!  (I have only been doing this since Friday and it goes on till June 30th - wondering how "chipper" I will be then....LOL!!)
Tony has found lots of great old goodies for the store...and I can't wait till he gets them "store ready" to share with you!
Leaving you with a colander full of tomatoes....(big smile)!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


My picture taking skills are so "unskilled" - but I wanted to show you Vicki's new creations using all vintage finds...
Pincushion on a spoon...isn't this just wonderful!!

 These are tiny pincushions using a vintage "shaker" lid for the pins and vintage velvet for the cushion.....toooooo sweet!!
 ...and more of Vicki's spoon and knife vases....these go fast so stop in soon!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Beautiful morning...birds are chatting away - nice breeze coming in the windows - and I had a very "accomplished" two days off.  (not like last week)!! Visited the trade show and even found some new goodies - I enjoy when the trade show is happening as I get to see shopkeeper friends from other states.  It is always nice to catch up - pick each others "brains" on the new hot items - and share new finds!!
I  picked up some super wonderful new creations from Vicki Schubert - just wait till you see them. She also made more of her "spoon vases" that we sold out of !! 
New scented, battery pillars coming today too.   Love them!
These hooked treasures are from Joanne McIllmurray - lots more too! 

I have lots of cleaning and rearranging before Friday when the BEST KEPT SECRET TOUR begins, so I best get to the store and start - should be a fun two weeks!
Maybe I will see you then!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


My daughter is a second grade school teacher ....she has been teaching for 19 years...has four boys of her own and along with her "day" job has just been offered to teach a college undergraduate class...but what makes me most proud is this paragraph she posted on facebook...

"It never gets easier to leave my class. Two half days left. I keep thinking about what I am going to say to them...and then I start crying. I feel so blessed to have a career where I can give and receive so much love. I just wish saying goodbye to Team Lotz didn't hurt so much. I am really going to miss this crew. I actually asked a mother if I could adopt her son today...that was probably a bit much. Deep breath...sigh."

Love her to pieces....XO

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The first boo-boo !!

Photo: her 1st booboo....thinks she can walk....not quite yet:-(
Trilby thinks she can walk....not quite yet!!  It is just a brush burn - :(  She is at her sister's LAX tournament !!


The weatherman has predicted a beautiful weekend...therefore I have planned your weekend for you -
1. Up and at them early to get right to planting and weeding the garden
2. Change clothes (after taking a nice long shower - for those weary bones from gardening)
3. After a nice lunch - hop in the car and come to THE CINNAMON STICK..where I will be waiting to sell you the best country goods!!

Great Plan isn't it!!!
Just a peek at some of the treasures you will find today !!
Pinkeeps - Wooly elephant on tuffet!
 Canvas sacks to fill with dried herbs from you garden...
Paper gift totes make a fun way of packaging a small gift - fill with a dip, candle, gift certificate - lots of fun ideas...
 Close up of one of the totes....
...and so much more!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


We were lucky to purchase this unique little cart that came from an Amish farm.....I can only imagine the little one working in the garden along side siblings, picking cucumbers, and filling the little cart with the bounty and taking it to the summer kitchen so Mother could make pickles.  Yeah...I have an imagination - and I love to tell stories!!

Have a fun filled day - 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


...and none too soon!  I have literally wasted my two days off doing things that I suppose needed to be done (like buying THREE new pairs of sandals ))?? but not really having much to show for it.  That is because I am the biggest "mess" maker and then when it finally gets overwhelming I must STOP and clean up.   (sigh)....I use to preach to my kids..."if you put things back where they "belong" then you would be able to find it"....Why can't I practice what I preach!!!
We are on the final countdown for the "Best Kept Secret Tour of Berks County" (begins June 15th) and I have to admit I am getting excited to see the "tour goers" !!  There are alot of really great places on the tour and I am sure everyone will have a fun time finding new and exciting places to visit!
Lots of new treasures are in the store as Tony has been working very hard.  We received new pinkeeps from Helen Voytilla and our Americana display is looking G O O D !! 
See you soon....

Friday, June 1, 2012


Busy as bees flitting from one flower to another - that will be my month of June!  With 8 of our 9 grands in school, the end of the school year brings assemblies, field trips and field days.   Winding up one sport season just to start another one!  The Berks Country Best Kept Secret Tour is the last 15 days of June with the first 15 days of June keeping the store "wonderful" for all who visit!  In the middle of all that is the trade show where I have to think Halloween and Christmas !!! WHEW!! I enjoy being busy however it makes "time" go too fast...what happened to MAY??
Sweet Annie is handing out our June "SPRINKLES" - stop in and pick one up!
 New candles are filling our shelves along with a NEW scent....PEACH MARMALADE!!
Can you imagine how wonderfully summery these will delight your senses!! (they will make you hungry)!!
16 oz.
 10 oz.

***Melissa Adams won our contest for guessing what the "gadget" was I posted the other day - it was a "Cork Compressor"....used years ago to compress corks when they were taken out of a jug or bottle - when they were removed they would swell and you could not put them back in...hence a new "gadget" was created..!!  Melissa wins one of our Herb Books from Long Creek Herb Farm...way to go Melissa!!