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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Alot was accomplished today - ALOT!! -we knew we had to get everything on the walls that needed to be hung - I went to the store earlier than Tony and took EVERYTHING out of the Make-Do Room and the big room and stuck all that I could in  -what we call The Green Room - cause when we moved into this store everything in this room was green - (big smile)!  This is what it looked like when Tony arrived -

This is what didn't fit and was in the main room.....
This is the Green Room now.....really - I made a big dent in it.   Not with all the small stuff just the display pieces - We spent the better part of the day getting the cupboards and shelving hung up. 
I had a wooden chicken nester on the back porch for sale and took the price off as I just knew it would make a great display piece for the new "Threadgoodes" room.   AND - it does BUT was it ever one heavy heavy heavy piece to get on the wall - Picture is of Tony taking one of the 1000 nails out of the wall (big smile)  (True story - when he painted our kitchen one time he counted 240 nails he pulled you have to understand the kitchen has wooden beams and I had lots of cookie cutters hung on them - so not as crazy as it sounds)..well maybe it is!!)
These are the girls...I think they look sweet in the little step up to the second floor of the store next to us!
Empty cupboards - but this is the only cupboard that stayed where it the top of the stairs!  I am going to have lots of shelves and cupboard space to keep this room growing and growing!
What the main room looks like now (far end)....see the chicken nester on the wall in the back of the room!!  It will hold vintage music, emphera and old books etc...cardstock and paper....and who knows what else!
The front end is starting to look like something too.... oops!! for the tag on the olde button tin....gotta fix that tomorrow...
Will keep you posted of how it is going.....keep wishing me far so good!! (alittle peek at my new cutting table....)


Angela said...

Wow that looks like a lot of work. Peeping into all those rooms and so many prims,,, too much fun. Would love to be there to shop and help you sort. Hee,hee, I wouldn't be too much help,, I would be shopping.
Rest tonight,, you deserve it.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hmm, can you bottle up your energy and sell it? You'd make a fortune :) Good job at getting so much done!!

moosecraft said...

The two of you are a whirlwind, that's for sure! I can hardly recognize each room! lol! I did spy the white table i hope is still there when I am able to get back out there! lol! ;-)

Prims By The Water said...

The after pics look great! Would love to get my hands on one of those chicken nesters...would be a great place to put my fabric at home. Take care, Janice

Joanne said...

wow you did get a lot done! So how do you feel today? I'm sure you over-did!