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Thursday, January 5, 2012


January is a "tough" month as I just seem to want to do "SO MUCH" and time just flitters away from me.  I spent the whole day yesterday pricing and didn't get half done - hmmmmm - maybe because I have this "thing" about our price tags...!!  
Helen decided not to come till Friday as she wanted to have more items for us (thinking time is "flittering" away from all of us)!!  The store is starting to look "quite festive" with all the Valentine goodies popping up here and there.   I know some of you do not decorate for Valentine's Day but to me it is a really fun time to share your "love" of family, friends and The Cinnamon Stick !!  Just alittle note or gift of recognition to someone special is always appreciated ~~
***ATTENTION - Mothers and Grandmothers of little girls....look what we have for sale -

Old-fashioned hankerchiefs inside a Valentine Card for little girls.   I just adore these - the card inside is blank - they come with an envelope and all for only $3.50 !!  There are 6 different cards with 6 different hankerchiefs.
Hankerchiefs take me on a trip down "Memory Lane" as my Grandmother "always" had a hankerchief with her.  I would sit and watch as she sprayed it with perfune (White Shoulders) and place in her purse when going out.  Her vanity had a drawer just for hankerchiefs...sadly I didn't appreciate all that then and gosh knows what happened to all of them when she passed.  I have seen vintage hankerchiefs framed and made into a collage with other items - a customer just told me she saw a quilt made of vintage unique!  I don't have any in the store right now but always looking for them..they seem to sell in spurts and many fond memories are often shared with us.  
Have a great is certainly WINTER here these past days....brrrrrrrrrr !!


moosecraft said...

These handkerchief cards are so dang cute! The velvet hearts in the heading pic look great too! I'm making mini red velvet hearts for a wool feather tree this weekend... ;-)

Joanne said...

Wonder if that is Sharon's white feather tree! LOL Anyway those hankies and cards are adorable! I can image what a time you had yesterday - first you had to unload all your goodies and that would have worn me out!

The Cinnamon Stick said...

...and take down the outside Christmas decorations on both porches in the "bitter" cold! AND I lost one of my gloves and had to wear a "garden" glove on one hand!(still smiling)!!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

What a very sweet card for a little girl. I love vintage hankies. I collect them for my daughter.

Prims By The Water said...

What a cute idea for valentine cards with the hankies! Love em Judy. Can't wait to see more. Take care, Janice ps: it was 50 today in our part of Michigan. More like Spring instead of Winter.