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Thursday, May 17, 2012


(taking a big breath and letting it out slowly)!!  You know how it goes here....Christmas gift - new washer -Valentine's gift - new dryer...and now Birthday computer!!  AND that scares the "daylight" out of me.  I do have an External Hard Drive BUT what if something is wrong, what if I lose EVERYTHING,  so many "what if's" !!  We have an IT Guy for a neighbor....(Tony and I are soooo technically lacking)  So he is coming over to install this evening.  I have so many programs that have to be reinstalled too..!!  (another deep breath and letting it out slowly)!!
SOOOO - hopefully my "Email List", pictures, favorites, (all those blogs I visit) will stay in tack and everything will go smoothly!  Everyone wish me luck!!
On a brighter note....the weather (after 3 days of rain) has been beautiful...I am working on an Americana Corner and I must admit it brightens up the store - feeling very "patriotic" these days!   The gardens look amazing - everything is in bloom (perennials) but we have yet to get those "marigolds" planted (a favorite of mine)!
Our "Gift Totes" sold so well I am making some for Memorial Day, white and blue... Perfect  hostess gift with a "Country Home Creations Dip" inside when you are invited to a picnic!   Come check them out !!
Have a good day and I will too!!


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Computers are real scary to me too Judy. My son is an IT at the hospital and my husband is quite handy too. Just wish I knew more! I'm sure everything will be ok and you won't lose it :) Have a great day!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I worry about my computer too and should get everything backed up. I put my photos on storage outside of the computer but it is scary.

Mammy said...

Oh no! I came to get the recipe for the radish chive dip and it's gone! I KNEW I should have written it down right then. Could you share it one more time, please? I PROMISE I'll copy it immediately.

Sorry about the computer problems. I'm not so lucky to have an IT guy next door. My neighbor is a cowboy....

Love your blog! Wish I could shop The Cinnamon Stick. Wish you'd fill your etsy shop. Just sayin'.....