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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Time went so fast today - I can never accomplish what I set out to do - !!
Yesterday Tony and I went to the Market Square Trade show and found it to be full of shoppers and everyone seemed to be in a good mood... the vendors were very excited about the orders they had gotten.
We found some really cool items and can't wait to share them with you.
New fabric should be arriving tomorrow (Wednesday) it has been backed ordered forever - all a great vintage homespun look from French General!! 
I am happily thinking SPRING - bunnies and posies - peeps and colored eggs.   Guess I am going to have to set a date for SPRING MARKET.  It sure felt like spring today - and I KNOW as soon as I set a date it will snow that day. (big smile)!!
Hmmm...just heard on the news it IS going to snow tomorrow...(hopefully just alittle bit)!!  I can handle alittle bit - after all it is winterthyme! (can you tell I am thinking herbally??? )!!
For those that are patiently waiting - our candle order arrived and the shelves are full  (boy does that room smell delicious)!
I have made the what I am going to do with the olde library card catalog table (large piece across from cash counter)...Since we will not be using it as Miss Wigglesworth's Candy Counter - it will become Miss Wigglesworth's Gourmet Market!!!  I have filled some of the drawers with dips/spreads already and soon some Cooke Tavern soups will arrive.  Can't wait to serve you this !!  Delish!!  I am ordering some herbal jams tomorrow and will have some "special" tea bags for sale.  Hoping this will become a "special" treat for all our customers. 
Well...after being at the trade show I am going to pull out my "burlap" seems it was everywhere on does have a nice, clean, primitive look.
Stop by soon and see what we are up too!!!

1 comment:

ctlogcabin said...

Miss Judy ...
Glad you found "stuff" at Market.
As long as Miss Wigglesworth's Counter has "Food Stuff" Paul will be Happy.
If it can't be Candy he will take Dips & Soups. lol
Sorry we attended on different days I was looking
for a Real Thyme Hug. Miss Ya xox