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Saturday, January 14, 2012


One big mess that is for sure!!  Today, Tony goes with me to the store (early) to take the "new" cutting table that he made for me  - it is really perfect!  But he fussed (and whined a bit too) until he convinced me that I needed to keep the Make-Do room just like it was because the new table fit in there - wwwweeeeeelllllll - he knew I was not a happy camper as we hung ribbon holders on the wall and moved this from there and that from here.   ONE BIG MESS !!! Not my "vision" at all.   Later in the day (as we just left the mess cause customers started coming) he called to tell me we could move the Make-Do room into the bigger one....(don't know why he just didn't do that in the first place as we both knew I was going to get my way)...sigh!!
So tomorrow....he promised to do it my way and I can be "boss" !!  (I asked "can I be boss"? - and he muttered "I was always the boss"... true - but I thought it was nice to ask!!...he loves me)!!!(grinning)
So tomorrow the upstairs will be CLOSED to thru traffic as we start from scratch.  (why do men always make it harder than it is??) I will take some pics of before, during and after.  I know this may seem silly to you but this building is filled with deep windowsills, doorways, and stone walls.  Each room has two small wooden walls to hang things on...the rest are stone - the little rooms (10' X 11') have 3 windows each and antique lighting that hangs in the middle that something has to be underneath or you will walk into the light.   Not such an easy project to display - and I have this disease with horrid symptoms like "I need to change this room around cause I don't like it anymore" !!  I would do it all myself ...except....there are heavy items that need to be hung on the wall and for that I need Mr Muscles !!  These are the same items I made Tony move last January (just so you know where he is coming from).   Wish me luck tomorrow as I start a three day project - (I have my duct tape ready in case he starts that "whining" again!!! 


Joanne said...

Poor Tony! Better watch it - you know how men like THEIR DUCT tape - he may have gotten himself some of that new "designer" stuff for you!

moosecraft said...

Oh my! Good luck to the both of you! I don't know how anything can be moved from room to room up there! I'm excited to see the pictures of the process though! I know it will be a coy place when all settled! Stay warm!

Mel said...

As my grandson tells his Grampy... "Grampa, a women is always right"

I don't know about that, but change is good!

Look forward to seeing the photo's and hearing all about the move.

Mel (another PA. girl)

ctlogcabin said...

Like I tell Paul ... don't argue
you know ...... "Lucy Always got the Hat" Eventually. LOL
~~ "Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz"
Good Luck, I know how hard you both work to
make everything look so Wonderful !! xox

Prims By The Water said...

Bob and I go through the same thing each month when we re-do the front of our store..whew its such a project...and we move stuff his way..only to move it back my way! good luck to you and Tony! Take care, Janice