We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What a "scorcher" today was - much too soon for 92 degree weather!!  I did go to the store to clean up my messes I made yesterday - I had to put all my ribbons on my "new" display rack...!!  I really love it but Tony was right (again) didn't hold as many ribbons as the ribbon holders did.   I didn't let that stop me...and "made-do" with what I had on hand (I am a great make-do innovator).  I even feel a bit more organized.  Here's what the paper cutter looks like now....I am tickled pink!!  Now I need to make an advertising sign for above....any ideas???
Here are a few more patriotic mice from Helen are the first to see them - so much sweeter in person...the stars and top hats are made of wool.  $29.

We are having quite the thunder storm right now...hope it cools things off - we live in an old farmhouse with only window air conditioning...which by the way are still in the attic!!
The vintage tin ice cream spoons are stamped "Olde Glory"  !!!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Remember this ribbon display - well it worked very well in our Threadgoods Room when we redid that room  last January (we sell lots of ribbon)...however today at the flea market I found a new piece.  We saw it when we first arrived...but it was too early to purchase a present for ME !! We needed goodies to fill the store for the upcoming Best Kept Secret Tour - so we passed on it....and as I am no different than any of our ATE at me...then it started biting me...and then I couldn't take the pain any longer and we went back and "lucky" for me...IT WAS STILL THERE!! (I have a sign in the store that states " you only regret what you didn't buy, not what you did)   Took my own advice and purchased it.  Then of course I asked Tony to take me to the store so we could "rearrange" that room AGAIN - He is a real KEEPER!!  Cause not only did this wall have to be rearranged but so did another room so I could use the top piece for our stationary again.  Like I said - he is a keeper!!

This is the new piece.....Tony has to make me new dowels (he's at Home Depot as I type) so my ribbon will fit on it (the originals were too thick)..Those who know me know I have a real passion for paper cutters - It is all one piece...isn't it great!!

 Can't you envision it filled with all our wonderful ribbons!!!
Tomorrow I will fill it up with the ribbon again....and post another picture !!
We had two days of "finders keepers" (spent lots of $$$) however, we found great treasures to fill the store.
Helen Voytilla stopped Sunday and brought me GREAT new goodies too and Joanne McIllmurray brought the best "shoe shine box" with a hooked rug top - more about these goodies later!

Friday, May 25, 2012


I love the unique and unusual "make-do" and "necessary" every day items from the past.   Simple but much needed for everyday life on the farm.   This is just such a piece....AND if you can guess what it is I will reward you with one of our great herb books from Jim Long of Long Creek Herb Farm.  Take the challenge...
What is this??

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I never mind a rainy day as long as it doesn't "storm" with thunder and lightning - a nice summery, steady rain when the weather is warm is a "country pleasure" !  It also gives me time to concentrate on "inside" work (and there is PLENTY of that)!! 
I ALMOST have the email on the new computer figured out....I just have to "learn" how to put the names in groups.   Thanks to everyone who emailed with their kind words - I promise I did not remove anyone who didn't ask to be removed (I did have a few of those- :(  !!
Yesterday I met two storekeepers from Boyertown (a town not far from us) who own THE DANCING TREE - an eclectic mix of ALL Made in the USA from mostly local artisans.  I have never been to their store but you can bet I will be there soon - they are part of our Best Kept Secret tour and have sold over 200 bags of goodies....(remember when I was griping about all the work the promotional goodies were that went into the 2000 bags)!!! The Best Kept Secret Tour is coming up fast....June 15-30 - it should be a fun time to meet new friends and hopefully new customers! (I really wanted to get my "windows" washed before the tour.....maybe Monday, Memorial Day Tony and I can at least get the first floor cleaned)  It is not an easy task as I have the  18-20 inch windowsills filled to the brim with goodies for sale...(sigh)!!  (smiling)!!
I brought in two new scales to the store -  scales are fun to decorate with - and can be put in any room of the house!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


.....and me are just not very compatible...I do everything the hard way I am sure! (big smile)...My Cinnamonn Stick store email addresses did not transfer over on the new machine and I have been sending out emails trying to find out who still "wants" to receive our emails and now I have to figure out how to group them before I mess all that up.....WOE IS ME !!
I'll get it (one way or another) !! 
On a brighter note...I have not been to the store for two days and am anxious to get there this morning!  It is going to be a beautiful week and weekend for the Memorial Day holiday.   Remember if you need a hostess gift for this holiday celebration, we have some inexpensive "cool" goodies for you that your "hostess" is sure to love!!   Great tasting dips too for veggies or fruit if you are hosting the party!
This display stand just came in the store Sunday - it is a new piece (not old) - (really would love to keep it myself) but it has to go...

Monday, May 21, 2012


Yesterday was such a fun day at the store...first had customers who we haven't seen for awhile and it was great to "catch-up" and show them all the changes the store has gone through!   While they were there we had some visitors.....and what a "show-off this fellow was_
Meet Marconi....he is an African Grey Parrot - 13 years old....AND so well behaved...(he even sang Happy Birthday to me) !!  Here he is with his friend ( I forgot the pups name :( !! )
He spied the iced tea and wanted a drink....
Marconi has very good manners and can visit us anytime....
Friday the SUMMER issue of "A Simple Life" magazine arrived....lots of great pictures and articles...
 I was also busy "stamping" more herb spoons and even...
found some "baby spoons" to to attach to a gift!!

Still trying to get use to the new computer...but it is getting better....!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


We have put together a cupboard full of Americana goodies for your summerthyme decorating - 
Americana Totes - great hostess gift with one of our dips, jams or trinkets!
 Framed Star Spangled Banner print - AMERICA wood sign -
 Handmade flags on sticks,  Americana tags and flag pillows to hang...
 Picture these watering cans filled with American huh!!
 Lots more to come.....

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I am typing on my "new" keyboard is alittle different in"touch"so bear with me!  So far everything downloaded...but I am just getting use to all the new folders etc...(not fun ----yet)!!!
Sadly I have to purchase a new porgram - Microsoft - in order to get my Outlook account....and YES all my email addresses are stored on there...I have had that account for so long I haven't a clue what the password is so when I get the new program installed it will be interesting to say the least.  My greatest fear (Connie from Log Cabin Primitives) had to listen to my "agonizing" for an hour today over the phone...(thank you Connie for your patience and friendship)...and just what I was sooooo afraid of happened...fingers crossed it will all work out and I will NOT have to put 1500 email addresses back into a computer...yi yi yi !!
Off I go to"try" nd figure out "stuff" !! 


(taking a big breath and letting it out slowly)!!  You know how it goes here....Christmas gift - new washer -Valentine's gift - new dryer...and now Birthday computer!!  AND that scares the "daylight" out of me.  I do have an External Hard Drive BUT what if something is wrong, what if I lose EVERYTHING,  so many "what if's" !!  We have an IT Guy for a neighbor....(Tony and I are soooo technically lacking)  So he is coming over to install this evening.  I have so many programs that have to be reinstalled too..!!  (another deep breath and letting it out slowly)!!
SOOOO - hopefully my "Email List", pictures, favorites, (all those blogs I visit) will stay in tack and everything will go smoothly!  Everyone wish me luck!!
On a brighter note....the weather (after 3 days of rain) has been beautiful...I am working on an Americana Corner and I must admit it brightens up the store - feeling very "patriotic" these days!   The gardens look amazing - everything is in bloom (perennials) but we have yet to get those "marigolds" planted (a favorite of mine)!
Our "Gift Totes" sold so well I am making some for Memorial Day, white and blue... Perfect  hostess gift with a "Country Home Creations Dip" inside when you are invited to a picnic!   Come check them out !!
Have a good day and I will too!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


It was an absolutely beautiful day in Eastern PA today....and my children made me feel like a QUEEN!!  The store was a bit busy too...(added bonus of working on Mother's Day)!!   I am feeling very "special" today!!
Now I have to take stock and check my list for May -
1.  May Day - checked off
2.  Herb Faire - checked off
3.  Mother's Day - checked off
Guess all there is left this month is Memorial Day....looks like I will be spending the next two days making some Americana goodies for the store.  I have a few fun ideas to start with...
We still have some herb plants for sale and a few new garden toys to play with!  I will try to make up a "fairy garden" or two,  that will be for sale - sorry we are not having any classes this year - too many other happenings !!
Still working on a summer garden class project though....!!

All day today I have really been missing my Mom who passed Jan. 2004 - then my brother sent me this little bit of humor...and I knew all was okay up there !!

 God's Problem Now: 
Their Mother's graveside service was just barely finished, when there was a massive clap of  thunder, followed by a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder rumbling in the distance. 
Her daughter looked at the pastor and calmly said, "Well, she's there."


Saturday, May 12, 2012


( the pool is heated)!!

This is Trilby's first time in the pool....they told me she LOVED it!!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone...

Friday, May 11, 2012


Tony has been a worker bee this past week getting "new" goodies ready for the store.  Yesterday I had to "rearrange" to fit some of the items this scale - unusual!!
I never mind rearranging things as it is like "play" for me...(I loved my dollhouse when I was a little girl) I am still playing only on a "bigger" scale!!(big smile)!!
The back entrance to the store greets you with a vintage purse of fresh flowers -

I really enjoy my gardens this time of year....even the "weeds" are blooming with pretty flowers!
...and I am still "pounding" away with the "garden spoons" !!
Now I must get ready as it is "GRANDPARENTS DAY"  at the grands elementary school - I am visiting with Blakely in her first grade class....(she tells me she is in 2 plays..."The Three Little Pigs" and "Billy Goat Gruff"  - can't wait!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love this month....I think it is the "fairest" of all !  Lots of new beginnings - planting our gardens with flowers and vegetables - mowing the grass - dinner outside - rocking on the front porch - drinking cool drinks like iced tea and lemonade - STRAWBERRIES - sandals and short sleeves !!  I could go on an on (and I usually do - big smile)
Another new beginning -
My friend Jan Reese is opening a new store - 'Pippi and Peanuts Eclectic Boutique" - I am so excited for her !!
 Visit her soon - I am sure you will find her style and unique items a must have!!  Here is some info -

Jan has so many wonderful ideas of how she wants her store to be - workshops are in the planning stages - it is so exciting to have a "new" store to visit !!
Have a sunshiny day today - !!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Have you purchased your Mother's Day gifts yet?  Sadly my Mother has passed but I do have two very special people that I like to remember on Mother's Day... I share with them a small token of affection to let them know how important they are to me!
We have sweet gifts for Mother's Day, from small gifts of remembrance to "How did you put up with my teenage years" gifts!!  I am sure you can find something very special at The Cinnamon Stick !!
We also have these great little totes to packaged your gifts....can be as unique as an Organic bar of Garden Soap  from "Crows Nest Primitives Shoppe" or a nice gift certificate for Mom to choose her own gift.   (and lots of other goodies too!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I have nothing to write about ....I certainly don't want to bore you with my day today which was filled with laundry and grocery shopping!  
Today I took a much needed rest from The Cinnamon Stick - so I stayed home and just "chilled"!  Even watched Dr. Phil !!
Now believe me - I love my job and I LOVE my store but I have been going ultra strong since February and was glad I didn't have any classes or parties to plan on a day off...(big smile)!! I did do a month's worth of paperwork. (Procrastinate much)!! Laurie I promise your kit is going out this week and Deb your rye basket too!!
The picture is of rosette's I made last week  I purchased a butterfly punch made by EK and it punches 3 different butterflies that you can glue together...using a solid background and then some pretty paper for the top punches little designs in the butterfly. ( I only used two of the punches)... Then bent the wings a bit to look like they landed on the rosette.  I gave them away to my friend Jan who is just opening a new store in Quakertown - Pippa and Peanuts Eclectic Boutique - I will write all about her store in another post.   
Well...that is that of my post about tomorrow I will get my "groove" back on!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


...for our Herb Faire....the sun was shining (actually got hot in the afternoon), the herbs were showing off how wonderful they are and I got to spend some time with fun customers!  It was a very grand day indeed!
Here are some "before" pictures....
Our sign made by Ivonne of The Crackling Crows (she can be found on tdipt)

 Robinbirdwhislte at her greeting station!

 ...coleus love it in our flower box and soon will overwhelm the whole box...we break off pieces for customers to root.
...olde seeder to plant and hang...a creeper..(really neat and we have two)
 ...pots to make your own gardens!
 ...anything can be used to plant in....this is a straw hat!
 ..old coal scuttle! red? This child's wheelbarrow is for you!
...and Wendy (a favorite customer) starting Linnea off on the right "country foot" - Linnea (3 mos.) smiles and smiles but every time I put the camera up she just stared at me....when I put it down she I captured half a smile...but even half a smile from this sweet little one is special!
Hope you enjoyed the little tour....forgot to take a picture of the goodies...Rosemary Tea Cooler, Lavender Egg Salad tea sandwiches, Rose Geranium Pound Cake, and our infamous Radish & Chive Spread !!
Come visit this weekend and "Please Touch the Herbs" !!