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Monday, January 9, 2012


Today I am stuck home while my car gets it is "forcing" me to get all my invoices posted for November AND December!  I just stack them (do it every year although I promise myself I won't) and then I have to post so many at once...I seem to purchase alot in these months...(grinning)!!  I also promised myself that my Income Tax will be done early this year....part of my organization resolution!
I am a bit under the weather....the "bug" got me and makes me a tad miserable when I want to do so much.
Tony made me the neatest table for the new Make-Do room which is also changing it's name - (this room has grown) and now I am going to name it the  "Threadgoods" room (a sickness I have - everything has to have a name)- we have the bestest ribbons and some specialty fabrics along with lots of new and vintage goodies to share with you.  We need more room as I would like to keep "supplies" for all seasons so one can create whenever they wish for whatever season.  Halloween in May, Christmas in July - works for me!!
This is going to be a major challenge and might take a while to get it just where I want.  So I am just telling myself to be patient and apologize to customers for the mess.  We have a wooden chicken nester for sale on the back porch and now I decided what a perfect place to sell papers and how-to books from! (so off the price tag went) ..the problem now is what wall to hang it on ??????  I only have two small walls of barnwood in this room - the rest is stone.  Will keep you up-to-date with the doings!!
A new little "heartspun" goodie now in the store - vintage bobbin and lace with a handsewn heart glued to top ~~~red burlap string around bobbin!

 ...fits perfectly under our tiny cloches too!


ctlogcabin said...

Hi My Friend ~~ I too have been sick :-( and under the weather since New Years. Yuck !! I'm much better now and dreaming of PA.
I hope you can shake what has gotten you,
and are feeling all good & new soon.
Love & Hugs ~~ xox

Joanne said...

Sorry you have been sick! Now don't think you are getting another rug now that you changed the name of the room (SMILE SMILE) LOL

The Cinnamon Stick said...

You are funny....The Make-Do hooked rug is a favorite and will be prominently displayed as this is still what the room is ALL ABOUT! "Threadgoodes" gives me an excuse to have "loose threads" on the floor..(big smile)!! Since alot in this room is all about "threads" put together to make "make-do's" I think it works perfectly!