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Thursday, May 24, 2012


I never mind a rainy day as long as it doesn't "storm" with thunder and lightning - a nice summery, steady rain when the weather is warm is a "country pleasure" !  It also gives me time to concentrate on "inside" work (and there is PLENTY of that)!! 
I ALMOST have the email on the new computer figured out....I just have to "learn" how to put the names in groups.   Thanks to everyone who emailed with their kind words - I promise I did not remove anyone who didn't ask to be removed (I did have a few of those- :(  !!
Yesterday I met two storekeepers from Boyertown (a town not far from us) who own THE DANCING TREE - an eclectic mix of ALL Made in the USA from mostly local artisans.  I have never been to their store but you can bet I will be there soon - they are part of our Best Kept Secret tour and have sold over 200 bags of goodies....(remember when I was griping about all the work the promotional goodies were that went into the 2000 bags)!!! The Best Kept Secret Tour is coming up fast....June 15-30 - it should be a fun time to meet new friends and hopefully new customers! (I really wanted to get my "windows" washed before the tour.....maybe Monday, Memorial Day Tony and I can at least get the first floor cleaned)  It is not an easy task as I have the  18-20 inch windowsills filled to the brim with goodies for sale...(sigh)!!  (smiling)!!
I brought in two new scales to the store -  scales are fun to decorate with - and can be put in any room of the house!

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Joanne said...

I was out driving when the storm hit - couldn't see past my window! Held that steering wheel tight and there was thunder and lighting! Glad it's just raining now! Can't wait to hear all the tales about the "secret tour"