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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Found lots of goodies on my road trip today with Joanne.  We went Lancaster way and hit all the wholesale places...lots of fun items will be in the store this week.  Thank goodness, cause the store looks funny being so sparse after a treasure filled Christmas.  
The first trade show is this week and I am anxious to see what I can find new and exciting.  Then I have to wait another whole month for the next big one...
I am very happy however that Helen is coming tomorrow (Wednesday) with some Valentine goodies for you.  I am so appreciative for the gals that make handmades for keeps us unique and different from all the other stores.  I have been working on hearts, hearts and more hearts....and Tony has a nice supply of smalls for me to bring to the store tomorrow. 
I am soooooo ready to redo the big room upstairs but it is going to be a "major" job trying to figure what is going to go where - and making it work for us and not against the customer.  Do I put the stationary back in the little room...should I keep the candles where they are? (do I dare tell Tony I want to move everything back the way it was?) - (said with a nervous little smile)...I mean he's sweet and kind and all that but don't want to press my luck or his patience....which I have been known to do....(guilty smile)!!  I know he will do whatever I wish but I want to make sure my wish is REALLY what I want....(see what he has to put up with)!!
Last week we got in a bunch of new ribbons...some velvet ric-rac in red, sweet pea and raspberry - they are really fun.  Valentine ribbon ...satins that you can stamp....and more. I have new ribbon holders too....can't wait for the big "redo" to get them hung.    I love to tie ribbons on everything...years ago everything got a piece of homespun tied to it is ribbons....(loving the ribbons)!!
I am working on our first class of the new year....and will post it soon.   Now that the holidays are over I am hoping to get organized and back into a good routine...wish me well !!


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

How exciting for you. I know a shop is a lot of hard work but it must be so much fun, too!
I love ribbon and ric rac. Especially the tiny ones for doll clothes.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

How fun to have someone along to help you shop. And Joanne is a terrific shopper :)!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Happy New Year! Glad you had fun shopping today. We are going to the Columbus markets next week and I can't wait. Working on handmades right now to help fill some of the BIG holes from Christmas. Have fun whatever you decide to do, Dawn

Prims By The Water said...

Love your Valentine goodies! Especially that white wool tree...I still have no thad time to make the black one I ordered las tyear. LOL. Can't wait to see more of your goodies. I started making some red velvet hearts. Love how they turned out. Take care, Janice