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Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
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Sunday, January 29, 2012


It seems olde canning/mason jars are making a HUGE comeback and not only in the world of "country" !!  Of course some of us never saw them leave!!    Having the store I see some trends "come and go" - however, olde jars and bottles seem to be a staple.  My "vast" collection of "buttons" came from collecting olde jars - whenever, I found a jar that I "had" to have, it was usually filled with buttons!  A commitment to "waste not want not" -  I find myself taking the buttons off of worn out shirts (mostly Tony's) that are going to the rag bin just like my great-grandmother always did.  (I wish I had her button jars)!

Tony has been busy busy busy - cleaning jars - mostly quarts and 2 quarts as the pints are getting harder to find here lately.  He works very hard cleaning the zinc lids of all the minerals from years of water baths - so that you can use them without fear of  "yuck" !!  I go in "binges" where all my jars are on my kitchen counters and on my Hoosier - and then I put them all away in the cupboards.  I store everything from food, nails, coins and of course buttons in them.  

If you "need" some storage jars - you know where to come!!

Friday, January 27, 2012


It is hard to believe January is coming to a close and February is on the horizon. February has never been my favorite month by any means.(and this year it is even  l o n g e r  with the Leap Year day added)!!  Most  February days are quite dismal and grey and REALLY need to be perked up with RED VALENTINES!!

Our February issue of "Sprinkles" is now in the store - stop in to get your copy.  (just alittle newsy note from us to you)!  
 Yesterday the order came in with the "Tonic" scissors...(love, love, love them) - they are so great to cut paper or cloth - cushioned "BIG" handles and the points can get into all those "tight" places when cutting!   They are for sale upstairs in the Make-Do Room - along with lots of new Distress Inks.  Using the Distress Ink pads are my favorite and "quickest" way to age paper goods with no mess right at my counter.  There is a new "Forest Moss" that I haven't used before...has a great prim look for my tags!!! 
If you are making your Valentine cards, we have some fun heart cut outs that you can use and lots of pretty ribbons..."handcrafted is heartspun" !!
 Saying "Good-bye" to Mr. Snow for another year....he spends 3 months of the year with us on the "outhouse" door welcoming you,  but it is time for him to go home - (he seems pretty happy about it).... my thoughts are thinking of springthyme!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Makes you proud of small town USA !!!


Yesterday I went to the store to "clean" but that didn't happen...I can get so side-tracked when I am there.  You know how it is...walking all the way to the Attic Studio when something gets your attention and you start playing and then go back downstairs only to realize that you FORGOT what you went "all the way up" to the attic for!  That's me, and that was me yesterday. 
I purchased some paper shred in "bulk" that I believe is just wonderful!  Tea Green, Plum and Kraft.  I made labels and couldn't wait to repackage it.  I call it "CRINKLES" and the colors are country prim and perfect for gift baskets, Easter baskets, filling flower pots of faux many uses. 
I want to display them in the Gift Wrapping Counter but Tony has to fix the "lights"...maybe today he can do that...(if I bug hard enough)!!
Also, a new potpourri named "Genevieve" is in the store....springtime fragrance and perfect for bedroom or bath!  Really nice to display in a pretty little bowl or saucer.
My advice for today -
One of the many signs we have for sale - now off I go to "FOLLOW MY BLISS" !!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Apologies to those who follow me and have me on their sidebar with the post that said testing....I thought I could just delete it and didn't figure it would show up anywhere....duh!! (I was trying something)

So tonight I visit (as I do everyday) Lori's from Notforgotten Farm blog    and she has a post on strawberries she is making for a winter market she is doing.  Never ever thought of displaying berries before May...and even more so in June - our berry picking time.
However one of the artist who makes for the store came in last week and asked if I remembered what she sold me some berries for - and I remembered that I had a bag or two left over and went to the summer bin and pulled them out to check the price.  Since they were out I left them on my counter and the very next customer comes in and wants to purchase them...stating that Valentine's Day always makes her think of strawberries...???  So hey - maybe someone else thinks this way too so I got another bag and some loose berries and they are selling!!  Maybe it is that "chocolate covered strawberry" delight that makes one think of berries at Valentine's Day!!  I think I will sew up some velvet strawberries tomorrow !!
Thanks for the inspiration Lori!!!


WOW....when I looked at the pictures I thought..."no one would ever believe we were able to create in such a mess" ...(big smile!!)  But we did and this was a really fun class with really fun gals!  Here they are hard at work...there was a LOT of cutting and gluing and glittering!
 Sara and Grace (who I was afraid this might be too much cutting for them were the first ones finished cutting and helped Mom - and they were perfect!) how everyone mingles and gets to know each other.

Show-offs - AND we love show-offs!!!  Kim and Martha~~xo
Mom and Daughter creating together...
Sorry this pics are not great....the BE MINE banner -
 ...our LOVE BIRDS..

...a LOVE BIRD decorated (punch out lacy heart - glittered and glued on)  Pretty!

..and you saw our Valentine in the previous post.
Need to thank these gals for a really fun Friday evening - class ran long....but no one seemed to mind - especially ME!  Can't wait for the next gathering of friends.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is the Valentine Card we made in class.....can you see yourself in the little mirror...well - you should because THE CINNAMON STICK LOVES YOU!!!


Last evening we had a Valentine Workshop and it was so much fun.  Eleven gals took part and everyone created - cutting, gluing, glittering - the most fun projects.  We made a "BE MINE" pennant banner - 3 Love Birds with vintage music - and a Valentine heart for your sweetheart.   It took much longer than I thought but no one seemed to mind.  I left at 10 pm and didn't clean up a thing. (The spirits are going to have a ball up there(Attic Studio) with all the paper, stamps, punches and glitter that didn't get put away)  In my haste I left my camera at the store and will have to post pictures later.   I am pretty sure everyone had a fun time even if they were yawning on the way home!  
Getting together with a group of gals to create together is so much fun.  Everyone works at their own pace and are so creative - I always get so many ideas from them.  Funny how once you get started you can just keep going and going like that little energizer bunny (well until the batteries wear out)!! 
Wishing I could dream up more workshops to have more often as I have the bestest of times!!  Going to work on that!!  Any suggestions would help!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Hard to believe how fast this week went.    I am feeling much better - thank goodness.   This evening is our Valentine Class and I am all excited to get together with some old and "new" friends.  Baked a Cream Cheese Pound Cake for our "get the glue out of your fingernails" break.   One of my favorite cakes in the whole world.   It will be a -  l o n g -  but  funfilled day.
They predicted some snow last evening but that didn't happen and I am truly hoping it doesn't happen sometime today - read were Erie, PA was getting pounded.  Saturday is suppose to be snowy and slushy but then turn to rain.  I am not a snow lover ESPECIALLY on the weekend when the store needs to be open with lots and lots of customers!
I am not quite "itchy" for spring yet - but one snow storm and it will do me in !!! (big smile)..You will walk into the store and it will be SPRING...!!
New Valentine goodies arrived from Helen Voytilla - those sweet little mice - !!  AND  Dianne Galloway's Valentine goodies are wonderful - here's a peek!
Helen's Valentine mice -

Dianne's Heart Pockets -
 and button hearts...(each button is sewn on)!
 ..and can't forget our Queen of Hearts in love love!! (only two left)

Every day something new is arriving so be sure to stop in and see!
Slowly I am filling the chicken nester with vintage music sheets and old ledger pages...for your mixed media creations....some Valentine flash cards too for making tags etc.  Fun Stuff!!
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


WHEW!!  Finished up around 1:30 pm and off I went to shower, change and get to the doctor's...still very sick but she (my sweet doctor) fixed me up GOOD with lots of meds and a "controlled substance" cough syrup!! (should sleep good tonight).
Here are some pics - Please overlook the empty shelves.  Lots of new goodies are on their way - I am soooo empty from the holidays with candles etc. 
This is standing at the steps looking in - (forget you see the box of stuff going back downstairs on the table)
The next four pictures are of the room that all the "stuff" got put in so I could rearrange the other two... First is standing in the doorway -

This WAS the Make-Do room and is now back to being the candle/stationary/glassware room!  Have a BIG candle order coming for those who are waiting...

 ...looking out into the new Threadgoodes room!!
The two little room doorways..(see how those floors shine..woohoo!!)
Behind this cupboard are the steps going downstairs.
The chicken nester will get filled lickety-split.  I have lots to put in there...

The "girls" must have had a "spat" cause this morning they were not on the step up together..oh well...
I'll get these shelves filled in no time...The door at the far right is to our Attic Studio...
AND .. Cash counters  - this is what is facing me tomorrow morning when I go in EARLY EARLY I the only person who has to make a mess to clean up a mess?????
I love how the upstairs looks now...I have plenty of room to fill all my dreams of what I want to do for 2012!!  Come see for yourself as we keep getting better and better.  XOXO

Now I am going to go take some of that "controlled substance" !!