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Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well...looks like March is going to "come in like a lion"....and that is okay - cause once you walked into THE CINNAMON STICK  it will be "instant Springthyme"!!!  Of course only if you recognized spring as
Chocolate Bunnies...

Fancy Bunnies

..and Prim Chickies...
                                                      ... peeps and eggs under glass...

..little baskets with pretty flowers

AND OF COURSE....ROBINS....a sure sign of SPRING!!!
We have a unique display of Easter and Spring treasures to complete all your decorating needs.....~~~
The March "SPRINKLES" (the store newsletter) is now available -  so...if you need a bit of spring....visit the store we are pretty sure you will find it a fun visit!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I must have a "thing" for carrots this year (along with Easter eggs) as they keep popping up all over The Cinnamon Stick!!  There are fabric carrots, wooden carrots and great big giant carrots...I even found a velvet carrot!! (think I NEED more of those!!)
There is much to do before the opening of our SPRING MARKET this Thursday....goodies to sew, stuff and bake!!  A store to clean...florals to price and display...Never enough Thyme...hmmmm reminds me - hopefully next week we will have some herb plants so you can enjoy "garden days" in March!!
Here are some goodies Dianne made just for you....
Giant Carrots to hang....(made in a vintage aged corduroy with wool felt leaves)
 Bunny girls peeking out of an egg...(made from antique crazy quilt)
 ...and the baby chicks !!!  These are so sweet!
Also here is a picture of the hand painted wooden eggs covered in wax... set of 6 !!
Lots of goodies for you to decorate with!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


...and I have a thousand words to describe the pictures!!
First - is this not a blessing from "Heaven"...Linnea Genevieve Bisbort - 2 weeks old!!  I know those 9 months went slowly for Momma...but to me they just flew by...CONGRATULATIONS WENDY AND GALEN FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us today!

On the way to the store this morning I "ran" into a BLIZZARD ~~ honestly, you couldn't see 100 feet in front of you...the wind was "crazy" !!  The sun came out and dried up all the "snow drops" but not till after it sugar coated the grass and trees....our side yard waiting for spring decorations...
 The back porch flower box where I am growing "carrots".....freeze dried today!!
AND...Joanne came by and gifted The Cinnamon Stick with wonderful new rughooked goodies...unbelievable workmanship....sold the white bunny already!! cute are these chick a doos !!
...a sweet lamb pillow (wool backing)
 and...oh yeah...this silly storekeeper decided to make a sign for her back door (main entrance to store).  So she printed out the words BUNNY HOP on wonderful vintage music pages - AND then she clever it would be to print on both sides so when you entered it said Bunny Hop and when you left it said...
..ut - oh  !!  (shaking her head at her silliness)!!
A SAVING GRACE FOR THE DAY ...was our NEST BANNER class...what a fun time I had with these gals!!
 Katie stenciling the "S"
 Martha stenciling...Kim waiting for her turn..
Kim's Banner
 Martha's Banner
 Mary's Banner
Katie and Debbie's Banners
 Sandi's Banner
 ..what happened to Michelle's....???  I think I forgot to get her picture with her banner....but is was great! did that picture get in there???  Well...this was another "highlight" of my day....Cathie and her daughter Eva...NEVER ever visit without a treat for me....and Friday was no soon as they walked out the door ..
...this happened... half eaten Strawberry Shortcake...devine!!
Tomorrow I will show you all the wonderful treasures Dianne made for the store....I am loving THE CINNAMON STICK  all "dressed up" in it's Easter Finery !!!

Friday, February 24, 2012


I couldn't resist sharing this....Enjoy your day today!!!

Q: What is the most common remark made by 60-plus year olds when they enter antique stores? A: "Gosh, I remember these!"

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have been having many problems with trying to post lately....and still this is just very weird and different than I am use too...but I am giving it the old college try any way....!!
Lots of wonderful spring and Easter goodies have arrived these past two days....overwhelming to get it unpacked and "fluffed", priced and displayed....needless to say I am waaaaayyy behind schedule...but trying hard to catch up.
Tomorrow night is our "NEST" banner class so that has kept me busy making up the kits....finding all the "sticks" and tonight making a Pineapple Cheese Spread ( that I will serve in little celery bites) and brownies... the second batch is still in the oven!  (we always "NEED" a food break when we are crafting so hard!!
Some of our goodies...
Eggs stained in beautiful primary colors made from gourds...
Our resident Peter Rabbit....with a cart full of eggs all "a glitter" !!
This is one of the Easter trees...wish the picture would have turned out better...oh's the operator not the camera!!
 ..the sweetest decoration..little flower tartlets with a battery tea yellow, peach and mint green!
The store is all decorated for Easter - and Dianne just brought me two boxes of treasures that I can't wait to share with you....I love our artists...they are so unique and genuine!!
Oooppps...there goes the timer on the oven....will share more tomorrow....!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

NOW I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.... my strawberries !!! pretty in pink wool! velvet shamrock with Squeaky O'Toole resting upon it!
 ...and a cup of Irish Mouse!!!  All created by Helen Voytilla - just for The Cinnamon Stick!
Joanne McIllmurray gifted the store with a fabulous amount of rughooked goodies....I didn't have time to get pictures (except for this one) - but will post as soon as I can!!
Hooked pillow with peep !!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Workshop is filled...

..we will be making this mixed media banner - perfect to hang on a window, cupboard door, pegged rack (like one of our rope bed wall racks as shown), above the mantel...from the mantel...(you get my idea!) surrounded with a gathering of olde or new birdnests!!  
Friday, February 24th
6 pm. to 9 pm.
Cost - $12.00
Refreshments served !
I will post "close-up" pictures on our Picture Trail this evening - how sweet to welcome SPRING 2012!!!
(after all that rain yesterday today the SUN is suppose to shine...happy to see it)!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


For all the fabric-addicts out there you must stop in and just "feel" the new fabric from French General - woven cotton - a reproduction of the wonderful old French homespun is a peek!
I KNOW you will have to own a yard or two!!
The other day I heard one of my customers tell her friend  "You never regret what you did buy, just what you DIDN'T buy" that customer !!!  Writing that on the slateboard behind the counter....just a gentle reminder to those who "hesitate" !! 
Have a sweet day - which translates into "we are taste-testing Blueberry Walnut Dip" this week!!! Yummy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ah....if only life was as simple as could be !!  The Spring issue of  "A SIMPLE LIFE" magazine is now in the store for sale...browse thru the pages for some great inspiration!
Yesterday I couldn't wait any longer and started to decorate the store for spring and alittle bit of I am on a roll!  It was like - finally - I broke the ice and was ready to make the change.  It always seems a bit early when you are "shivering" outside to see the pretty colors of spring inside.  This is a favorite time of the year to decorate - surrounding oneself with the softer colors of spring and Easter.  I am happy!!
I must remember to go check our forsythia bush and see if any little buds are appearing....usually in February I can cut a few sprigs, bring them into the house in a crock of water, and they will sprout beautiful yellow flowers - a true sign of what is to come!
Spring thoughts swirling in the air....

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Did you ever count how many "pincushions" you "non-sewing" friend has double the amount of me and I sew all the time!!   Since there are so many unique variations of pin keeps and cushions, using every known medium out there, I think most "ladies" have a pincushion or make-do pin keep of some type !  Here are a few that I have been working on. 
 They are made of fabric and a salt/pepper shaker lid is carefully glued to the top - using the holes to put your pins in!  Fun !!
This was an open top lid that I made a "cushion" for and then glued it onto the bottom...
..view of the tops
Not my original idea - Vicki S. made us each one at our Christmas gathering as a hostess gift...hers was much tinier and I am going to "try" (keyword is try) to make some "tiny" ones too.  
These are for sale in the store now...don't you just think they are the "cat's meow" !!!  XO

Saturday, February 11, 2012


....well almost every day, something new arrives at store....these wonderful...unique...fabulous..terrific..super-duper...special ribbons arrived yesterday!!!
They are ivory in color with black and the keys are black and gold - 100% cotton - I even aged some to see how it would look...and it looks great - just my pictures never are that great!  $1.00 per yard...can't beat that for something so fantastic!!

Stop in today and purchase a few yards...